To Save Lucifer

     'Listen up, listen up girls,' Aton requested with an austere expression in his speech.' You can appreciate, that we have remained decorously diligent in our pursuit to construct this transitional phase, safeguarding and not complicating matters for you as much as is practical. Some of you have approached the council with a myriad of notably instrumental propositions on how this pursuit might be realized.  Many of these proposals have resulted in several improvements to operations. They are crucial in the attainment of our directive, appropriate to this mission. The intent for calling all of you together again, is to dispense this supplementary wisdom to you, concerning your ephemeral metamorphosis. We have advanced an encouraging enhancement in the methodology of administrating the systems inoculates.  The new procedure will be administered at an increased velocity and elevated effectiveness. Unquestionably, this will be an encouraging modification for all of you. At this same time, we will be subjecting you to a procedure that will enable you to access the memory of your authentic identity. This innate knowing will be conveyed to your awareness by what is termed, dreams. Dreams will be characterized as visions, flashes, or symbols of inner truth. This is retained deep within the individual's consciousness. The only method we can employ to achieve this result is to create a secondary layer of consciousness. We will call this the subconscious mind layer. This subconsciousness will not readily be recognized by the conscious mind. The ability to access this subconsciousness through recall of dream sequencing will be of great benefit to you because the opposition will not be aware of  you being different from one of them.' 'I would like to permit eugenics and transmigration expert Wove, to go on with further explanations while I step away, if I may.' 'Dr. Wove, you may proceed please.'

    'The Luciferians, at their present stage of evolution,' Dr.Wove began, 'simulate a slightly modified creature instinct. This preoccupies the mind with the procedure of physical survival. You will individually, be placed into a state of suspended animation. During which time, we will be able to step up the implantation procedure. Your bodies would not be able to withstand such an intense integration process without slowing your vibratory velocity to a much lower rate. It shall be during this time that we will initiate the layering of your consciousness. When you awaken, you will no longer resemble the being that you are right now. You will have been reborn into a new existence. Unaware that you are anything more than what you appear to be to those around you as well as yourself. You will already be on the surface of the planet when this transpires. It would be much too difficult for you to tolerate the vibratory rate contained within this ship after these intensive alterations. Everyone will remember that your directive is to seduce your target. You will also know that you are to learn everything possible about the workings of the TRACS unit. Including the location of the Moldovite mines. Once you are on the surface, you will have no memory however of who sent you, nor the legitimate impetus behind your descent. A preprogrammed history will have been phased into your memory centers, supplementing the personality of the original denizen in your new body. If there is a drastic change in the appearance or personality of that entity upon your integration, there would be just cause for suspicion amongst those who knew you prior to this procedure. This is reduced by removing the originals from their Luciferian families and friends, to attend training classes. You will believe yourselves to be impassioned segments of a small but influential resistance group. Tired of the lies and suppressed knowledge created by the Command Control Corps. Nothing else of your current memory will be available to your conscious mind, including our identity and your connection to us. You will believe yourselves to be exclusively Luciferian. In the event that you will need to leave the surface quickly we will perform an evacuation process. Similar to the small evacuation procedures that we are currently involved in on a few other systems. None of you will know of this plan until you absolutely must be told. Your new state of consciousness would adopt a resonance of fear that we are incapable of working through. Frankly you would be terrified to death. That terror would have to be subsequently manifested in the physical at some future point. We are serious about taking as many precautions as possible to insure your success and safety. However, there is always the opportunity for error on any ones' part. A remote chance exists that we might be cut off from you, unable to either help or interfere. Quite simply, we would be separated from you. In the event that this was to happen, you would remain on the surface as a Luciferian.  Until such a time that you were able to decipher your dreams, by  triggering your remembrances. Unfortunately, you would have to remain in a third dimensional vibrational field as long as you have not been able to access your subconscious to discover your genuine identity. However, once accomplished, with our assistance you will be capable of merging your consciousness layers. Once again, you will be the being that you are as I speak.'

     Dr. Wove strolled over to a vacant seat, dragging it over to where he had been standing. He hurriedly situated himself central to the room so that everyone would be able to observe him. Going on with his rendering.  'There would be a great amount of difficulty for us to try to communicate with you in any way while on the planet. Your response would be one of  tremendous fear and confusion. You would perceive us as an alien presence. Many Luciferians would view our presence as an invasion, responding with the fear based instinct of self-preservation. This would not only be dangerous for us, but for you as well. You must keep in mind that you will be constantly surrounded, even saturated in an extremely dense vibrational field. Your response to any given situation will be much different than what you might expect from your current level of awareness. If we were to simply communicate to you telepathically, you might think yourself to be experiencing some sort of mental breakdown or emotional disturbance. You would definitely be identified as behaving very strangely to those around you. This could also be detrimental to your well being, as well as those that are close to you. It would take quite an effort for you to believe the communications were actually happening. Trying to explain your connection to us as well as our connection to a greater Universal Brotherhood, would be a tremendous task.

