To Save Lucifer

    “Lyluth, Lyluth, come on now woman, are you going to arise or have you resolved to slumber through this entire evening’s events?” Catlain was shaking me aggressively, trying to elicit a response from my lifeless, body. “Well, am I going to proceed to this function alone or what?” she demanded. “Ok, ok, I’m up! Discontinue harassing me, will you? I am assuredly awakened by now, noisy, gee! Why are you inspired with such impetuosity? Subsequent to this evening, we will have forgotten all that we presently recognize so we can stumble in obscurity to recover it anew. If that were not sufficient, we are presupposed to emancipate an entire civilization, lacking the operation of the majority of our potential. You realize that I perceived this as a difficult designation prior to being enlightened of the technicalities right? Now that I have been aprised of the layering of consciousness, lowering of frequencies, desire modifications and whatever else we will endure, it appears to be an impossible requisition. You can not inform me that this has not provoked a feeling of impotence within you Catlain, can you?” Catlain perched herself adjacent to me upon the bed, stroking my long frost white hair, which was an impressive contrast against our etheric blue bodies.

   “ Frankly Lyluth, I don’t really know what I am to regard any longer. We are experiencing so many emotions surging through us at once that we must be completely maladjusted at this juncture. I can no longer distinguish; if what I am thinking or feeling is my own thought, or an implant. The most  troublesome element thus far, is becoming familiar to this profusion of indecision. It is laborious to proceed with any activity while ingrosed in such a condition. Hopefully Aton was precise when he instructed us that the conflict would diminish following our emergence upon the surface. At that time we won’t maintain the degree of perception that we currently do, attempting to scrutinize and consider each supposition or sentiment. We will no longer be expending our energy separating and replacing our reflections in a rational manner. Perhaps we will develop an intellectual passivity, becoming reckless with our thoughts and conduct because we won’t comprehend their effects upon future events.” She stopped and looked me directly in the eyes, “that is precisely what I identify as existing in the moment, no preceding considerations and perhaps no subsequent regard either. Who can say, one element is undeniable however, It Is much too late to avert our decision now. We are implicated for the duration, however extensive that may be. From this moment forward, the exclusive passage beyond is through.”

   The nature of her message told me  she was experiencing the same anguish as I was. “We must cease to dwell upon such issues for the moment and lay them to rest for the now. This evening is ours to embellish and if we pursue these thoughts we won’t be able to enjoy this party. You know how much we love to party!” It was no secret that when it came to parties, I was more than just a casual observer. I wore the title I had earned like a proud parent, birthing a few dramatic events of my own in the not too distant past. Whenever there was to be a convocation or affair that was required to impress the attendants, the name Lyluth was written all over it. The inspiration behind any entertainment or soiree is to institute a cooperative convergence of diversity. Generating an atmosphere of camaraderie, utilizing a pleasurable environment, was a devoir that I had mastered. A sensation of euphoria overcame me whenever I beheld others sharing and maintaining an enjoyable interaction with each other. Believe me, we had frequented many systems where individuals were remarkably different from each other, or us for that matter. Differences seem to evanesce within the atmosphere of an exceptional celebration, as if they disipated at the door to be retrieved as one was departing. I thoroughly enjoyed a diverse confluence, and took self-satisfaction in investigating the protocols, likes, and aversions of the different species in attendance. Consistently, I endeavored to produce an illusory atmosphere with impressive ornamentation. It was an outlet for me to vent my overactive imagination and outlandish creativity. Everything had to be precise in the choreographing. Down to the minutest particular at the most insignificant event, all had to be flawless. Everyone knew exactly who to approach when they demanded the engagement to be performed accurately. Never had I encountered a disappointed habitue or as much as a whisper of a complaint issued from even the most discriminating of clients. Parties happened to be my metier, and worth every effort that I poured into them. Anyone could observe my enjoyment in arranging a presentation, to be either equivalent or surpassing that of the participants. Presentations were always amusing also. Often, I would catch myself hiding quietly behind a wall to catch a glimpse of someone’s reaction, as they would open a gift. I could actually feel their anticipation and excitement throughout my body, as if I had the experience. There were many examples, where I embraced another’s sentiments so distinctly, that I would actually encounter them myself. If this would transpire in all individuals, we wouldn’t need to be rescuing anyone from anything. If you could experience the pain or suffering that you inflicted upon another, you wouldn’t repeat it often. Wondering to myself, I thought out loud, “That’s exactly how it is though.” Most beings didn’t realize it but they would at some point experience everything that they meted out to another, themselves. The problem was that it didn’t usually occur instantly. This led to the notion that there were actions that went unnoticed. Unfortunately, these actions would be paid for eventually. Nothing is ever lost. Every thought, desire, deed, or whatever, would be registered in the fabric of time. It was common knowledge to us, that everything possesses an individual vibration. Vibrations create imprints and can be read listened to or felt by others, capable of attuning themselves to that specifically desired vibration. In this way, there would be no T uncrossed or I un-dotted in the book of life. Nothing goes un-noticed, ever.

