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Chapter 1 The Call

Chapter 2 What's It All About

Chapter 3 Initiation

Chapter 4 Shift Happens

Chapter 5 Party Time

Chapter 6 Metamorphosis

Chapter 7 Awestruck

Chapter 8 Let the Games Begin

Chapter 9 Are You Paying

Chapter 10 Lucifer, Get Thee Behind Me

Chapter 11 A New Home, An Old Story



NOTE: Any similarities to anyone now living on this planet or any other, be they incarnate or discarnate, are not accidental. The names have been changed as they always are; however, not to protect the innocents as there are no such persons in existence upon the third dimensional planes. The names were changed because you chose to change them, as you will continue to do in the future. If you see a striking resemblance to any personality in this book, chances are they have played part in one of the roles and so have you. Many will view this book as pure science fiction, but... there will be others who will know better. There will be those who will know that ... 


The book to Save Lucifer is a true story. This story is the product of remembrances,or more accurately, expanded conscious memory which resulted from a powerful form of past life regression. The style of regression is simply called Chakra Clearing. The object of Chakra Clearing is to assist an individual in releasing the effects of repressed fear and other related "lower" emotions that all of us retain deep within our subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is something that was created, or you could say, accumulated. It began with our reaction to the experience that occurred at the moment of our birth as an individualized spark of creative light. This spiritual birth could also accurately be referred to as our "leaving the Godhead experience.

All are creatures of Light. Additionally, we all possess a complete record of events and experiences that started prior to creation and end up arriving in the present moment. Besides including a complete record of each lifetime, also included are the events that occurred in between each earth incarnation. What the Buddhists refer to as the bardo which means "in between" time.

The author has undergone approximately 50 hours of conscious regression. The remembered contents in this book are
perhaps the result of about six or seven of these 50 hours of earth time. The writing style and presentation of this new and unique material is the result of the personality of the author in her current lifetime. Rose's light hearted, almost too innocent at time's approach, combined with her deep, profound understanding of cosmic and heretofore hidden esoteric knowledge, is the perfect combination of talents. This is a necessity for explaining in a positive and neutral manner the events that led approximately 85% of the population currently to incarnate here on the Earth. Deep spiritual knowledge is revealed in this book for the first time.

Lucifer is the true historical name for the planet that was partially blown up, being sent into an erratic orbit in the distant past. Today, the partial effects of it's collision with Earth comprises what is known as our solar systems asteroid belt. It was also instrumental in the creation of Earth's current moon. For various reasons this planet has been called by many other names in the past. Maldek is one name that is just now becoming a popular subject in some circles. However, this was the planet assigned to the Archangel Lucifer, as the location in the third dimension that would permit him to continue working out his evolving spiritual mission which is a monumental part in the continuing drama, evolution, and plan concerning what we call the human race.

In our search for truth it is important to understand that in order for a lie to persist it must contain truth as part of its definition. A portion of truth is used to hook the being. This causes the lie to persist. A lie without truth mixed in it, to act as bait, would make you turn away laughing.

Most of humanity's current perceptions that are held to be true today are only ideas of what we believe is true. We cling to these beliefs out of desperation, but upon subsequent inspection, we often find they are not based upon truth, but misperception. Lies compounded upon lies and called reality is the normal perception of today. Down throughout the long annals of history armies have fought and killed one another in the name of a hollow god. It is time that this ignorance comes to an end.

This book is an attempt to surface information that if understood in the proper light will help others to better understand their own spiritual past history. This in turn will help make greater sense of what we are all in the process of experiencing, Earth's transformation.

Today we effortlessly see various lies, and insanity surfacing to the top of the collective conscious mind. This is a natural cleansing process. These deep hidden "sins" of the past that are bubbling to the top, concern religion, government, health, the environment, the nature of the educational system, how we treat each other as human beings, and importantly, global economics.

In order for true spiritual transformation to occur today, on the physical and metaphysical planes of existence, all "dark"
and hidden subconscious emotions of fear, greed, hatred, anger, lust, and jealousy must be surfaced, felt, understood, and then released without judgment prior to individual freedom being achieved. To feel, express, and release lower emotions is a natural healing process. However, to act them out in the world of form only creates future karma.

As individuals clear themselves, actualization of these new truths follow in our deeds. Individuals comprise countries and countries the world. This is how positive transformation occurs. As the old systems, be they economic, political or whatever, drop away as they must, they will be replaced by simpler, less complicated systems of living that are engineered to truly benefit the many.

Through the process of waking up personal remembrances of earlier incarnations surface more and more into your conscious mind. These remembrances start painting an accurate personal spiritual history of yourself, your friends, and others upon Earth. As this occurs and you successfully integrate this "new" knowledge, your life changes dramatically for the good. You are now able to simply sense if someone is telling you the truth. More and more you are in touch with your inner divinity. You now rely on no outer Guru, symbol or priest.

The veil that has been hiding our true past history has been lifted in many ways over the years. This evolutionary process
is greatly being expedited at this moment. We need not, and in fact should not, continue with old past behavioral habits. There is a better way to live.

