"Attention please!" "Attention," bellowed the acutely ardent voice over the ship's intercommunications system. "Will the following ladies please report to Captain Aton's briefing quarters immediately?" I stood facing Catlain, holding my breath in anticipation as each name was proclaimed. I knew we had been entertaining the same thoughts. "Oh come on, hurry up!" Only our own names  being heard could  end the suspense.  One singular aspect of the proceedings were crystal clear to us at this moment and that was the names booming over the message system were indeed highly favored amongst the lot of us. These few brave individuals were about to embark on the most pivotal assignment ever presented to the Council of "The Morning Star," during our entire history. Never had a recovery mission of such importance been imparted to such a young uninitiated assembly. The majority of the girls had yet to enter their third phase of tangibility. Does this confuse you? For reference, each phase of our tangibility consists of seven of your present years. In your terms, most of us were not quite twenty-one years old.

We listened attentively as each name was being announced. If I possessed a stomach in the physical sense, as you know it, I would most assuredly have experienced butterflies. This is aptly illustrated in the third dimensional expression "having your stomach tied in knots," I believe. The most difficult aspect of my discourse in rendering this profoundly submerged experience will have a great deal to do with conceptual interchange. Thus I must operate with the restricted proficiency of the intellectual prowess of the physical entity that my consciousness presently inhabits. A tremendous lesson will be revealed however, confirming reality to be much more fascinating than fiction. Believe it or not, there truly is no such thing as fiction. Many of my ideas will warrant further clarification before I proceed. Yet, I am confident there will be an occasional misunderstanding, regardless of how I try to streamline this communiqué.

Much of what is interwoven in this experience is heavily immersed in higher dimensional ideals. I find it emotionally draining, as well as intellectually cumbersome to translate these concepts into a third dimensional brain, yet will offer it my best attempt. It will be equally difficult for me to pull them out of the mind I currently possess. An attempt will be made to illustrate my encounters as a light body, in an easily understandable way, through correlation. The names of the individual players in this specific drama were given after their third dimensional embodiment. It would be perplexing to both of us, was I to switch between their esoteric and physical, therefore I will refer to everyone by their physically given names, with one exception; Captain Aton.

He never embodied into a corporeal construct, as you know it, at this particular time and this is his celestial appellation. Progressing into the story I will explain subtle body differences between a light body and the tangible form we later acquired. At best I can summarize thoughts and emotions in a manner that is analogous to your contemporary understanding. With the emphasis, that they are actually not comparable. However, I do not possess the vocabulary to relate the dissimilarities. Nevertheless, the divine essence will prevail by will of spirit.

Thought processes in the higher dimensions are supported by distinctive illusions, best illustrated as:  The third dimensional reality construct is supported by illusions of duality, polarity, and separation through individual focuses. The fourth and fifth dimensions are supported by illusions of cooperation, unity, as well as expansion through servitude to the unit.  Since I do not want to be personally responsible for the assassination of your ego self, we will not discuss the higher dimensions in this missive.  The responsibility for this is left solely to the individual. Undoubtedly, many of you are currently questioning the expression; "support the illusion." It is favorable that you do this. It is through inquiry that resolution is achieved and only with perseverance will you reach your destinations. With this clarification in mind, I will recommence my account.

A thought slowly materialized within my consciousness; might there be a distinct possibility that I will be separated from Catlain? She was the best friend anyone could hope to share thier experience of being with. Obviously, this was an unacceptable thought for me to focus upon. We were inseparable and there best be no intention by anyone to alter this verity. Catlain and I were the closest that any two individuals could be without being fragmented. Fragmentation is a process by which entities involve themselves in multiple realities. Accomplished through lower frequency patterning, it is a way to experience simultaneous materiality. You can visualize this in your present paradigm as a hologram. When a hologram is shattered into smaller segments, each fragment comprises the complete volume of the aggregate. If a being of super consciousness were to fragment itself, each fragment would contain the entirety of that super consciousness, but in a diminutive proportion. It is conceivable that these minuscule fragments would discern themselves expelled somehow from the absolute. They might, additionally, deny their association as well as oppose any attempt to be reunited with the source from which they originated. In an emotional organism this would cause noteworthy distress to both the fragments and their source. The fragments might easily be engulfed by sensations of insignificance. Unfortunately a fragmented entity could never be complete until each particle was collectively harvested and subsequently reunited. Apparently, this pitfall was overlooked when the resolution to fragment was initially conceived. A struggle of seemingly infinite duration might result, before all fragmented aspects could be collected. Repudiation and ego (separation) identifications are powerful mechanisms.