    Tonight’s agenda would be a contrasted experience for me, being the first major event that I participate with absolutely no connection to its production. As was usual, Catlain was entertaining my precise thoughts in synchronistic timing. One could hardly refute the depth of our coherence. Sometimes, I felt as if Catlain were an extension of myself existing in another body, and what a fabulous body it was. Why couldn’t it be the other way around? This way, I could be the extension of her. (And her body) Almost immediately after the thought had danced across my mind, I heard Catlain comment, “Well Lyluth, tonight is truly going to be a treat for you. You are finally going to a party as a guest. What a great opportunity to enjoy yourself instead of investing your energy in the production. I can not recall the last assemblage that I’ve ever been to that you weren’t involved.” It was true; everyone automatically connected me to parties. That was quite all right with me too. After all, what else was there that brought more smiles to people’s faces? What offers a greater sense of joy, fellowship, or sharing? You tell me what could be more satisfying to everyone involved? Entertaining on any level requires an enormous amount of commitment as well as devotion toward the service of others. It was absolutely stimulating for me to employ my aptitude toward the production of something unique and unexpected. These conceptions were all appropriate and virtuous, but my considerations were swiftly being drawn into another, more unfamiliar area.

     What was it that permitted us to remain so placid and composed about our circumstances? An impression of anxiety began to permeate my attention. Why were we so nonchalant in our attitudes, encompassing such a majestic enterprise as this? Here we were, soon to become novel beings, in neoteric bodies, on an inexplicably dissimilar province. But, we can’t be bothered with apathetic concerns, such as these. We were preparing to participate in an illustrious bon voyage bacchanal, lacking the burden of anything more imperative. One thing was certain; the illustrations of spawning incongruity were much more apparent than they had been, initially. A collection of unrelated issues, one after another, filtered through my thoughts. As quickly as they would enter my mind, they would pop right back out. I began to emphasize my attention upon a particular fancy, which quickly delivered a grin, spread wide across my face. My sly fantasia was unmistakably obvious however. Catlain was promptly responsive to what ever might be going through my head, this time, “It certainly wouldn’t hurt”, I blurted out, knowing she could barely withstand it any longer. “After all, what would I have to lose?”

    Catlain was about to rupture with curiosity; I could see her squirming in anticipation. I could not deceive someone with her expansive perception. “Alright!” I proclaimed, you are obviously cogitating what I could find to be so amusing, am I correct?” Before she was capable of responding I truncated her speech, “ok, I’ll apprise you.” Directing her to a small couch, I took her hand and requested that she sit with me, and I would explain. “You know how long and hard that I’ve been trying to get close to Aton. There is not another being alive who knows my desires as well as you, Catlain. Our closeness has allowed us to share more than simple ideas or emotions. I thought that if I shared my plan with you that you might be able to help me execute it. All I want is one last attempt at enchanting the Captain. It seems immensely ironic that I should be the one chosen to seduce Commander Lasiter, when I can’t even beguile Aton. Look how incessantly long I have been involved in this pursuit. It is quite all right though; I am going to look incomparably alluring, as I have never looked before. Then, I will verify if my abilities are worthy of such experimentation. Really, what have I got to lose? It’s now or never. I could certainly utilize your assistance Catlain, what do you answer?” “Why not, we will go out with an explosion of levity, in support of a new beginning, we just won’t remember any of it,” she responded rather sarcastically.

