To Save Lucifer

    As I opened my eyes, the other girls were peering down on me with massive grins dispersed expansively across their faces. ”What's so farcical,” I grumbled, disturbed by their intrusion upon my space? “Oh, are we moderately temperamental Lyluth,” challenged Jezeri? “Yes we are,” I asserted before reasoning. Wow, what was that all about? None of us were secure about the new sentiments we were promptly adopting but they were inescapably present nonetheless. My considerations were precipitating discomfiting impressions since the administration of the inoculations. This was an unquestionably menacing ordeal to say the least. Catlain arrested my imaginings by interrogating me as to why I remained affixed to the simulator when I had been summoned to Aton’s quarters a considerable interval earlier.

    That was definitely news to me. Evidently I was engrossed in my examination to the juncture of momentary forfeiture of total perception. “Whatever could Aton require of me? “ I queried those in the room.  “Don't you remember,” implored Asbeth with an appearance of concern in her expression? “Captain Aton requested to convene with each of us specifically to accentuate the pertinent details of the operation.” “Excellent, it's about time that I learn the justification behind being allocated Commander Lasiter, as my target.” I spouted as I rose up, took off the simulator, and walked stiffly toward the door.  “I’ll intercept all of you subsequently,” waving my hand as an indication of dismissing myself.

   Inching toward Aton’s quarters, I experienced a peculiar nauseous sensation along with an uncompromising lightheadedness. As I entered the chamber I felt as if I was approaching cessation. Aton stood before me exhibiting a conspicuous expression of regard upon his semblance. It was the last feature I remember envisioning as I fell forcefully against the floor. Everything seemed to eventuate in decelerated performance, yet I was insensate for a negligible duration. Aton stooped down, extending his arms to me as support. Slowly he elevated my limp body from the floor. He wittingly insinuated that he never swept anyone off their feet like that previously. “I'm so confused. What is happening to me Aton?”  I murmured. He disclosed that my experience, no matter how unsettling, was simply a consequence of the assimilation procedure.  “The design is to throw the system out of equilibrium until it can be stabilized with the new cellular information it's accommodating. The process has merely commenced Lyluth. Be prepared for it to progress and be much more consequential than this.”  Composed, but remaining clenched to his arm, he escorted me across the suite to a location where he could settle adjacent to me. Releasing my arm, he proceeded to squeeze my hands firmly between his own while probing indulgently into my eyes. We positioned ourselves comfortably upon the couch as he expelled his provocative message. “This will prove to be quite complex for your assimilation Lyluth. I recognize your remarkably venerable and empathetic character. In my estimation you are an impressively erudite surveyor, more so than any of the others. Your essence permeates with commiseration, wisdom, and vitality. Within you also prevail the attributes of precipitating genuine admiration and you possess unparalleled integrity. Because of these distinctions, there are many that endeavor to abide in your presence, desiring the encounter of affiliation with you. Most individuals, so influenced by your ambiance of effectiveness and innocence have established that you are an unreachable goal. Perhaps, a treasure not to be encroached until they are proficient in encountering you at your level of approbation. Nothing less than the finest is suitable for my Lyluth. You retain the capacity to attract others to you so effortlessly. Anyone approaching you can not resist loving you. This is my motivation for electing you above the others to undertake the most difficult target related to this objective. I know of no one surpassing your qualifications for such an appointment. You must compel Lasiter to fall in love with you Lyluth. How could he not?” Massive amenable emotions swept over me as fluids were swelling up in my eyes, worthy opponents to my efforts at suppressing their emergence. I adored this man so exceedingly. Longing to feel his arms devour me, I could scarcely restrain my intense desire for him. More than likely, this was how it would resolve. Never is anything more devastating than unfulfilled desire. Nothing compels or influences the soul more than it alone. My mind and heart understood that this specific desire could only be dramatized when the moment was no less than ideal. Nothing else could render this, my ultimate fantasy, fulfilled. A solitary teardrop slid delicately down Aton’s face. Virtually choking on the words as he formulated them, he questioned, "Don't you understand Lyluth? I know he will love you because I have ceaselessly cherished you myself. Love is not something to be dispensed or expropriated at will. It is the intimate sensation, passion, or conviction retained in the nucleus of each being. An imparted benefaction from the Divine, as evidence to your legitimate value. The demonstration of this impression through coalescence is merely an evanescent glimmer of the inclusive euphoria of symmetry. It is during this fleeting moment that we encounter our discernible affinity to the source of  the “All that is”. Saturated with feelings of tranquility and consummation, we perceive that life is in a condition of impeccable virtue. A majestic union is eventuating, exterior to manifest corporeality. Tangible pleasure is a modest sampling of the prodigious actualities sustained within the quintessence of all entities. Love requires no pretense or display to signify execution. It can be felt without touch, seen without eyes, and heard without ears. As eternal as life for they are one in the same, expressing infinite desire for each other, spawning all of creation.”