I felt that Catlain and I must have been together for an infinite number of lifetimes, prior to this present incarnation. We were well apprised that there was much more to our composition than the form currently inhabited by our awareness. To us, the body was an artistic expression of our thought patterns. Anxiety toward death was absent because we knew that a change in these thought patterns or the expansion of consciousness might require the development of a new form in which to represent it.

Certainly Catlain would be chosen for this wonderfully mysterious mission. How could it be otherwise? She was entrancingly beautiful, both internally as well as superficially.  Her thoughts were of the highest vibrations and her heart radiated the same beauty as her demeanor. As far as I was concerned, she would have been my initial preference for such a responsibility as this one. Listening attentively as the names were being announced, I stood expectant in a frozen moment of elevated anticipation. MYRNA, LISTA, ASBETH, and then...CATLAIN. My heart was pulsating with incredible intensity. If it didn't slow, it would certainly pound completely out of my chest. It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to hear above its desperate pounding. I heard them call;  JEZERI, ENLIL, TWILLA and then LYLUTH. Like a rumbling thunderclap, exaltation surged through my body. I made it! A state of unbelievable exhilaration saturated my psyche as the realization swiftly established itself that both Catlain and I were chosen and we would certainly not be required to endure any manner of estrangement.

Such a measureless honor it was to have been selected out of the multitude of individuals, from an unimaginable number of civilizations volunteering for this remarkably dangerous mission. Overwhelmed with enthusiasm, I embraced my friend to participate in her joy, celebrating my own as well. A total of 17 attractive females had been selected for the assignment. Our fortune was comprehensive and Congratulations were being issued in abundance. From my personal viewpoint, the greatest part of all was that Catlain and I would remain united. This elevated my delight since I knew of no time, as far as I could remember, of her being outside of my experience.

We hastily made our way to the Captain's briefing area and searched for two open seats placed around the large oval table that filled the chamber in front of us. We had hoped to find seats close enough to ask questions of each other. As quietly as was feasible in such an ecstatic state, everyone else selected their seats. All were glancing around to see if we could spot others close in vibration to ourselves. "Have you heard anything in reference to what we'll be doing?" I asked the girl to my right. "Negative," she declared. "They have not divulged any of the details yet." "I presumed, since you are so intimate with the captain, you would possess more information than the rest of us, Lyluth." "Don't you?" She raised her eyebrows and leaned forward as if to procure some quietly whispered secret that I alone held sanction to. "I do not know any more about this assignment than anyone else." I protested.

I leaned nearer to Catlain and asked: " What about you, do you have any insight into the project?" Unfortunately, she had not harvested any details either. All technicalities were completely obscure to everyone at the moment. Suspense was overwhelming. As we excitedly chatted on... the room became replete with the reverberations of babbling females. Perhaps the others were petitioning their nearest associate exactly as I had. Excitement was mounting by the minute. Unbelievable... we were about to attempt the rescue of an entire planetary system!

A blanket of silence immediately engulfed the gathered associates. All sat erect and at attention as Captain Aton entered the room and all eyes were focused upon him, particularly mine. Virtually everyone on the ship surmised that much more than a transient fascination existed between the captain and myself. He was like part of my family, since he had been associated with it for an interminable time. Although I did not determine him to be physically attractive, no matter how arduously I tried; I honestly could not mollify my preoccupation with him. Not that this was of any concern to me but Aton was much older than I, firmly into in his fifth phase as a matter of fact. However... when proximal to me, I was able to resonate to his vibration as if he registered a magnetic influence over me. No need in denying reality, I was completely enthralled by his wisdom and more than enchanted with his mysterious allure. How effortless it would be for me to become obsessed with his companionship engaged with the sensations of a physical body. I thoroughly understood how it would be an incessant struggle for me to subdue my yearnings to experience an erotic moment with him in the flesh. Of course I can only express this with hindsight of the human condition.