    The idea of inter dimensional travel and higher intelligences would be way too much for you to assimilate into your current paradigm or reality structure. Information and advanced knowledge such as this would need to be administered slowly and cautiously so as not to cause any imbalances. Command Control has been able to hold the masses well within their domination by keeping them ignorant to their true potential and permanence. When a society realizes their cosmic connections and the reality of divine expression through all of creation, there is no longer the need for a ruling power. Neither is there the need to be protected or the need for laws that support division as a means in which to maintain control. At this point in a society's evolution, the people become self-governing. Each individual is a leader unto himself, no longer needing to be led. They no longer posses the desire to follow another. All are aware of the creative force that is forever animated within their being but some are in a state of denial of such knowing and are unwilling to accept complete responsibility for their creations.'

    Aton rejoined the assembly and secured his position alongside of Dr. Wove. Quietly whispering to each other, then Wove swiftly excused himself and Aton took up the narrative where Wove had ended. It could have been my imagination, but it seemed as if the entire encounter had been scripted. 'The creator sojourns within all that is created, all form and all expressions of such, to the degree that it is acknowledged. When one rejects this veracity, they perpetuate the self created illusion of separation. You are presently enlightened to the reality that this is the genuine manifestation of the paradigm of Hell. The utmost manner of enslavement, as you will soon experience first hand, is to create and perpetrate the fabrication that there is no Divine creator. Even more effective is the lie that the creative force is somehow separated from or outside of the entity and that they actually need an external go between in order to communicate with the Divine. You will be experiencing the overwhelming pressures of being suppressed and the hopelessness of oppression. You will be hard driven to liberate yourself as well as many others on the surface. Fortunately/Unfortunately, the lessons that you learn will remain deeply embedded in your memory for all time. You will learn that the lust of domination is food for the greedy, creating starvation and imbalance as an effect. It is this behavior which demands that there be those who will suffer the illusion of lack. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction on the physical planes of polarized duality consciousness. This occurs so there will always be the opportunity of choice to all beings. The goal is to discover the balance between these opportunities or choices. War, hunger, suffering, and hopelessness are all side effects of imbalance. Harmony, peace, abundance, and joy are also side effects. They are the side effects of symmetrical existence. These things are made clear within the operation of the physical body. The effects of disease and dysfunction are the products of internal imbalances. When these are projected outwardly, it manifests a corresponding consequence upon the Eco system. A microcosm of the macrocosm or as has been stated, as above so below, as within so without. From your enhanced perspective it appears that none of this interplay requires occasion, correct? If you analyze your introspection on the matter, deep within, you will identify a superior blueprint underlying the inimitable illustration. A plan, with the immense potential to conquer all of these impediments, and more. A soldier cannot know his capacity in the absence of an adversary. Infringement upon the legitimate sovereignty of any construct cannot be sanctioned none the less. There must be a cessation to this activity. This is the current role chosen by each of us to perform at this particular stage. However, in the aftermath, there will be a favorable increase to your experience by the encountering. I have related this material to you previously.'

    When Aton spoke, we all would congregate, breathlessly following his every assertion. Sensitive to the ultimate veracity of each idea as he expressed it. Saturated in wisdom, he was a remarkably efficacious pedagogue. Many of his lessons were those that I could resonate well with. Frequently, I would envision myself chewing on an observance he had dispensed for my consumption. Occasionally I would elect to expectorate them because the flavor was not appealing to my distinctive predilection of tastes. I could certainly identify with the entire menu that Aton was serving us right now though It appeared to be in impeccable symmetry with my own particular prospect or allusion to existence. Praise the Universe, that I was able to exercise my privilege to discriminate what I could embrace or exclude as elements of my doctrine. I couldn't tolerate the frightening sensations of these new found doubts within me though. Anxiety, concerning the consequence of my assignment had a determined grip upon my deliberations. This is undeniably the most forceful type of struggle that I could ever imagine anyone determinedly undergoing. It is difficult to believe that once we awaken from our suspension these issues will seem as mundane patterns of expression. Wow! I truly hope that we are prepared for this shift into another reality. Aton began speaking again. Every eye was focused directly upon him as he continued.

