To Save Lucifer

    A considerable amount of phenomena had transpired as we slumbered in a profound state of suspension. Although comatose, our subconscious was engaged in extensive evaluation of our former experiences. Substantial leisure had been presented for me to contemplate every occurrence through a process comparable to life review. The entities that were in control of the craft we now inhabited, exhibited an exceedingly elevated degree of intellect. They were specifically aware of Lasiter�s schemes. By now, his actions were distinctively predictable to them. The abhorrence that Lasiter harbored against Aton was vast. It also constituted an apparent motive, that Lasiter would perpetrate his vengeance by utilizing someone intimately connected to Aton. Obviously, that particular someone was none other than myself. They were not only prepared for Lasiter�s onslaught but they were likewise apprised of the tracking mechanism that was camouflaged within my ring, a gift that Lasiter had presented to me as a token of his genuine attachment. The transmitter was swiftly eliminated and a counter strategy was immediately activated, an approach would be implimented that would direct Lasiter�s own conduct against him. Their intention was to inveigle Lasiter to a location that had been formulated as a battle planet, long before. The entities that delivered us were assigned the station of cosmic law enforcers. As a method of simplification, it would be easier to refer to them as ultra terrestrials. Throughout several star systems when the inhabitants were at a primitive evolutionary position, these ultra terrestrials were frequently perceived as angels. Often they would be looked upon as deities. Perpetual glorification by the proletariat often generated subsequent confusion resulting in a pattern of developmental impediment to mass conscious evolution. Complete belief structures labeled religions were begot by such interaction between the so-called Gods and the denizen which worshipped them.

    It would appear there were a multitude of entities in search of a supernatural savior. When individuals are unable to cope with or enact functional resolutions to their self-created obstacles they reach for whatever seems miraculous or arcane, thus cerebral solutions are never truly supportive in attaining their objectives. The key to this dilemma is if people accepted their own strength and potential they would never be led astray by the charismatic leaders they empower instead. If you discovered your complete interconnection to all existence you would not require being led, period. You would understand that you are an exclusive experience of the grand architect of life. A puzzle is ineffectual without every unique piece. There is nothing inappropriate with being awed by what is beyond your comprehension. When you feel the necessity to adulate or be led by those who exhibit a transcendent knowledge, complications arise. These complications persist, appropriate to one's continued convictions of ineptitude. It is precarious to feel that someone or something is superior simply because they are more familiarized with a subject. This circumstance would be extremely uncomplicated to overcome through education. Knowledge is power and it is a great verity that whatever you focus your attention on becomes tangible. It is intention that starts the ball rolling so to speak. When the intent is concentrated, that ball rolls faster. Universal truths are seldom hidden from even the most underdeveloped of civilizations. They are not multifarious but are very simple in design. Essentially, one is required to know themselves before knowing others. Whatever exists remotely from our self on diverse worlds are only additional pieces to the grandiose puzzle of existence. The same creative force animates all life. An indistinguishable I peers outward from every eye. It is only the focus that is individualized by the observer. Frequently a civilization becomes so focused on its problems that they manifest into overwhelming proportions. Instead of shifting concentration into practical resolutions, they are confronted with a monstrosity they believe themselves impotent to vanquish. They soon believe that outside intervention is virtually the only means of deliverance. Some are enlightened to greater truths because they are in imminent communion with their legitimate identity.