In the civilization that we are from, there are no complications with expressing our sexuality. The manner, in which this is accomplished however, is very different from what you might envision. Our experience of making love is similar to coalescence or harmonization of compatible essences that create an exquisitely choreographed dance of spirit. How I longed to experience a transcendent relationship with Aton. My conception of what that would entail was more enthralling than the actuality of my experience, so far unfortunately. It was painfully apparent that he was not going to permit me to procure any manner of boundless intimacy with him. What I couldn't fathom was why he would not permit such a pleasurable transaction to occur. In my visualizations there were moments when I thought that he would reach out and absorb me. Drawing me firmly against his luminous form, he would kiss me with the entirety of his fervor. It had yet to transpire in my experience thus far but I found myself fantasizing, what would it require to compel him to want my companionship in the manner that I coveted his? My body pulsated with a blissful incandescence, as I envisioned a titillating moment between the two of us. Dissolving so completely into the fantasy, I lost track of where I was and what I was supposed to be doing. That was until I felt an unmistakable thrust in my side. Of course, it was none other than my beloved Catlain, intruding on my reverie. "Wake up, precious." "Have you found yourself absorbed in the realms of fantasy?" she whispered softly into my ear.

Her voice resembled a seraphic melody, not surprisingly, as I unquestionably adored everything about her. She was remarkably sensitive in her completeness. "Oh, must have been." I responded. My entire body felt like it was beaming, formulating a sensation of internal heat from the incident. Aton was positioned directly in front of me. I could glimpse him from across the table smiling. His smile was captivatingly cordial while his eyes exhibited a glimmer of consummate aptitude. He had such a juvenile countenance at times though. I discerned such to be one of the multitudes of attributes that inspired my veneration of him.

"I have assembled each of you charming ladies, to summarize the assignment that you are about to participate." His voice was authoritative and beguiling to me at the same time, as I watched him formulate each and every word. To express, that I was a captive audience would be an understatement. " I'm confident that you are aware of why you are amongst this distinguished assembly." "You are to be responsible for executing our objective, obviously, but each one of you has been specifically selected for many reasons." Scarcely taking a breath between his deliberations, he forged onward with his oration to the troops. "Your attractiveness, combined with dedicated desire to be of service to the Council, is the reason for our choice. You will participate in one of the most grandiose operations ever to be presented to The Intergalactic Federation of Planets. This mission will most assuredly involve a multitude of adventures, as well as perils for each of you.

Speaking, while walking around the perimeter of the room, he paused to hand each of us a magnetically encoded data containment file disk. To your understanding, this could be comparable to a digital dossier. Each individual's dossier consisted of comprehensive information of great value. They included an abundance of data down to the most infinitesimal detail pertaining to every facet of the adversary we would soon encounter. Aton explained to us that our primary directive would be to permeate the mind-manipulating males of the Command Control Corps. These power-motivated entities had established themselves on the planet known as Lucifer. Many discussions relating to this particular planet had infiltrated our conversations of late. They consisted of appalling accounts of recent occurrences transpiring on Lucifer. Substantial amounts of the communicated information and distress calls we were receiving came from individuals upon the surface. It appeared that the Command Control Corps was grievously implicated in an inordinate amount of transgressions against numerous cosmic edicts. They had been permitted to conduct themselves in such a mien for a considerable duration. Normally there would be no interference no matter such exorbitant violations. By immutable mandate, the cosmos contain counter balances in which non-observances are adjudicated. One such decree is what you presently discern as the principle of Karma. Appropriate to the nature of the third dimensional construct, is the illusion that Karma is somehow deferred. Conceivably, the time/space warp is somehow protracting this misunderstanding. Since there is a distortion in the linear perception of time/space, this law is not immediately actuated. This anomaly established a perceived time delay, supporting the supposition by those in the third dimensions, that there are neither universal laws nor literal penalties for breaking them.