People around the world are awakening. They are feeling the inner drive to manifest positive solutions and do right. The existing strings of political and economical power are being seen for what they truly are and have long been engineered to be. We live within the systems that are designed to control and trap the masses of humanity while giving them the idea that they are free, or, "that this is the best that things can be." This is a very old story that has been repeated throughout all of history.

People today are becoming empowered with more and more knowledge of what has been, and should be, going on in the world
around them. The next step is to take action to facilitate positive change for all.

Read the book! You'll find out more of this genuinely interesting story that started so very long ago. Again I'd like to state
that this book and its information has not been channeled in any way. All the information contained within the story is a direct result of the author's remembered past. Parts of the book's content I've heard before from other individuals that have undergone Chakra Clearing in other sessions I've assisted with. To me these other individuals have also confirmed Rose's information in general and in specific terms. They simply didn't take the time to turn their session material into a book.

Have fun. Enjoy the story! Your awakening is close at hand.
Hosel Jurme (Regressionist)

This book is dedicated to both sides who played out their roles in the divine drama as best they knew how. Today, we face a turning point in our evolution

Once again we face annihilation by our own doings. In whose name or God will the next war be fought? Through repeated mistakes of the past, we should all be fully aware that in war there are no winners. The only thing worth fighting (not killing) for in any existence is our remembrance of our true identity. It takes just one individual to become aware of a truth before it is possible to spread through the cosmos, like a single spark is capable of igniting a great inferno. Once we remember, we can finally go home.

To the following, I dedicate these memories captured not only in each of your hearts but also in these words.

My beloved Catlain, we shall remain friends eternally. (Excellent camouflage but I could spot you anywhere)

Aton, I patiently await your remembrances.(Get us out of here!)

Lasiter, It is easier to love you than to hate you. I speak with the experience of both. (You've come a long way, baby!)

To Constance Denby whose music makes me homesick beyond description. I should like to commission you to play at our cosmic reunion clebration, as I recognize both the message and the messenger.


Here you discover yourself, born into a human form and profoundly absorbed in the third dimensional environment. An ocean of forth-dimensional possibilities surrounds you, veiled only by your limited perspective. The purpose of your participation is to scrupulously portray a credible performance in the majestically divine masque of creation. Such a wondrous enterprise you have chosen to launch. Unfortunately, the experience of physical existence in an organism, such as the human construct, causes amnesia. The loss of awareness to your legitimate multi-dimensional identity and empyrean affiliation to all life is obscured from your observation. It is the elemental torch of truth, perpetually burning from within your sacred essence that induces your imminent observance. The connection to this intrinsic link lies disconnected until you, subjectively resolve to plug it in.

 Negative manifestations are a consequence of performances that repeatedly were motivated by instinctual impulses. Due to this compulsion to survive, an inconsistency in constitution has developed producing contention among the anima and the edifice. The soul apraises itself superior to the construct. It appears that the player has become caught up in the play somehow. A resolution to this indifference would allude to the enlightened realization that neither can sojourn harmoniously in the absence of communion. "Harmony through Balance," should be the contemporary human battle cry, if it no longer desires to abide in the illusion of detachment, an illusion supported by an erroneous interpretation of individuality.

Controlled by your misunderstood perceptions and experience of separation, you created the supreme drama of duality. The characters, namely humanity, in this particular episode are extremely diametrical to each other. The producer of this work is polarity consciousness, which is assisted by magnetic allocation, whose position is to keep the production going.

To Save Lucifer is a great lesson in paradox for any discriminating reader that is willing to break through the pre-programmed paradigm that they have maintained for countless lifetimes. My sincerest intent is to present this revelation in a non-threatening manner to religious beliefs and, or, the interpretations of them. In no way do I declare that I possess a special ability that others do not, to recall my legitimate history. The substance of this disclosure possesses a vast capacity to awaken repressed memories within individuals preparing for their metamorphosis.

I am not a psychic in need of your dependency or a prophet desiring your adherence to my doctrine. A high minded psychic would not request others to relinquish their intrinsic endowments to regard the filtered truth of another. The truth is that a masterful psychic dwells within each and every individual, equally. The need for an intermediary to dispense ethereal enlightenment, is an inappropriate consideration that has been accepted repeatedly. Why has man been guilelessly resistant in accepting the gifts of spirit? Perhaps his denial has more to do with his reluctance to take responsibility for the present production as well as those past.

The man Jesus, acomplished many miracles through the power of the Holy Spirit. His effectiveness was equal to his knowledge of his genuine identity and connection to all life. He came as a progeny of the creative force that animates every presence. It was not his claim that he was the sole beneficiary to this heavenly lineage, but that all were descendants of it. In addition, he declared that his accomplishments and many more could be achieved by anyone. There were no secrets involved in the production of these miracles, put spirit first and all things will be added unto you. You can not focus your attention on two areas at once. You can not serve two masters. If you think only on your physical reality, your spiritual essence will atrophy. However, If you focus on your spirituality, you are assured that the physical necessities will be taken care of.