    There is a danger to those implicated in any remote intercession. This has been considerably authenticated throughout my entire chronicle. Passing judgment is much more intimate than one might be inclined to accept. No matter how advanced one supposes themselves to be, they are not superior to Universal Fiat. This has been established since spirit�s coalescence with matter or, the genesis of life. Through the act of judgment you become what you are judging. This process provides an opportunity to observe existence as an element of perspective. The formula to a life of pleasure and harmony is to seize these opportunities to establish equilibrium. Once you can accomplish an internal balance between what you deem to be agreeable and what you perceive to be evil, you will project it outwardly into your physical environment. Creature fabricated principles are of inconsiderable interest to the cosmic hierarchy. There are instances however, where non-local intervention is indicated to avenue individual focus into an appropriately creative direction. Most creature-contrived laws are implemented exclusively to the advantage of the governing body. The design of such legislation are consistently a method of imposing dominion over its� creatures. Violation of creature law is punishable by heterogeneous procedures. These procedures are implemented solely on the conviction of the specific civilization. However, the infractions of universal edicts are amended by the immutable decree of the Creative force that some call God. The abstraction of punishment is presented merely as a surrogate for your comprehension. Actually, there are no true punishments. There are only effects of unbalanced thoughts put into action or made manifest. When taken a step further, there is no such event as wrong action. There is simply a counter progression to the spontaneous flow of spirit. Unquestionably, this continues to be responsible for supporting the illusion of opposition. This particular illusion is not retained exclusively within a meager planetary structure. Neither is it intrinsic to one singular aspect of creation. This illusion has projected itself vastly into the cosmos. It has, is, and continues to be reproduced and concluded by the participants involved in the imposing production of life.

    Lasiter had exceeded his boundaries. He was impressively playing with much more than fire for far too long of a duration. All to which was promptly approaching an end. He was about to pay toll to the troll, which is invariably the self. The affliction he disseminated to others was equal to the corresponding tribulation he would soon endure himself. The multi dimensional principle of cause and effect (what you reap you shall sow) is intrinsically recognized by most species. At some degree of understanding they innately comprehended that in every action there is an equal and opposite reaction which is resultant. One could easily relate to what you put into a box is precisely what you will get out of it later. Lasiter would experience these verities through an exceptionally impressive process. Formulated from deep within Lasiter�s confused and distorted perspective, he would liberate his most destructive justification. Aton and his planet would be his most coveted target. Lasiter concluded that they both could be abruptly eradicated in a singular launch, discharged from the surface of Lucifer. Creating a more favorable arena for Lasiter to position himself at a ringside seat. This would allow him to personally dispense supplementary terror to his captives, if he decided there would be any. Had he thought about Llewellyn or what befell him? If Lasiter had been informed of Llewellyn�s defection in favor of the woman he cherished, it would have infuriated him indeed.

    Lasiter was not completely aware of the catastrophic proficiency of his self righteous invention. He did recognize it would exemplify a monumental and swift deliverance however. This was the singular fact he was assured of. His weapon of destruction bore the thrust of his afflicted existence, an existence that was saturated in abhorrence and anger. It was the tangible evidence of his internal volatility. Lasiter was unaware that the ultraterrestrials had established an indiscernible energy field that enveloped the entire unoccupied battle planet. Certainly, this was no simple prosaic energy field. Functioning on an unparalleled ethereal axiom, it was capable of averting any assault that was perpetrated against it. This was accomplished by deflecting the assault back to the assailant. Making the principle of what you reap you shall sow, instantly evident as a tangible exhibition of immediate karma. The declaration pronounced as we were receiving our directive �To Save Lucifer,� would now denote complete logic, in light of this recent revelation. We were previously apprised that infraction of this precise ordinance would conclude in self-annihilation. Lasiter�s own desires and actions would decimate him.