The Luciferian Command had certainly broken one of the most prominently esteemed and sacred of these laws when they decided to interfere with the free will experiments. This particular statute explicitly states:

"No assembly or individual entity shall ever impede another assembly or individual entity's sovereignty or function of free will, on any system participating in the free will experiment. Furthermore, there shall be no intervention or interference from the higher dimensional realms without expressed sanction and supplication of one hundred and forty four thousand souls." (This particular enumerate, deals with sacred geometry, a higher frequency construct that I shall not decipher at this time) "Any infraction of the foregoing statute shall be punished by means of self annihilation. I'm certain you are speculating, "What specifically is implied by self annihilation?" I listened attentively as Aton continued speaking, discovering that there would be numerous phases to this recovery effort. We were to dissolve into this uniquely enigmatic society by masquerading as medical students. This would be a complicated task and would involve our committing to a comprehensive transformational procedure. Each of us would be furnished a digitally encrypted identification grid card; pre encoded with a profusion of falsified information pertaining to the recently fabricated us. These cards would facilitate access into highly secured areas within Central Command's compound. Once inside this so-called impenetrable fortress, our responsibility was to commit to memory the methodology by which the Luciferian public was manipulated into relinquishment of their individual wills. Why, exactly, did they turn themselves over to the corruption of an authoritarian aristocracy by surrendering their ability to exercise freedom of choice? Their minds could effortlessly be reprogrammed to do the bidding of these power inspired control wizards now. They would promptly become thoughtless slaves, whose compelled proclivity was to sustain the resolve of the almighty Command Control Corps at all cost.

Other constituents of the United Federation of Planets were striving diligently to locate as many individuals that desired to abandon the planet, as possible. This was being accomplished through a monumental imprinting procedure. It would appear to the entities on the planet's surface that this was an exceedingly drawn out undertaking. However, they were oblivious to the hierarchical negotiations that transpire preceding such procedures, prior to their initiation. It was not credible for us to simply overrule the activities of any given civilization. As a precaution, several ethereal maneuvers had to be administered by various intelligences, in order not to distress the corporeality structure of the Luciferians. An impulsive paradigm shift is remarkably deleterious to the emotional body and paralyzing to the soul of the experiencer. This is caused by the impediment of natural progression, inherent to the genetic programming of the organism. Evolution of both the form and the consciousness of an entity are initialized to support the group mind set. A spontaneous paradigm shift takes place when one hundred forty four thousand individuals procure enlightenment or augment the prevailing mind set. Whenever there is any interference by an alien instrument, the potentiality for rejection is inordinately high, perhaps you can relate this to the rejection of an organ transplanted into an individual whose tissue structure was not completely compatible. This consequence is understandably disheartening when causing the opportunity for change to be squandered. If the evacuation procedures were to be effective these feats would require mercifulness as well as unwavering diligence. Once transported from the planet, the subsequent phase would be relocating the denizen to a temporary system that could conceivably sustain a parallel construct until a new retreat could be established for them. Many facets were involved with this assignment.

Although Lucifer had its allotment of problems, it possessed a critically required yet extraordinary substance called Moldavite. Moldavite has an extensive number of applications. Among its properties is an ostensibly supernatural constitution. It is appropriate that these elements remain undisclosed at this time also. Often known as one of the most habitually solicited commodities ever, this element was entombed deep within Lucifer's bowels. If the inner cities had not been terra formed, there would have been little likelihood of carbon-based life forms being able to sustain themselves within the planet's brutally unforgivable atmosphere. Though, the general populous had no concept of its universal appeal, the Command Control Corps understood that they possessed one of the most opulent assets to be discovered anywhere.