    “I recognize this testimony as valid, abiding sonorous within my essence. Nevertheless, Aton,” I pouted, “I particularly yearn to experience a physical demonstration that involves you.”
“ I'm sincerely flattered, my precious Lyluth. Regardless, you require enlightenment recapitulating these urges of yours. The behavior modification boosters tremendously enhance these cravings you are currently detecting. The lower the resonance, the more passionate the desire for a physical encounter. I can not appropriately prepare you for the metamorphosis you are about to endure. The most perverse component of the transmutation process is the comprehensive forfeiture of your legitimate identity. In essence, you are about to undergo a re-birthing procedure, emerging as an entirely new being. An extrinsic creature implicated in a menacingly alien environment. This will assuredly be a peculiar devolution for each of you to experience. Evoke one detail above all else if at all feasible. Remember that you will never be alone in this enterprise. We might not be capable of executing substantial assistance but we will exert every effort to support you without jeopardizing your authentic identity or objective. An enormous measure of risk is implicated in any interjection, to you as well as those on the surface. This is incomparably the most perilous calling we have ever commit to. You will be required to utilize a digitally encrypted identification grid card to procure access into prominently guarded and classified precincts within the compound. Prior chronology and confidential statistics relating to your new persona have been preprogrammed into Command Control’s master system. You will be acknowledged as prevailing alumnae of the innovative TRACS unit. TRACS specifying Telepathic Resonance Administrative Clinical Services. Our understanding is that this division is a camouflage for the vassalage of the Luciferian public. An unequivocal trespass upon emancipated resolve or prerogative to discriminate is being perpetrated, obstructing the proletariat's development. Unfortunate and perhaps to our eminent detriment is that we are not apprised of the procedures being employed, or how they are being implemented. You girls will soon be the actual technicians administering these techniques. Your inferred credentials will constitute these eventualities. All of your education will require substantial integration in a manifest method once you are on the surface. Your appearance and emotional construct will be very dissimilar to what they are at present. Your recall will be of a spurious constitution; influenced by the temperament of the vehicle you will ingress. I regret revealing this Lyluth but when you awaken on the surface, you will be physically indistinguishable from a Luciferian in any way. You will have lost your etheric radiance. Your body will feel ponderous and your hair will exhibit a swarthy texture along with your epidermis. Precisely, you will be reborn into a disparate construct, influencing drastic disturbance to your essence for an undetermined time. An experience, that will remain within the retention of every cell in your body. I can submit a rare encouragement to you, regardless. Because you will be permeating a preexisting body you will not undergo the entanglement of association to the form precipitated by the birthing process. This will ensure your reintegration transaction to be less exacting than those who experience the physical dramatization of birth. We identify with only a considerably minute amount of the commission you are about to enter into. Adversely, there is much that we are not edified to disclose. We are appropriating an inclusive progression into the obscure, so to speak and thus, specifically our motivation for acquainting you repeatedly of the dangers inherent to this mission. Another matter that can not be overemphasized is the cunning ruthlessness intrinsic to these men. They can beguile you effortlessly. Deception has consistently constituted a principal part of their history and their role upon the planet. They have achieved such a high level of technology without spiritual awareness and growth, thereby creating an enormous imbalance within their system. You are about to become one of them Lyluth. Knowing all that I have told you, I need to know if you still agree to accept this assignment? It is possible for you to change your mind right now. After this moment, there is no turning back. Follow your heart my dear, for this is the toughest decision anyone has been asked to make. It has to be done with an ultimate level of courage, commitment, sacrifice and love. What do you say Lyluth? Is this what you really want to do?” I felt tightness in my chest as I closed my eyes lightly. A moment passed by before I spoke. “Oh Aton, you know I wouldn't have it any other way. I am as aware of the risks involved that I can possibly be from this perspective. I might not know of each and every particular danger, and I think it best that I don't. Still, my decision would always be one of service, with or without knowing everything that I might be asked to face. Luckily, not knowing affords me the luxury of not  possessing feelings of reservation at this time. I know that it is the right thing, the only thing to do. It has to be done, no matter what the cost is to me personally. There are so many that can possibly be uplifted and benefit by what we accomplish with this mission. I couldn't continue to lead a satisfying existence with the knowledge of such great suffering upon these beings, and then, do nothing about it.” I stopped for a moment and regarded his inquiry further.