    In my current state of suspension there was considerable opportunity for me to examine my previous encounters. I analyzed the specific emotions that I had elected to dramatize in my experience as a Luciferian. Though one might ingress into a seeming state of unconsciousness, nothing is ever irreclaimable. Every contemplation or enactment is registered for future examination. The subconscious mind of an individual stores the details of experience like an immense computer hard drive. Although one might not understand how to access specific data, it remains a perpetual promise. I was feeling uneasy with the dissenting emotions I sanctioned retaliatory toward Lasiter. Was I really very much unlike him? Who knows what I might have been capable of if permitted to dramatize my indignation and malevolence? My preconceived concepts and ideology that I held prior to my encounter of grief and trauma contained no prevailing relevance to me whatsoever.  No effort is involved in being an affectionate and merciful individual when you are content or presumably in dominion of your experiences. When you tread a path peripheral to familiarity into alien territory, you discover that your intrinsic impulses are thrust promptly into a distinctly different modus of operation. Third dimensional corporeal constructs are replete with their own particular agenda. They assume complete authority expressly when fear of extinction is threatened. At the attending moment I seemed absorbed by a particular vision, a peculiar dream within the illusion of reality, a melodrama that was being performed exclusively for my commentary, repeatedly. I lay, radically exposed in Lasiter�s sanctuary after an evening of exorbitantly indulgent intercourse. Neither of us had experienced even negligible insufficiency in salacious stimulation of each other�s bodies. Lasiter was certainly an extraordinary love maker. What a jest, now that I could reflect upon the notion. Love had absolutely nothing to do with our erotic interludes. It is dangerously indulgent to misconstrue love and sex as a comparable exhibition. In actuality, they have nothing in common. Any beast is proficient at copulation. Granted, sex is invariably phenomenal and profusely rewarding when love is implicated. Love however, is never the prerequisite to a carnal junction between beings. Somehow the proposition of lying down with such a man compelled me to feel ill. How could he have delivered so much pleasure to me with his unrestricted touch, just a brief duration earlier? The contemplation of his hands gliding over my nakedness was newly repulsive to me. How could his unbelievably appealing physique have turned me on so much? So much that I believed I could actually dissolve into his embraces? When he pressed unyieldingly upon me and plunged profoundly into my beguiling haven, I rhapsodized. There was no existence external to us. His penetration so buried within my flesh that it seized the very sanctuary of my soul. How incredibly electrifying it was when he caressed my breasts. His kisses were so passionate that my body heaved in consummate ecstasy.

    The entire circumstance disgusted me to envision but the vision persisted. It was obviously oblivious to my present emotional aversion.
I beheld myself reviewing the dream Lasiter managed to apprehend. There it was, exhibited openly upon the monitor in his quarters. I could hear Llewellyn and Lasiter�s discourse in the background. This time however, the words were remarkably clear and audible. �The strategy is to permit them to consider their escape successful. We must exterminate a few of them in order to constitute the appearance of effectiveness, you know.� The words echoed repeatedly throughout my mind. In other words they would need to kill some of us to make it look good. Make it look good.  What variety of perverted antics had we been privileged to? I re experienced the feel of Catlain�s fragile hand slip, absent my determined grip. Her broken body slinking down to my feet as I feebly watched in absolutely paralyzing horror. The entirety of the tragedy replayed in apathetic slow motion. I could not keep from focusing on the great gaping wound in the middle of her forehead, as she tearfully pleaded with me not to forget her. All of this vain suffering to constitute the appearance of effectiveness, so Lasiter would look good? I had been stripped of a future destiny along side of an ultimate companion, my foremost friend; her existence, possessing absolutely no relevance to Lasiter. Absolutely not, I rejected that such enmity existed within any of creation. How could such malevolence emanate from anywhere and why was it permitted to endure? My impassioned desire was that Lasiter would somehow be forced to lament for the anguish and affliction he had apportioned to so many others. Was it possible to offend someone who was so indisputably callused? How is it feasible for someone to apprehend grief or torment when they exhibit no perception of benevolence? What equity is there, when it is those who love the most that suffer greatest? What about those rare individuals that can feel the pain of others as well as feel their own pain?

    Lasiter was incapable of feeling the sorrow of deprivation because he possessed absolutely nothing of his own making. He held no veneration or respect for any life. He had constructed a bottomless pit. A shadowy abyss developed deep within his soul, expanding considerably each opportunity he elected not to exercise love, wisdom or understanding in his options. A hollow that epitomized avaricious want, self indulgence or any act established exclusively toward self-advantage. This pit was appropriately bottomless, as nothing is as insufferable as unfulfilled obsession. It remains just scarcely out of reach, elusive, unattainable and a ceaseless pursuit. Such judgment was the progeny of my conscience. I was opposing the content of my previous experience and those who were involved in it. Likely, this would advocate my prospective sentencing and I would certainly dramatize all of it in the physical. I would perform these roles from the position of the victim and the victimizer until I could abandon consigning judgment upon myself. In judging others we pass judgment onto ourselves. Do you understand?