    This was certainly an overlooked reflection, as it had never crossed my mind, ”We won’t remember anything that happened before tonight, would we? In that instance my dear, it would neither benefit nor complete me, to tantalize the Captain if I won’t remember accomplishing it. I would do best to leave well enough alone. If ever, I make my return, I will be changed so much by my experiences that I might perhaps lack the desire to continue my relationship with Aton. This new adventure is certain to change many circumstances. I might not possess the proper faculties to begin processing my considerations, regarding Aton. It is difficult to avow, how things might be between us.” “ Forgive me,”  interrupted Catlain, ”the capacity for love is the strongest endowment throughout all universes. If you genuinely adore Aton, and he truthfully loves you, nothing could alter this, no matter the duration of your separation. Once again, there is only one way that you or I will discover this. The only passageway in, is through also.”

She was correct, of course. The responsiveness I felt for those, not as fortunate as myself, was evident. I knew that I would experience this new drama in order to actualize my devotion, as well. The majority of us signed up for this mission for the suspense and titillation of unknown adventure. Others did so because it appeared to be the most applicable deportment or maneuver. These issues had an express significance in my own decision, additional to the desire to be of assistance. I thoroughly treasured an adventure. No doubt that this adventure would hold many unexpected treats. I have been involved in situations previously, of my own crafting, that I later desired no more than to find a graceful retreat. Sometimes, I would get caught in my own web and had to ride things out all the way to the conclusion. Quite assuredly, this was going to be one of those occasions. The resistance in my emotions was notably observable to my awareness. The difficulty lay in distinguishing whether this resistance was my own, or was it another implanted emotion? It was just too formidable to identify the difference.

   “What, if any, of our covenants would we remember after tonight?”, I petitioned Catlain as I mussed through my wardrobe trying to select something stunning for the party. “I’m sure no matter what the case may be, we will invariably remain friends.”, she replied, ”Let’s make a pact, a new covenant, that no matter what eventuates, we will never forget each other, ever. No matter what form that we might find ourselves, we will readily recognize each other. On some level we will apprehend our love of each other, deal?”. “You bet! How could you contemplate that I would ever forget you? How could anyone possibly forget you Catlain?” I was being facetious before.” “I venture that you would be hard pressed to pluck me from out of a drove of Zetas, or even those lizard creatures on Drakon, wouldn’t you imagine? After all, they look exactly alike. Zetas are much similar to automated clones. I suppose you could consider them as a worker colony animated by a group consciousness that act on the directives issued by their queen. The appearance of a Zeta is entirely different than that of their queen though. The queens reminded me of an insectoid type of entity.”  “To tell you the truth Lyluth, I speculate that I could indeed pick you out of the crowd. Knowing you, you would probably have some sort of totally outrageous marking, something out of the ordinary to make you stick out from amongst all of the others.”  “You often do amaze me!” I said, “That’s a fabulous idea Cat. From this time forward, no matter what the role, no matter what planet or whatever form I select to inhabit, I will choose to be different from the rest until we remember who we truly are. We will no longer require making ourselves noticeable to each other after we have accomplished this. What then is your answer Catlain, do you love me enough to be different? Would you permit yourself to relinquish your awesome beauty, until we encounter each other? Lifetime after lifetime no matter how long it should take?”
“Consider it rendered then Lyluth. I acquiesce, because I do love you that much, and then some. I sure can not explain to you why though, at times you are so irksome to me. Sometimes you appear so childlike while other times you have spoken and executed some of the most profound things I have ever witnessed. At times, you seem like an angel and then again, you can be quite alien. I guess, what I am saying is that I love your versatility..”

     “Oh stop it Catlain or you will make my head deform from being inflated by such  ethereal words. I will be floating through the heavens all night. All of this love and admiration!” I laughed, “ Let’s hug and get it over with so we can proceed with our preparation. You had better stop all the gabbing.”  “ Me? Are you talking about me effecting all of this prattle? What about you and your long winded philosophical tales? I literally believe that you should be a storyteller Lyluth. Perhaps you could encrypt some of the creative chimera programs for the entertainment simulator, if we ever return.”