    'Your contact on the surface will be an entity by the name of Millon. He has made arrangements for eight host families to shelter you and keep you informed of your guidelines and changes within the mission. As I said before, you will believe that you are the new graduating class of clinical technicians trained to work at the TRACS compound. You will think that your purpose for being there is to discover what is genuinely transpiring at TRACS. You will report all of your findings to Millon.' 'Do not report anything to your host families. In the event that something was to happen to Millon or you are unable to send your findings to him for any reason, you would then and only then, download your information to your host family. This way, if they were to be questioned there wouldn't be much information to be extracted from them. This thought will be imprinted strongly enough within your subconscious, so that you will  act upon the suggestion when it surfaces in your conscious mind. If Millon isn't to be found, this will be your trigger. You will be grouped in group of three, with your closest confidant to make things more pleasant for you. Millon has been setting up for this mission for a long time. He works inside Command Control, resulting in access to many major areas that are not so easily accessible to others. His job there would be best described as that of a custodian. In the past, he has often been overlooked, being thought of to have some sort of mental deficiency. You will quickly discover that this is far from the truth. Millon is of extreme intelligence and has chosen to play out this particular role, being able to slip back and not be so visible. He does all of this very well. Not only to his advantage, but also of tremendous value to each of you. Millon was among one of the highly evolved individuals who deliberately allowed themselves to be captured long ago by the Luciferians.  He allowed this to happen, so that a plan could be developed to liberate the inhabitants of this darkened world. Millon and his family were originally from the Arcturian sector. It was through their entering such density at higher states of awareness that we learned of the dangers of such transition. It managed to cause major distortion within the thought processing of these entities. This happens to be the reason that Millon is thought to suffer from a form of mental retardation by the Luciferians. Initially, Millon suffered what was thought to be irreversible damage.  This was apparent to the medical profession upon the planet however it was not beyond our ability to assist him through subconscious intervention. We were able to extract his subtle body during his sleep so that we could make improvements while he was aboard our ship.


The Arcturian's have been working together with us for a long while. Waiting ever so patiently for our assistance, they remain with their eyes turned to the heavens. I would suspect that they are all very homesick by now. We wanted so desperately to bring them home. Their reward will be great for they have given much of themselves in service to the Universal Brotherhood. We would definitely be in good hands with these families. We will easily be able to access the memory of events that you experience from the time that you awaken as a Luciferian, forward. When your mission is completed and you have returned, in total awareness of your identity, we will be able to retrieve these experiences, and information as you would through a computer. The information will remain stored indefinitely in your subconscious memory banks.'

There was no need to explain to us in detail, the nature of the subconscious mind from a third dimensional perspective. We already knew about the seven main ethereal power centers and their connection to this lower mind. We were also aware of how compressed, higher dimensional holographic imprints are contained in those seven wheels of light. These being responsible for, or should I say, blueprints of our, soon to be, denser third dimensional body. In the event that we were to be fatally injured or transpire, we would carry all the information we possessed forward into our next incarnation. This would continue into subsequent incarnations until such time that we were able to trigger the remembrance of our identity and connection to the Galactic Federation of Planets. Even further, our connection to the Creative Force. In that case our return would have to be accomplished via our own conscious awakening. We would have to surrender to this truth of our own free will. The Federations would not be capable of interference, without prior conscious consent from us and our new point of view.  This was the major drawback connected to splitting, or the layering of consciousness. All levels must be in a state of balance and agreement before we would be able to be brought back to our current higher vibrational state without causing extensive soul damage, due to friction. If we left the body, for whatever reason and had not yet triggered our remembrance, our souls would be drawn back to Lucifer.

    This was due to the gravitational pull relating to the density of this planet as it would then relate to our own vibrational fields. This would occur over and over, lifetime after lifetime, until we were capable of achieving proper balance. There was little that could be done about this other than sending in volunteers intermittently to try to get us looking in the right direction. In the future and the past, we found this to be extremely dangerous to both the volunteers and the civilizations in which they enter. The information or message that they bring with them is usually of such a nature that the masses are not capable of understanding in their current paradigm. This makes the message bearer seem somewhat radical in a sense. They always seem to be in opposition to the current trend of ideas being carried out at the time of their arrival, creating a struggle between the layers of consciousness. Frequently, this leads to confusion, doubt, and fear which eventually lead to violence. The result often is injury and premature transition out of the body for some of the inhabitants. Many times the messenger is treated very badly and is taken out by ending their sojourn in some violent manner, to stop them from creating further friction. Especially for those who are in control over the masses because they fear loosing their power. The only way to control someone, who refuses to be controlled, is by invading their freedom of choice. This cannot be tolerated and will be amended in some form or another. The soul must be allowed to choose for itself in order that the spirit may flow and be in a free state of movement as it is created to do. At times, those that follow the promptings of the volunteer messenger, are heavily persecuted attacked or prematurely terminated, disabling the body before they are to reach the level of balance needed to achieve that state of integration necessary for transformation. Once again, they are being caught in the pull of the density field, not able to raise their energy or vibrational pattern enough to break free. Fortunately, nothing they have gained is ever lost. This is due to the total retaining within the subconscious of the being. When the being reincarnates it contains all the previous encoding within the physical, cellular and higher ethereal structures.