    Lasiter was actively gathering his evil brood for the eminent Armageddon. He thought himself favorably fortified for this confrontation. This would be remembered in future chronicles as the war in the heavens, a war of evil opposing good. Appalling as it may have appeared to all that were immersed in its presentation, this was merely a reenactment of a transcendent stimulus. A stimulus that developed at an earlier epoch as a war that will persist until judgment is suspended against the participants. Lasiter had unknowingly harnessed an energy that was more dreadfully destructive than he was aware. He was substantially out of his league. Through his distorted and depraved reasoning, he formulated a definitive scheme of attack. He decided to issue his mandate of desolation from some out of the way safe haven in space. The actual anti-elemental weapon would be unleashed from the surface of Lucifer while Lasiter settled back at a remote distance. Secure to capture any would be eluders. This was just another technique for him to experience the titillation of menacing his prey personally. He could function as a scavenger, sifting through the debris after the onslaught.

    He intentionally sought to provoke offensive behavior from the surface of what he believed to be Aton�s home planet. He made himself easily visible. When he received no rebuttal he became overly agitated by his inability to lure Aton, or any one else out into the open. No longer able to dawdle, he impatiently issued the order to fire. Imagine his revelation when absolutely nothing ensued. He was aware that it would necessitate an interval of anticipation before his weapon would impact its� target. As he surveyed the heavens in bewilderment, it was evident that he had made a tremendous mistake. He couldn�t believe his eyes as he observed his harbinger of horror pivot swiftly, revenging its point of origin. Unfortunate for Lucifer, there was nothing that could be executed to prevent it from accomplishing its assignment of annihilation. Much to Lasiter�s disillusionment, he would be the one to bear the near extinction of his own race. By his personal labor and individual aspiration to avenge his station, he was reaping what he had sewn.  Until this very day, Lasiter is haunted by his order to fire. He has learned much in his pilgrimage to support the evolution of consciousness, although, he has yet to assimilate the most meaningful message of all. If the entire cosmos were able to absolve this mammoth act of ruin, it would continue to dramatize until Lasiter is able to pardon himself. Until he can terminate his judgment against his past actions and abate himself of all guilt, Lucifer cannot be redeemed. From another perspective, these terrible acts could be distinguished as the impetuous behind the establishment of contemporary existence. Abundant devastation occurred to Lucifer upon impact. The planet was violently shaken from its� orbit. It went careening through the heavens, effecting mass destruction to celestial bodies as it came close to them during its� relentless journey to nowhere. Lucifer indeed had a negative influence upon anything that it came in proximity to. This was why Lucifer would always be looked upon narrowly. To be so imperious and endure such an exile, how art thou fallen from the heavens Oh Lucifer? Who is it that specifically determines these issues? Who decides whether such an occurrence was particularly a fall? An immense cry went out into the cosmos. More than an entire quadrant of space/time agonized at the execution of the Luciferian Command and the Luciferian denizen. How I could hear the ghosts of Catlain�s words, echo through my consciousness, again and again.

    Had she a premonition, of things to come, when she declared, �Let�s all go out in an explosion of levity in support of a new beginning?� A great void remains within the souls of many species because of these occurrences. Unnumbered lifetimes would be required before such a colossal loss could be confronted without judgment; a necessary procedure that must be committed before the negative energy of the occurrence can be disengaged. Many souls were now trapped without physical vehicles, causing tremendous confusion and chaos. It has been said that out of chaos emerges order. Rightly so, this occurrence also generated a unification of beings throughout the heavens. A necessary unity required in developing new forms for those that were left without them. We had nowhere to progress. None of us had attained the degree of awareness needed for the integration process to result. It would demand a third dimensional construct for our continued conscious evolution. The deplorable analysis retained within our essences would need tangible avenues to be rehabilitated. We had noteworthy concerns to cultivate on various levels before we could return to our genuine vibrational pattern. This was an identified consequence of such an experiment. All who were committed had significant hopes that something like this could be circumvented.