I didn’t like the sound of the word if, when was more appropriate to me. We were bound to make it back eventually. These are our natural characteristics and appropriate station. Our origins, from within the stars and our composition, of a cosmic substance. We were never intended to remain grounded to any particular reality structure, spirit is meant to be sovereign. Our accurate constitution would consistently challenge the attainment of that freedom, until it was achieved. We intrinsically know that it is ours to experience and relish.”

      I was fond of the way our bodies were at present. You might perceive us to possess lightbodies. Our form had a soft bluish appearance, which radiated a glowing energy field from within that took on a watery semblance. Our hair was long, flowing midway to our backs, and was iridescent white. Our eyes were large and were the shape of an almond. The color of them would alternate depending upon our intellect, from black to violet to blue. Some of our twelfth phasers have red eyes, an indication of extreme wisdom and perfection. I would expect that our new bodies were not going to be too unpleasant. Our appearance was essential in apprehending the attention of the men in the Command. After all, how could we hope to be fortuitous if we were unsightly? We were soon to voyage into the underworld. How strange that I would call Lucifer the underworld, perhaps an allusion to our descent to reach it.  We began to dress ourselves for the evening’s festivities.  I quizzed Catlain, “Well, how do I look?”.  “Not unfavorable, actuality, I don’t know how you do it but your appearance is awesome. I would lay a wager that Aton won’t be able to pull his attention from you all night. I mean it, you really look radiant.”

    Splendid! I want to register a permanent impression upon him this evening. Perhaps it would have to endure for aeons at that. Frivolous thoughts of how I should wear my hair, up off of my shoulders or down, were running through my mind? Aton was partial to it up because it made me appear more refined or mature, from his perception. Who among us is able to speculate when it pertains to that man? Speaking of men, I had not observed Catlain’s involvement with anyone on the ship of late. Perhaps she was preserving herself for um... what’s his name? What was the name of her target, it evaded my previous inquiry. I was too captivated with my Commander and the thought of her pursuit never entered into my contemplation. “Present me your dossier so I can inspect your intended fellow while you are endeavoring to be aesthetic, I petitioned Catlain. You are too much of a laggard anyway.” “Go forward with the insults, have an enjoyable experience with it while you are able.” She smiled, “Some individuals just possess too much excess time and do nothing constructive with it. Does this sound similar to anyone we might know dear? Be my guest, look it over, it’s sitting on the table by the door.” I walked over to the indicated position and picked up the dossier. Reading it I pursed my lips and said, “Hmmm, they call him Llewellyn. Possibly, my imagination has been working overtime, but, do all these men’s name’s begin with the same consonant?”  “I am not sure about everyone on the planet Lyluth, but the men of the Command do. Apparently you didn’t conclude the instruction on the history simulator. The men from the original landing crew named the planet after Lucifer, their antithetic hierarchical chieftain. From what I interpreted, they favored the planet because of its base density. It was the ideal medium to enact their contrivance, which was to create a colony of individualized, ego based souls. Lucifer hypothesized they would be the ultimate aggressive labor force. There were two ranges of operation where he was adamantly in scrupulous disagreement to the statutes of animation, regarding the creation of  biological life forms. The first was the concept of ego based free wills, the second, self-duplication. Free will, is an endowment of the spirit to the soul of an individual entity. The ego, is an aggressive force that judges free will through the perception of self-importance, which Lucifer attached upon the individual souls of his creations. This third aspect of identity was not intended by the creative forces, and was perceived as diametrical to maintaining order and peaceable habitation. Lucifer, presuming himself duly qualified and unequivocally accurate in his understanding, amassed a profuse quantity of proponents, who broke away from the creative forces and began manufacturing their own lifeforms. These new lifeforms were bequeathed independent resolution through an ego motivated emotional structure, with the additional endowment of the capacity for reproduction.