    Aton had not finished his speech and he continued with . . .  'These are all possibilities that you might face in the event that this mission is not successful. We have worked on contingency plans for a long time. We have expended a lot of thought to your well being. Unfortunately, your safety is almost out of our hands. Your conscious minds would view any such assistance on our part as an invasion. We simply cannot invade your paradigm of reality. It can however be altered carefully by trigger events and occurrences within the physical experience. In any case you will never, at any time be abandoned. From a physical perspective, it might seem as though you have been left or even cut off or separated from your cosmic origins and family. This is certainly an illusion you are holding within your conscious mind and nothing more. There are many locations similar to Lucifer where the denizens are caught deeply within a dense holographic energy drama, created for the working out of soul growth. A way for spirit to flow and exercise creativity through creation. If they, or in this case you, call upon us, we will help. However, it can only be on the level that you are capable of receiving. You would not give a newborn infant solid food; it would not be able to digest it. If you would continue to force it, the child would expire from malnutrition.' He paused and looked around the room at all of us gathered. 'This is  the situation that we are up against. Some of you may not come back, you knew this when you volunteered. This is the price of freedom. You all are such brave individuals and merit the highest recognition and respect throughout the cosmos. We all love you dearly and keep you in our thoughts. May your mission be a success and may each one of you return to us soon? We have prepared a special event this evening in honor of your commitment to serve the source, the 'All that is.' 'Afterwards, you will be placed in suspension. When you awaken, you my lovely creatures will be a full-fledged Luciferian. Love and light to each of you. Know always that the source of all that exists is within you.'

    Once again, I had the sensation that things were definitely being accelerated. I noticed this increased activity, habitually preceding a major turning point in transition. A  precursor of sorts to great and powerful changes. So it is, with all life, on all levels, change is the one thing that remains constant in the realm of the physical made manifest. If not for an ever-changing experience, life would not be happening. After all what is life without movement? How could there be movement without change? Enough for now of these abstract existence issues. I wished to spend my remaining moments laughing and enjoying what I have been, to experience communion with those I have shared my life with, while I am capable of enjoying them. Everyone stood to their feet, raising their hands high above their heads, palms facing upwards, intoned, 'Majestic authority to the RAM. To this force we delight in our veneration.'  We had received our commission from RAM, not so very long ago. I remember it signifying immensely invigorating importance to the entire Morning Star fleet and subsequently, the most important encounter of my entire experience. This was a superlative honor to be bestowed upon any civilization or group, to be commissioned into cosmic cooperation by the RAM The  RAM is, so our civilization perceives it to be, the 24 elders.  Who receive direct wisdom and truth from the source of  'All that is.'  Unquestionably, we had found favor in the sight of RAM because of our dignified desire to be of service to others. All of the crew members aboard the Morning Star had pledged to nurture and uplift creation in whatever ways we were capable. Although it was questionable as to why I was a part of all this activity. There were those that appeared to have labored so diligently to participate. I couldn't shake the feeling that I had done so little and expended such a diminutive amount of exertion. It came so effortless to me because of my vast attachment to what I was performing. How peculiar that I have never felt censurable like this before. It was more than just a little bit strange to me how extremely tired and lethargic I had become since the use of the inoculates. All I demanded now was sleep and that was exactly what I planned to do after this meeting. I should like to be prepared for the Bon Voyage celebration later this evening. Somehow, I Couldn't take my attention off of this new guilt I was feeling? How extremely restrictive it was becoming for me. I felt as though I was in a state that we refereed to as lorred. Kind of short for left or righted. Not really either, but both. We would often joke about someone being lorred who couldn't affect a spontaneous decision. It would doubtless be much too discomforting to remain in such a condition for any duration. How peculiar it was to possess knowledge but respond and act out of a completely different vibration.

     Whatever the case, everything that I was thinking or feeling would hold no relevance at all, very shortly. I would soon wake up on the planet's surface and not recall anything that I was currently involved with. All I truly cared about though, was some rest and sleep on my empyrean sea. Nothing else, here, there or anywhere mattered. Neither the past nor the futures, just a tiny little regular, ordinary, uninterrupted sleep. No need for assisted, prolonged, suspended or drug induced sleep, just plain old, hit the sack now kind of stuff. I stumbled back to my quarters barely able to walk. I descended rather abruptly, and that was all she wrote. I had successfully fashioned my escape into a dreamless world, once more.