    A stunning garden planet existed far off. It had recently been constructed for a noble experiment in diversity. Here, multiple species were to interact and flourish. Unfortunately, it had undergone an enormous degeneration. When struck by Lucifer on its reckless excursion through space/time, the planet was rent in two sections. Much of the augmentation that had been developed was drastically disabled due to the fatal influence Lucifer had on contact. Portions of the planet were strewn about formulating an asteroid belt. This was an upheaval so severe that many of the planets that comprised this particular galaxy were displaced. One of these planets was completely destroyed. The name of this planet was Sin (some call it Maldek). Appointing supplementary relevance to the ancient admonition, �The wages of sin is death.� Lucifer could not be completely harnessed or prevented from generating future crisis. The act of interference was also an act of judgment that Lucifer needed to be subdued. Because it came in contact with this small blue planet, there was a karmic attachment to the planet and to the future inhabitants. Celestial bodies are an extension of the occupants that exist upon them. They are an effect of the consciousness of the people and evolve along with them. What is slowly approaching the current awareness of Earth is the return of Lucifer. It will depend upon mankind�s judgment toward its� past behavior, how it will impact our experience. In some circles there are individuals who are expecting a photon belt to fashion its emergence soon.   Photon denotes the presence of intense light energy. Some identify this as the energy force that precedes Lucifer. Henceforth, there comes the concept of the Archangel Lucifer as being a lightbearer. There are many beings dissimilar to Homo sapiens that are participating in the present healing process. This is why they have become so committed to our support at this time. We are not the only ones who are being given the opportunity to heal, think about it. A newly constructed planet would be an appropriate host to a newly created people, and this will be the case in the future. The current life forms existing on the planet were primarily vegetation and a scattering of animals. There were massive reptilian beings that were close to radical extermination caused by the cataclysms that inundated the planet. When I refer to the planet as newly constructed, the implication is from a strictly cosmic perspective. The modern day reptilians are what you know of as dinosaurs. They had prevailed upon the Earth for millions of years. Faced with imminent destruction they were forced to undergo a course of significant soul distortion. They are in the process of healing this themselves at the present. You have considered dinosaurs to be nothing more than animals but this is not so. All beings are permitted to manage their afflictions and realizations as they regard appropriate to their development. Some will not elect to accomplish this in the same manner, as others will.

     Another life form existing upon the planet had progressed to an advanced stage of self-awareness. At least in comparison to the principles of the other remaining species of animals. These were known as primates. At the time, no one knew if integration with higher intelligence would be possible to achieve with such creatures. After petitioning the surviving reptilians for such a union to commence, a decision was made by them, not to be involved with this procedure. They also decided to permit their species to perish so that they could incarnate again upon their planet of origin.  Some of these individuals are currently interacting with Earth inhabitants, who should be extremely cautious with such interaction. For one thing, those who are upon the Earth at this time are not coming from space, but from within the Earth itself. These particular creatures were trapped here long ago and you might accurately say that they have a need for an attitude adjustment. This is a hint to those who are connected to the use of their expanded technological expertise; get out of Dodge! These individuals have duped you. To the rest of the world, these are known as the negative grays and they are not affiliated with the tiny benevolent gray like genetic experts that dwell within the heavens. You most certainly have nothing to worry about by any entity from space being able to invade. It is not permitted. Although many underground species have both the technology for and the vehicles, to travel throughout the Earth�s atmosphere, they cannot leave it. I should also tell you, that humanity also has such technology and vehicles. They too, are not permitted to wonder into the restricted spaces of heaven. If there is an invasion, it shall come from within my friend.

    Back to the story, the primates were then solicited to yield to a merger with a higher consciousness, affording them the opportunity to raise their own level of awareness. This would be advantageous to both participants. The primates would require support in surviving the prevailing hostile environment they found themselves to be a part of. Their hair-covered bodies would make it tolerable for us as well. The majority of these primates agreed to the experiment. Those that didn�t were allowed to proceed with their development on their own volition. Because of the lack of physical vehicles to choose from, the decision was made to commence with, what would be known as the great experiment. Optimistically, during the progression of the planet�s evolution, the creatures and their consciousness would be able to evolve at a proportionate rate. Allowing progress to be achieved in a spontaneous manner is the most desirable approach. Hopefully, many of the mistakes created on Lucifer could be averted here. Spiritual evolution as well as technical development could conceivably be accomplished in appropriate balance, if the memory of what befell Lucifer was retained within the individual. There will consistently be those who aspire to accelerate advancement without allowing a more intuitive approach to occur. Frequently, the desire to exploit is often analogous with those who require to be governed or covet the position of authority. Sometimes, the intent to interfere has a much different motivation but it does not preclude karmic obligations.