   The manner in which this was accomplished was by layering the consciousness within these individuals, fabricating the perception of duality through resisting polarity fields. The structuring of oppositional polarity fields were generated to support the illusion of separation from source. Through this fabrication, the spirits animating these new prototypes would be veiled in awareness of their divine origins.” She stopped briefly and smiled at me. I regarded her as she continued her elucidation.  “It was intended that spirits would be capable of utilizing alternative selection in their experience of materiality. This could not be accomplished without the support of the illusory separation, known as duality consciousness. The initial structure of elemental experience is supported by unified consciousness. This is the degree of awareness that is maintained in the sub-structure known as heaven, by what is perceived as angels. There are twelve divisions or species of these celestial entities, of which, Lucifer belongs to the Serpentine and is classified as an Archangel. An Archangel is of the highest order via seniority of experience with creation of physical realities. Without the incorporation of oppositional characteristics, spirit would flow constant without any specific agenda, as it had from the beginning. There would never have been a challenge for the spirit to focus in a specific area in order to become that particular object of desire. The overcoming of this challenge is what strengthens the soul. A new game plan needed to be implemented into the picture. It would be what we refer to as the free will experiment. Each soul would be allowed to decide for itself, a direction of growth. Their choices would be in total opposition to each other however; each would lead eventually to the same place. The duty of the opposition was to create dysfunction, pain, negativity, unfulfilled desire, and imbalance. All of these things are opposing to the natural freedom of the spirit. This would in turn, generate the experience of duality, of right and wrong, good and evil. All, so that soul would have a choice.”

    I knew all of this information very well on an inate level. As difficult as this may sound to the ego mind you currently possess, none of this was outside of the original plan of the creator. The problem arises as the individual tries to rationalize such a concept. Why in fact would all of this be allowed to occur if the creator loved it’s created? When unconditional love can actually be experienced, then and only then will such a thing be revealed. The best way that you might understand this premise is by association. Imagine that the family is at a picnic and the child wonders off, not too far to hear your call but heavily involved in it’s play. There is no reason for concern on your part as you know that in truth there can be no harm come to this child, as it has the power of the entire cosmos within it and it knows such. Let us say that upon your first beckoning for the child to come back to the rest of the family, the child resists and desires to continue on with it’s play wondering a bit farther off. Before long you realize that the child has, through it’s own desire wondered out of the reach of your beckoning. This is where the rational mind might balk and say why would anyone allow such to happen if they loved the child. They would not allow the child to wonder off without demanding it to return. The human parent would threaten punishment to the child for going against its wishes, exercising control over the child, to manipulate the outcome to it’s own desires. I tell you this, your maker and giver of all life does not impose his will upon the created but allows them to experience the life which has been given in the way that it deems fit. Universal laws are the house rules set to remind the created when they were involved in activity that was out of alignment to their true nature and well being. They were not created as punishments but as guidelines. The created has became so caught up in its play that it quickly forgot not only from whence it came but it has also forgotten its identity. It no longer remembers what the family looks like as it has been gone out for so long. The child believing itself to be abandoned has built up a resistance to the knowledge that it’s family does indeed love it as it wonders why no one cared to look for it. In reality many of it’s siblings have tried and continue to try and bring the child back to the family only to be shunned and pushed away by the child, it’s fear of failure, non-acceptance and punishment for disobeying consumes it’s thoughts. It no longer remembers the love and allowance that it experienced within the family. It no longer feels a part of the family because it thinks itself unworthy of such love. It has chosen to rebel and do it’s own thing, totally hating it’s creation but not willing to take responsibility for it.

    The situation that was occurring on the planet Lucifer right now was an example of the creations of a child making mischief, thinking itself an outcast. This child was creating great opposition in the eyes of all who were involved. It was also creating new choices by making it painfully obvious that the spirit is meant to be free and will fight for its birthright. After lifetime upon lifetime of overcoming all of this opposition and making choices from experience, the soul is tempered to the point of unbelievable strength and character. All of which it has earned, an accomplishment rewarded by the ability to return to the source from which it came. There, it will be joined in happy reunion with others of its family that have overcome this great opposition. This is exactly what we would be playing out but on a smaller scale, you see? We feed the source or the all of existence constantly, as it feeds us whenever we choose the path that leads to positive growth.