Its significance to us was that it was an essential component in repairing the damage inflicted to our orbitron, the apparatus responsible for a number of functions upon our ship. Mainly, it assisted the propulsion system and was highly instrumental in supporting our stealthing capability. This is the ability to remain in orbit within a planet's atmosphere without detection or observation. It happened while we were transporting a modest band of entities, in protective detention, to the Orion system, at the adjuration of the Syrian Council. They somehow managed to escape from their quarters and commenced to initiate an all out offensive by raining unequivocal havoc on the ship's propulsion and stealth equipment. Moldavite was an imperative ingredient in the attainment of a number of eclectic enterprises. It operates as a storage element for a specific convergence of energies. These creatures managed to obliterate the ship's' entire reserve. Once these lunatics managed to secure impoundment of the crystals, their dissenting energy was transmitted into the stones, which caused them to be of no use to us in our intended applications. Prior to this, I had never witnessed that particular behavior patern. I observed the incident as be a considerably interesting tribulation. However, it left us deficient in the quantity of Moldavite needed to sustain the stealthing orbitron at least for the duration necessary for this particular objective to be effective. Whilst Moldavite had been confirmed to exist on other planetary bodies, none existed within this specific quadrant of space/time. The actions of these entities were comparable to an apprehensive beast, fearful of its abductor. We, however, were considerably distant from what could be appraised as abductors and explaining our position to entities functioning with such a paltry degree of vibrational understanding, would be a fairly onerous undertaking. It was decided, since the damage had been done, we would be tolerant of their dramatics by permitting them to act out their fears. They could push through them without us interfering in their existing belief configuration.

The Command Control Corps were certainly secretive about the locale of the Moldavite mines. Another of our directives would be to solicit this information by employing one of the most unpretentious techniques that we are aware of. That, my friend, would be through the utilization of a most powerful weapon known as seduction. The predominant focus of the mission is to compel our "targeted" element of the high Command, to fall in love. Hopefully manipulating them into apportioning the required information that we are in pursuit of. This would also afford us the opportunity to clandestinely liberate the inhabitants of the planet as well as retrieve the critically required minerals. Aton's voice took on a lugubrious timbre as he revealed these men as being inordinately insidious with a remarkably heinous resolve. Evil was a peculiar subject matter for us to consolidate into our comprehension. Under no circumstances were we ever to presume that what these men disclose to us is valid. They were amazingly cunning masters of subterfuge. The atmosphere of the planet Lucifer would be enormously exacting on our tangible construct. We realized that these consequences would cause difficulties in our adaptation, foreshadowed prominently by Lucifer's intemperate density layer. Independently, we would experience a significant transmutation procedure in which introductory composition inoculations would be administered to generate a more tolerable transition. A complex mechanism of cellular, as well as material reorganization would be required preceding the assimilation of our quintessence into the Luciferian body that was to be abdicated.

This operation is being consolidated into your contemporary understanding by what is known as a walk in. The process is one in which the consciousness of one individual agrees to withdraw from the body, capitulating to the consciousness of another, allowing it to penetrate it's estate. This is accomplished to facilitate the procession of the new inhabitant; to consummate it's objective and tenure. This process should not be misconstrued as possession; nevertheless it is comparable to an insignificant degree. Possession is established when an essence of base frequency patterning assails the body without the concurrence of the standard proprietor of that body. The customary intrusion is stimulated primarily to inhibit development of the principal essence of that entity by sustaining its vehicle to enact the complete orientation of its deformities.

Lucifer was cultivating an unparalleled, technologically influenced society. Unfortunately it was deficient in an ethereal counterbalance in which to direct its proficiency towards practical evolutionary development. They were equally adept at spawning staggering amounts of toxins into their environment, as generating innovative technologies. Toxins are merely the consequence of imbalance within a structure. We would, by necessity, undergo preparations to modulate our vibrational patterns by lowering our degree of awareness significantly, assuring our sojourn on the surface in our newly acquired bodies a success. A total of seventeen officers comprised the Command Control Corps, thus the rationality behind seventeen women being selected for the assignment. Each woman would be assigned exclusively to one of these officers as our personalized paramour so to speak.