    The initial experiment involved a cultivated entity and a solitary primate. I recognize this as truth because I was that cultivated entity. I surrendered myself to be the first in this experiment, so distraught over the loss of my friend I felt there was nothing to forfeit. In a way I wanted to suffer, feeling accountable for our estrangement. This was merely the expression of a fear that we all hold deep within our souls, of separation. I agreed to do this experiment with inappropriate motivation, responding out of my anger, hatred and abandonment. These are the expressions that I brought into the physical with me, into my new form. Is it not therefore appropriate that the first to be involved in such an endeavor be the first to consciously remember doing so? What I am about to disclose to you, is profoundly beyond my convictions and is terribly difficult for me to share. My writing of this chronicle has been a formula in which to facilitate my healing as well as your awakening. Upon becoming conscious in the form of the primate I was stricken with such horror and non-acceptance that I was unable to function. I cannot think of anything that has ever happened to me since that has caused me to feel more repulsed. Overwhelmed with disgust, I was unable to make the creatures body accept what I willed it to do. There was such a severe lack of coordination between us that there was no hope in making a connection. I cannot tell you how adversely this affected me. The vileness I felt in becoming this creature is beyond description. I willed myself to expire because I was so terrified of my new predicament. I did not budge and refused to eat until I left the body of this poor pitiful creature behind. To this day I have held judgment against this act. Until recently I condemned those who initiated the experiment for my horrendous experience, not wanting to accept responsibility for my own conduct. There are many who continue to do this subconsciously. This is why it remains obscured from the conscious memory of humanity. This memory must be brought to the surface of the mass mindset of man so that the holographic block that has been created from its repression can be dissolved, once and for all.

     Subsequent experiments were performed, creating new variations of this individual species. You might say, new and improved models were established in accordance to the evolution of the planet itself. None of these beings were exactly what their creators desired but they served their purpose in the evolutionary scheme of things. The effort however, did offer bodies to many souls who would not have had them otherwise. I feel the need to make this statement clear. Spirit does not need bodies to persist. It is the soul, which requires a vehicle. What then is the soul? Perhaps you should commit this query to research, as part of your continuing quest to find self. You can never relinquish the self to a grander pursuit until you have located it, first.

    It was a long time before I was able to heal my essence to the position of returning to this new form. This is why scientists are finding various remains of primitive species. This is also why they will never find what they refer to as the missing link. You are the missing link. Your body has been manufactured to fit your desired pattern of evolution. It has been manipulated and revised on numerous occasions and is soon to be amended further. Homo sapiens are the fifth root race. A beloved friend, a fellow traveler, has offered a name for the ensuing improvement to the body. The name touches me heavily and I will petition the highest courts to have it established within the Akashic records. His name for the new body of man is HOMO AMORUS, which means man of love. And I saw a new heaven and a new earth for the old ones had passed away, as did the old selfish manners of mankind, to make way for the new man of love.

    No enhancements have ever been executed without the express consent of specific enumerates of individuals, desiring to be involved in such. You are permitted to experience the reality of your choosing whether you believe this or not. There are no victims, only the misunderstood perceptions of what a victim is. If you find yourself a victim in this life, believe me brother; you were the perpetrator of such actions in another. You may continue to deny your responsibility for your creations for as long as you reside, in any body of your choosing. It will be the very thing that tethers you to that body and prevents you from the experience of true independence. You don�t have to believe in reincarnation, but you condemn yourself to repeat if you persist in refusing to create.