As long as an individual entertains the notion of balance in their quest, the journey is certain to be a fulfilling one. The fear of demons, evildoers, and death are illusory creations of man to support the illusion of division. I am not saying these things do not exist, man is indeed a co-creator. Every thought or deed that springs forth from the mind of man is given form, the ability to exist.

When the man Jesus cast out demons... as is written of him, they went to their own place. He was not able to destroy them nor did he desire to do so. When he later was tempted by what is known as Satan, he did not destroy this thing, he instructed it to, "Get behind him." From my understanding, this was an indication that he was outside of such things and they belonged distant from him.

There are many that go about, annihilating matter because it requires such a diminutive effort to extinguish a body, but energy is another subject.
Man has acquired the technology to create bodies at this point in his evolution. This is not a new technology it is a remembered aspect of his ancient beginnings. The process of cloning has been instrumental in mankind's own creation and is quickly becoming a focal point for concern, for those who are not in a balanced state of consciousness. There will be great division and turmoil to arise from the debates over this supposed newfound ability. When in truth, we are forgetting that we are not the body, but much more. Bodies are like vehicles that a driver is capable of getting out of to proceed onward with his journey, in another one if there is a malfunction in the primary vehicle. In other words, if you were on a family vacation and your car blew it's engine, you would find an alternate means of transport to continue your trip.

The body is aware of its purpose to transport the driver (consciousness). Without the body, the driver (consciousness) is still capable of existence, or travel in a different mode. However, the body, or vehicle is of little value without the driver (consciousness). In the broader scope, there must be a balanced partnership between the vehicle and the driver for a harmonious experience. Where is the moral dilemma in manufacturing vehicles? Shouldn't' there be much more, if any, concern over the quality of the driver that will soon be behind the controls of the so-called vehicle?

The narrow mindedness of current perception is amazing to me. As with the experience of death and destruction, unnecessary amounts of focus have been applied to the perimeters instead of the nucleus of the subject. It appears that mankind can not attain a desired level of importance through creative performances. His habitual approach has been in the form of the destruction of creation, which sadly produces only the illusory reflection of what can only be experienced by a creator. There is no power to be realized through the taking of life. One can easily see that even small children are capable of such acts. On the other hand, what power must exist in the breathing of one consciousness into existence? Mankind's exclusive hope of experiencing such potential would be through the raising of his consciousness. The idea that you can stop your fear or pain of being separated from your source by destroying other creations is absurd.

Death is a transmutable process through higher states of consciousness. Indeed there is life beyond, as well as independent of the body. What technology is involved in the workings of these miracles? Quite simply, it is a new state of consciousness. A new way of perceiving reality in a unified awareness instead of an ego awareness. Is that so much to ask for such benefits? Isn't that a meager expenditure for such treasures? There is a passage in the Christian Bible, which says. "In my father's house are many mansions if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. (John 14:2) I would like to share with you my understanding of this passage.

In the experience of all creations, are many levels of consciousness. These things are true whether you accept them as such or not. A reality is being prepared for you according to your individual soul constitution. I consider Jesus to have been a paragon of true passion. Anyone who looked upon him could witness the love of The Creator, expressed through his actions. He was a man who walked the talk and dreamt that others would see his example and follow it. The way to follow, as he stated repeatedly, is to go within to build riches and not fall victim to worshiping that which is temporal in nature.

I do not posit that the Bible or Christianity is the only effectual indoctrination available to humanity. I have elected to use some of the sayings of Jesus because I specifically resonate to his expressions. I do not necessarily perceive religion as an enemy of humanity, only the narrow mindedness of individual interpretations of such. I take heed to the admonition to study to show thyself approved.

The story you are about to read is a modest illustration, presented for you to pluck unpretentious morsels of practical wisdom from, to nibble on your journey toward self-discovery.

The time for an awakened humanity has arrived. No longer can we afford the comfort of slumber. We can neither remain ignorant to our legitimate identity or purpose, unwilling to take responsibility for our creations.

The game of forgetting, to support the illusion of separation has been mastered. It is time to go within to reclaim the endowments of the divine essence, animating every living being in existence. It is imperative that we pay attention to the prompting of the spirit, to remember before it is too late.

Have we been so caught up in the physical manifestations of our unknowing that we continue to ignore this still small voice that whispers to us, "the kingdom of knowledge is not above or below, but within?" As long as we follow another's truth we delude ourselves into thinking that we are no longer, responsible for the outcome of our choices. Our focus remains outward, condemning us to repeat instead of create. The spring that opens an understanding mind is known to many as imagination or creativeness. Are we not greatest in our individual expressions of this creativity?

"To Save Lucifer" is the product of my personal journey to discover the seemingly elusive truth, from the most reliable source available to humanity. I found The Holy Spirit, the promised comforter and voice of authority to be that source of wisdom.

Rose M.Hughes

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