A completely repulsive consideration infiltrated my thoughts. There were an unknowable number of physical compositions within the Universe. Occasionally they were not ascetically pleasant to look upon. Some of them are thought projections of a significantly distorted awareness. Leaning forward, slightly tilting my head down toward her lap, I soberly whispered to Catlain, "What if these guys are facsimiles of those lizards on Dracon. Or perhaps the insectoid beings of Sargas?" "I suppose we will have to tough it out and cultivate the notion of being lizard aficionados for an interim," she snickered. You surely understand that it is essential periodically to effect what you must for the benefit of the unit." Marvelous, that wasn't precisely what I wanted to hear. Her resolution was considerably distant from her normally comforting response that I found myself yearning for.

Aton requested us to expose our DCF disks. Inside, we would discover a holographic likeness of our specific targeted officer. I gazed at Catlain scrunching my nose and retaining my breath. Hastily breaching the encasement, I unveiled an absolutely awe-inspiring image. Obviously, I was not alone in such a supposition either. Permeating the entire chamber were profound gasps, oohs and ahs coming forth from each female in the assembly. We commenced to suspect our ocular functioning; assuredly our eyes were playing deception with us. Perhaps this assignment wasn't going to be such a formidable duty after all. "Wow! I could effortlessly learn to appreciate this responsibility," I ejaculated without realizing that everyone in the room had heard my effusion. "Fortunate for you snapped Aton; "your existence as well as many others, possibly depend upon it." Evidently I employed my mouth antecedent to a proper contemplation of my aphorism. Perhaps my outburst wounded Aton's peculiar psyche. How would I be able to ascertain such a thing? Aton was notably complicated and I established myself to be too conscientiously immersed emotionally to understand how to discern him properly. Trying desperately to worm my way out of my predicament, I submitted an imprudent explication. "Well Captain, my radical astonishment was due to not being significantly prepared to discover that the Luciferians were so visually appealing." " One would instinctively consider these entities to possess an immoderately dross character, circumscribed by such ultimate levels of copious negativity."

I knew that Aton was not impressed with my impotent exertion. He was completely aware that it was nothing more than a distressed attempt at justification, but I was compelled to explain myself. These men were so unimaginably resplendent that it took a Herculean effort to take our eyes off of them. Amazingly lofty in stature, they stood somewhere between seven and a half, to eight feet tall. I have seen some physically proportionate physiques before but they were bequeathed a remarkable measure of muscle magnitude from their maker. Deep and beautifully toned, the bronze colored complexion of these men was unquestionably flawless. Their onyx black hair hung interminably, flowing over their magnificently massive shoulders. Possessing the most penetrating cobalt eyes that any of us had ever encountered, along with the remainder of the packaging made these men appear as overlords of the physical form. It was paradoxical how someone so apparently handsome on the exterior could be so distorted internally? There was an ostensible discrepancy in such a paradox. Whatever it was would directly be disclosed by each of us on a genuinely intimate level. Our erudition would soon be augmented, first hand. Motionless, I sat transfixed by my target, Commander Lasiter. "What!" I thought, "Commander, why should I, of all people be chosen for this particular target? Why not Catlain? After all, shouldn't the most striking among us be endowed with the position of seducing the Commander? "There must undoubtedly be a mistake and I would certainly address Aton, so he could straighten this out. But, then again, this guy was definitely a knockout.

Examining the information in my dossier, I commenced to familiarize myself with this Lasiter persona and his Corps of cosmic enrapturers. They had a reputation for being unforgiving and inflexible to anyone they approached. Accounts of how they voyaged to primitive planets, menacing the inhabitants with a gray vapor, were legend. Once the atmosphere had been penetrated, this vapor fog would engulf the beings with an uncontrollably paralyzing trepidation. The Luciferian Command would stalk their victims via their ships, spraying the fear fog behind them, guaranteeing themselves to appear as grotesque monstrosities projected into the minds of their prey. The motivations behind these acts were to create complete and incapacitating terror. Concentrated cerebral capabilities supplementary to their technical genius assisted their proficiency in accomplishing this feat. Digging deep within the consciousness of their victims enabled them to seize absolute domination over their bodily functions as well as their individual wills. Although entangled, the quarry would manage to retain an infinitesimal degree of awareness. They maintained the capability to physically feel and experience what was happening to them. Unfortunately, with their free will pulverized they could do nothing to prevent or resist the directives dispensed to them to execute. Basically, they were little more than genetic robots until their life interval was exhausted. The term for this particular maneuver was designated, "mind locking", corresponding to what you refer to as brainwashing. This is appropriately legitimate, as its ancestry was originated in such enterprise. It was through the vehicle of fear that they were capable of executing such offenses.