     What people are encountering as abductions by alien beings are not what you have been led to believe. Why do you think that you could have a reliable understanding of your future when you have not contemplated the legitimate remembrance of your past? Beware of wolves in sheep�s clothing though; there is the mirror of reality at work here in the duality mindset. You can always tell a tree by its fruit can you not? Do you think that your God, who dwells within the Heavens, would allow anything within those heavens to descend upon you, without his protection? If this Earth has been Satan�s plaything, the deceiver shall come from within it. Think about that folks. Your beloved Bible speaks repeatedly of those who dwell in the heavens, those who dwell on the Earth, within the Earth, in the seas, and beneath the seas. What exactly do you think that this means? I will proceed now with more of the story.

    After these experiments had commenced, many species were attracted to this beautiful Garden of Eden, replete with an amazing archetype of unity amongst diversity. The bodies of the Homo sapiens had ultimately appeared perfected, utilizing the collaboration of many ultraterrestrial civilizations. These ultraterrestrials remained attentive to their seedlings so they could cultivate and observe them. This procedure had to be withdrawn before long as it appeared that the development of the newly created man would be impeded if he were not permitted to go off on his own. Analogous to a child undergoing departure from it�s parents, supporting the realization of it�s full potential by it�s own volition. The original intention was that man would be allotted a lengthy life expectancy. When this life interval implied exhaustion the consciousness would proceed to wherever it was directed for progression of it�s continued evolution. The objective signified that if the consciousness required a return to the third dimensional plateau to consummate its edification; a new body would be fabricated for it to accomplish this directive. This new configuration would be fortified by the ultraterrestrials committed to genetic production of bodies. Specifically executed designs were established to insure that exclusive patterns of consciousness would be sanctioned to occupy the new prototype.

    Many of the entities that were desirous of the opportunity to experience this innovative flesh body were infuriated with repudiated acquiescence. Consistent flaunting by the ultraterrestrials, signified by their pure mastery perpetuated resentment. As with multiple situations, this performance was efficacious in establishing a preoccupation by those not authorized to experience this body. In different terminology, we invariably covet what is prohibited, explicitly because it is forbidden. What would subsequently be referred to as the serpent race (surviving Luciferian souls), resolved to formulate a scheme of their own design. They desired to institute a process that would cause the ultraterrestrials to be ineffectual at restricting which spirits, would be permitted to embody these constructs. This turned out to be a relatively uncomplicated exploit by abducting a female, transporting her on board their craft and endowing her with a reproductive system. This reproductive faculty had been previously reserved for beings of an elevated state of comprehension, proficient at premeditated influence over the birth mechanism via a corporeal reproduction processes or genetic orchestration. Once she was equipped with this novel capability an individual of this serpent race showed her how to copulate through a distinctive technique than the existing animals inhabiting the planet. There was a dual objective to this precise instruction. Other than demonstrating how it was performed, this being literally inseminated her with his scion. She was subsequently returned to her element where she commenced to apportion her new erudition to her consort. Not long ensuing, the ultraterrestrials were enlightened to what had transpired. In their exasperation, they decided to depart and sanction the eventuality of their conception to perform on it�s own resolve. They were painfully aware that their aspirations had been shattered by what they considered an infectious disease that would assuredly contaminate their fabrication. The creation myth is not a fantasy. How it has been illustrated is genuinely parallel to how it literally occurred. However, it has been poignantly encumbered with judgments and perspectives, obscuring the accuracy of the encounter. Is there a right or wrong, a good or an evil? Is it appropriate for some to restrict but not others?

     Luciferians were rapidly able to incarnate upon the planet, transporting a multitude of unresolved issues with them that soon propagated like the feared contamination amongst the people. The serpent race held a unique agenda in perspective for the newly established man. As precursors to the new Luciferians, they were seriously implicated in similar thought processes. They were as equally desirous of the females for mating, as with possessing a labor force of able-bodied men to execute their dirty work. All of which persists to delineate, in the physical, the conflict between the characters of duality. These same individuals have remained upon the earth but have been forced to go underground by repeated cyclic cataclysms. They have been extremely instrumental in the foundations of such organizations as the Illuminati, Trilateralists, Bilderbergers and some mainstream religions.