    I must have fallen asleep when I was reviewing because some of the information on the origins of the Luciferian Command was vague to me. What I did remember was that they used a lot of symbolism in their Command insignia. “Do you recall what the meaning behind their symbology is Catlain?” “I think that the all Seeing Eye of the Command Control had a connection somehow to the mesmerizing power behind these eyes of theirs.” she said, “And I am quite sure that Commander Lasiter would be happy to share that information with you doll, if you plant a big, hot wet kiss across his lips. How could he resist?” “Ha ha, Catlain, real funny. If you shut up for a while you could start getting ready.” I responded. “ Look who’s doing all the gabbing now dear. I’m ready and waiting on you. This Llewellyn dude looks pretty fine too you know? You had better hurry up or we are going to miss the whole thing. Its party time!” she sung as she walked toward the door.

    As we entered the grand event room, Catlain nudged me and said, ”See, I told you that it wouldn’t be the same without your friendly touch.” “Yeah, but I didn’t have to work my butt off either.” I said,” I’m going to soak it all up.” Looking around the room I noticed that Aton was not present anywhere. No doubt he was delayed because this is one of the few instances where he could be overlooked for such behavior. He is normally under tremendous pressure to be punctual in everything else that he does. NOW would be his best occasion to be leisured. “Aton is probably tucked away somewhere relaxing. After all that hard work, standing around telling everyone else what to do. I can understandably consider that such an excessively stimulating release of energy could really take a lot out of a guy, you know. All that Captain’s work, I.......” “Eh-hem, Lyluth, look behind...” Catlain stopped before she finished.

     “So, Lyluth, I can see that you’re feeling very arduous tonight!” I felt a firm squeeze from behind me on my shoulders. “Sure enough, of all the times for you to pop up, of course it would have to be while I was in the middle of running my mouth on you, right?” “I would imagine that I could have popped up as you put it, just about any time at all and I would have caught you paying lip service to me Lyluth.”  “Oh Aton, you know me better than I know myself, but not quite all of me. Isn’t that right?”  "I know enough of the portions that I have interest in and that is all that matters to me dear.”  “I  can not get over how romantic that you are Captain. It’s no wonder that I never see you in the company of other women around the ship. As a matter of fact, I probably spend more time with you than anyone else here. There has still been little to no visible sign of affection towards me from you.” “Well, what exactly would you have me do Lyluth? Is this what you want?” He reached out to my hand and pulled me up against his chest, put his hand behind my head and drew me closer, until his lips met mine and he quietly kissed me. Long, gentle, moist and passionately, he did it, he actually kissed me. I stood paralyzed as my entire body went numb. My mind when blank and my head was reeling. I felt as though I had magically entered into an altered state of consciousness.

    Never in my entire life had I experienced such a thrill. To my very soul, I could feel a sense of euphoria. Was all of this enchantment bursting forth from just one simple kiss? It wasn’t how I fantasized it would be. Oh no, it was much more powerful than I ever imagined possible. Do you understand the significance; this was my twin flame. Through him alone will I experience the ultimate union between body and soul. Could he possibly be experiencing this same effect, as I am? How could he not feel at least something extraordinary, stirring within him? Only through hindsight of the human condition am I able to reveal this statement, but a physical orgasm is incomparable to the intensity of pleasure that was currently coursing through my entire essence. I actually felt my spirit leave my body and dance among the stars and then return. The kiss was over, but I would never be the same. I stood transfixed before this man I cherished so deeply. I contemplated, why now? Why did he wait so long? What could I possibly do now about such a situation? In all sincerity, I was being asked to sacrifice my greatest desire to be of service to the source. I knew I AM was all knowing and all seeing, that it knew the thoughts and deeds of all. I prayed that if there was a reward for conscientious and faithful servants that I might be granted this one desire. Please let this be my reward. Let me find this twin flame at the end of this third dimensional drama and allow me to share with him all that I can not share with him now. If there ever comes the time that he recognizes me as his twin flame, we will be united as a total balanced being, one flame from that moment onward.

    “Oh Aton, I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. I just don’t know what to say right now. I feel as though each and every cell in my entire body is celebrating a glorious event all to themselves. I can’t put into words how I feel right now. I love you Aton, but even that doesn’t seem an adequate offering to you. You sure know how to astound someone.”
“I thought that I would show you how very special that you are,” was his response as he went on, ”and how much you mean to me. You not only mean a lot to myself, but to all of us. I know that you enjoy my company and being near to me. I also like being near to you Lyluth. I felt that it would be nice to share this evening with you. Will you dance with me, how about it?” “What do you think? Do you really need to ask such a question Captain? I have pictured this in my mind so many times, but I never thought I would actually experience it. Maybe it would be better if I didn’t talk much right now. I definitely wouldn’t want to say anything that would ruin all of this. Ok, let’s dance.”