I caught myself flipping back to the holographic effigy of Mr. Lasiter, preoccupied by those extraordinary cobalt blue eyes. I had the sensation of being evoked to penetrate their forbidden precinct.  Starved to voyage inward... beyond that only their mystery could satisfy my insatiable hunger to experience what they retained concealed from all others. An explosion of laughter broke out amongst the girls, aimed openly at me of course. Unavailing, were any attempts for me to camouflage my embarrassment. I responded to the captain's encroachment with a candy coated assuage in my expression. "Oh, I'm exceedingly apologetic sir" Sir? Everyone's ears perked at hearing such a statement tumble out of my mouth. "The captivating puissance our targets exhibit within their eyes, is irresistible," I rationalized with profound sincerity. "Exactly," he countered, "and it has precipitated the destruction and amnesia of many." The exigency in his speaking became remarkably prominent as he further apprised; "You must be tremendously circumspect in your scrutiny of these individuals." "I can not emphasize this factor enough." "The fact is that you are all so inexperienced and credulous in your expectation of the impediments associated to lesser frequency perception." "You are promptly to become a subversion, in an environment that you have no understanding of the psychology or postulate of the species.'

Aton developed a reasonably tangential mien while he was on a roll. 'You will be subjected to deportment and performances that you are unable to envisage from your current field of reference." "None of you have experienced a previous encounter such as this one is guaranteed to produce." "Complicated additionally by the degree of density and negativity levels that you will be subjected to, once you depart this ship." "You will be on your own, consummately alone within yourself to sustain your objective. The Luciferians maintain a profusion of technology that we possess a diminutive understanding of. We have brief necessity for gadgetry to execute what we have assimilated through our elevated amplitude of consciousness. This is one of the reasons that you are being dispatched. With your charisma, attractiveness, and poise, you will be proficient at penetrating the fused, obdurate core of the Luciferian Command. In doing this, you create the potentiality to retrieve more than essential information."

If the mission were to be productive, it was imperative to compel the C.C.C. to share fragments of their knowledge with us. There were a sufficient quantity of us, that modest measures of details could collectively be put together, constituting an ecumenical representation of what we were dealing with. Of paramount importance, would be for us to bring to light the essence of their mind-altering methodology. How were they influencing the denizen to participate in the peculiar research they were executing? Furthermore, how were they extricating their emancipated will, to establish a regulated, robotics class proletariat? These were merely superficial segments of the multitude of inquiries that we would be required to scrutinize. Each maneuver, at every moment would require subtle precision in its execution. These men were not obtuse by anyone's standards. Possessing a remarkably high intellect was only one of their manifold endowments. Although functioning with a severe handicap, it was imperative that we remain acutely aware. This was like attempting to maneuver with your feet shackled. Some of the fifth phase personnel had previously reduced their vibrational fields in order to function on diverse systems. We were perpetually reminded that it was no facile accomplishment either. Additional to being physically uncomfortable, we were instructed that it was overwhelming to an essence to be immersed in this level of density for extended periods of duration.

Aton proceeded with his oration; "You are about to penetrate one of the most dense vibrational fields we have encountered. I can tell you from experience, you aren't going to be delighted by the alteration process. It is feasible that a derogatory effect on your tangible form might occur. Some of you may become moderately afflicted by this procedure but it is obviously difficult to legitimately assert how you might be affected, individually. Each of you will have a distinctive experience from another. Please be assured that we are working ceaselessly to make this conversion as acceptable for you as possible. I am confident that a significant amount of the information you will be bringing back with you will be valuable to projected operations as well as the prevailing one. What you are executing will be instrumental in the prevention of premature transitioning of UN-evolved souls from their physical bodies. Some of you will relinquish your own Luciferian vehicle for this objective, but you will execute this with ample realization from your current perspective. Once embodied in this third dimensional density however, you will perceive this incident in a completely different manner. If you are precipitated to transit from the body before your amalgamation process is established, you will experience dissolution. No longer enlightened of your ethereal disposition, you will be associated totally to the form, forgetting your true identity. Unfortunately, those that populate the planet are presently being granted insufficient option in what befalls them or their home, but this is not the case with any of you."

Aton frequently appeared aloof to those in proximity to him. Often, he was abundantly solemn about circumstances he could otherwise have endorsed with insouciant receptivity. It was my impression that he was unreasonably apprehensive. His head burdened by epistemologies that I assumed to retain no consequential function other than to thoroughly clutter his sanity. I longed to share my fun loving notion of animation with him. An existence saturated with delight, laughter, and anticipation. There were instances when we were socializing that I observed him transitorily disengage the obstructions he so passionately erected to keep from feeling. Perhaps he was under the impression that he would appear exposed if he were to reveal his emotional periphery. Aton preserved his remoteness by not involving himself in poignant physical contact. Considerable emphasis in his rearing was focused on the attainment of intellectual character.

As I listened to Aton delineate our assignment, I could detect profound commiseration and distress in his expression. Occasionally I apprehended a nuance of contrition within his conveyance. Each pronouncement he ejected were integral words to enhance our security. Aton seemed much like a progenitor or sibling to me when he was involved in indoctrination exercises and all I wanted was for him to succor and watch over me. The contemplation of a tactile encounter seemed incomprehensible to me at these times. However... more frequent were the moments I desired nothing more than for him to disintegrate into my recesses, absorbing me, so rigidly constrict against him that I could scarcely breathe. This illusory liaison instigated my most beloved of fantasies. What unparalleled entertainment for me! Of course this was a presentation habitually performed without restrained liberties, in my mind alone. I played out this role so frequently, as a matter of fact, that I concluded I had mastered the part. Although deeply aggrieved, I acknowledged that this would never be more than a fantasy for me. Aton could not perceive all that I would eagerly and generously impart to him. So real were my imaginings, that it was difficult for me to distinguish them as being independent of actuality. Perhaps going abroad would be beneficial, affording me the opportunity to transfer my focus from this uneventful romance. My desires were beginning to develop into recalcitrant activities as my mind wondered off to all manner of places, affecting a wide variety of circumstances. It appeared that I was manifestly out, more than I was in. Not that I wasn't experiencing a majestic epoch while I was out, but my fabrications were particularly rapturous in my mind, more so than in reality. A masterful architect of the moment, was I not? Time streaked onward as we contemplated Aton's penetrating orientation. It was rapidly growing late as distinct evidence indicated a languorous demeanor amongst the assembly. Prevailing any of the present concerns, were the impending requirements for nourishment.

Aton was proficient at perceiving much more than rudimentary body language. Instructing us to review the information contained within our dossiers completely, was the commencement of his prolonged descent towards disbursement of the troops. We were not to exclude any component whatsoever. His principal intent adeptly emphasized, we had to identify with these men, as well the entire Luciferian civilization, beyond what we presumed were our capabilities. Questioning if there were any among us that didn't consider themselves competent to execute or conclude this assignment, an immediate indication was appropriate. Everyone reflected about the chamber, inspecting each other's conduct to be deficient of any allusion resembling retraction. Not one solitary individual modified their decision to facilitate. Now would have been a splendid opportunity to abdicate politely, although, at this point our excitement was such that we could scarcely verbalize such an urge. 'If there are no considerations that demand immediate regard, you are permitted direct adjournment. I do request that each of you proceed to the Health & Wellness Division to commence with the adoption of your structural inoculations. These are designed fundamentally to facilitate the restructuring of your current vibrational field. Hopefully, they will support your adaptation of lower frequency patterns, as this is a significant initialization phase. I would also like to arrange a meeting with each of you specifically, to address the more pertinent minutiae of this objective." The captain pointed to a register on the wall, which identified the names and times designated for each girl to meet with him. Promptly, the chamber became saturated with the prattle of seventeen exceedingly ecstatic women, oblivious that Aton had fashioned his withdrawal.