    As we walked to the dance area, everyone stood watching as Aton held close to my arm. Every face had a smile stretched wide across it. Not one single person would protest to the idea of us being together. It was as if they had all been waiting as patiently for this moment as I had. It wasn’t just me either. Everyone knew we were meant to be together. When they finally saw it happening they were satisfied with the outcome. Like a story that constantly keeps you wondering and hoping for a certain outcome. When it happens, there is a feeling of relief about the whole thing. Everyone was as happy about this scenario as I was. The only one who was actually surprised was myself. I felt as though I were living out my fantasy. The entire evening seemed to have a dream like quality about it from this point onward. I was in a state of such complete euphoria that practically anything at all could have happened and it would have seemed taintless to me. Every now and then one of the girls whispered in my ear, “ Good going Lyluth,” or, “About time,” things like that. It was Catlain though who actually cried for me. She knew best of all my emotions and could feel my happiness and joy. There was no question in her mind of Aton’s worth to me. She was as happy for me as I was for myself. Catlain was a consummate companion and our friendship was not all too uncommon amongst our people. The difference was that our particular friendship seemed flawless almost at all times. I didn’t feel exceedingly deserving of her friendship but I did love her so very much. Wouldn’t it be grand if everyone felt that way about everyone else? What a thought, we would all walk around on a love high or something. Sounds like a good invention. Instead of a fear fog like the Luciferians used, we could emit a love fog from the ship. We could chase everyone down and blast them with euphoria instead of terror.

    “Some enchanted evening huh Lyluth?” Aton murmured, “I could tell you all manner of things right now and you won’t ever remember it. Even when you come back to the ship there will be a short period of time that you will not be able to recall. There is a time between what is happening prior to your suspension and again before your awakening that will be wiped from your memory. At least in most cases, this has been the occurrence. We are not exactly sure why this happens, but it does and there is nothing that we can do about it.”  “Oh that’s real convenient now Aton, how advantageous for you. That is quite acceptable though because I don’t believe that there is anything that could wipe this feeling from my heart. Maybe my memory won’t be too clear but the feeling will still be burning deeply inside my heart. Aren’t I such the romantic, ahh?” “Come with me Lyluth, I’ve got something that I want to share with you before I knock you out, so to speak.” He walked towards the center of the room and told everyone how much he loved each of us and that we would never be alone. “Do a good job and make them fellows fall in love galls! I have something that needs my attention at this time so; I will be leaving you. Pleasant dreams everyone. When you leave this party, go to the Health & Wellness Division. There you will be assisted for suspension. The next time that you awaken you will be with your host families and will be ready to resume your final day of nursing school for the TRACS unit. Good wishes to all of you as the all that exists remains with you eternally.” The girls applauded as we slowly walked towards the door. A few shook Aton’s hand and a few others gave me a sly little wink. I am certain that I must have floated on past them.

    “So Aton, what kind of little surprise do you have in store for me?”  “It wouldn’t be a surprise now if I told you, would it?” “I couldn’t think of anything more exciting than that wonderful kiss you just bestowed on me back there.”  “Oh, is that right?” He questioned me as we walked into his quarters. He requested my favorite music on his console, knowing that I was partial to Pleadian melodies. I couldn’t believe he was doing all this for me.  “Come over here and sit down along side of me Lyluth. If you were surprised by the kiss I gave you at the party, do you think that you would be able to handle another?” He bent forward, leaning closer to my body, he pulled me towards him and passionately kissed me once more. Again, it seemed as though all time was suspended and my soul was no longer restricted to the confines of my body. I was soaring high in the cosmic realms of ecstasy, and I never desired to make my return. My experience was increasingly more fulfilling than that of  my most superlative expectations. This was the man that I esteemed above all else next to Catlain. I was so contented to have this opportunity to share with him. I closed my arms around him as I felt him pull me so very taut against his body. My eyes slowly closed and I lapsed into a dream, a dream to last an etrnity.