   “If in the end, it doesn't turn out as we had planned, it will still be much better than if we had done nothing. If I lose this life in service it will be a life of value, meaning and worth. What better purpose is there to be found in any existence? My answer to you Aton will remain a firm and resounding YES. I want to do this more than anything I have ever done. There is no question in my mind. This is the only answer in my heart. I must go. I will go and there just isn't the need to dwell on this subject any longer. The most difficult issue that I am dealing with right now is the sadness that I feel in being separated from you. Aton, I know that in truth, there is no separation. Unfortunately, as long as I carry the genetic memory of duality consciousness, there will always be the sensation of loss connected to not seeing or being with you. I also know that you are eternally imprinted in my soul and that through all the Cosmos, no matter the game or role we have chosen to play, I will recognize you in an instant. I will know that I am in the presence of my twin flame.”

    “Stop it Lyluth! You are such a romantic. I just don't quite know what I am going to do with you.” That figured it never failed, Aton most assuredly had a tremendous knack for ruining the moment. There was no doubt about it; Aton was quite the philosopher. At times he was able to change my mind about something with a good enough argument. Not this time however, there was nothing that could ever change the way I felt about him or my involvement in the mission. I would suggest that he just get off of the subject too. It was evident that the behavior modifications had already begun to take their effect on me. I could see that I had taken pretty well to an argumentative as well as sarcastic nature.
“One thing is certain Lyluth, I know that you will be extremely effective in this mission. I have a very good feeling about the outcome, although I am aware that it is going to be a tremendous challenge for everyone involved. The greatest advantage to you is your ability to be both tough, and at the same time, seem so delicate. When all of this is over, I would love for you to coordinate a victory celebration. With your creativity and style, I am sure it will be an event to remember. I too, will miss you tremendously,” he whispered in my ear as he gently kissed me on the side of my cheek. There was a knock on the door, which startled me, and I jumped up. What a strange thing to do, I thought to myself. I noticed that Aton was trying to shuffle me toward the door. “Well, best wishes dear, my heart is with you always. Try not to forget it either, if at all possible. I am ready to see your companion Catlain and that is probably her at the door now.” “Ok Aton, I will accomplish this task so that when I return I can create the best cosmic celebration the quadrant has ever experienced. Guess I’ll leave now though it's difficult as always for me to pull myself away from your presence but I have some studying to do.”

    While leaving, I winked at Catlain and whispered a warning, ”You had better watch out love, you might be the Cat but he's a real tiger. GRRRRRRRRRR!!” As I walked down the corridor heading to my quarters, I was overcome with a warm glow. The feeling of complete contentment and serenity enveloped me. It was true; Aton had loved me all along. I remotely sensed that he secretly harbored some hidden desire for me, buried deep within his substance. How very proficient he was at concealing his veridical sensitivity, a master for certain. From my perspective, it must have been difficult for him to sustain such proficiency over his passions. I rationalized that discipline was a mechanism that seemed to be just beyond my grasp. The thought was somewhat alien to me and, was a tenet that I didn't wish to entertain at this specific moment. Perhaps I would peruse such matters of inquiry in the near future. Without delay, I needed to further explore the antiquity of my target.
Occurrences appeared to be transpiring so abruptly, all of a sudden. Clearly Mr. Lasiter was determined to be the shrewdest individual out of the entire Command. This was an undeniable intimation of the exigency for me to refine my radiant lucidity and charisma in order to knock him off of his feet. It was such a consolation to discover the species to be gratifying to look upon. Imagine the difficulty in accomplishing our directive if they were repulsive. I considered this to be a substantial break. Reaching my quarters, I sauntered casually over to the bed, casting down the dossier. My body was next as I buoyantly floated on what I frequently visualized as my exclusive empyrean sea. Often, this was my superlative instrument of escape but the task at hand acquired my absolute focus. As I lay on my stomach, I reinforced myself upon my elbows and installed the special disc provided in the dossier, into my educational amplification apparatus. Ok, I’ll relax with my visor and master the accessible knowledge of my target, Commander Lasiter of the Central Command Control Corps. He was the equivalent of a 6th phaser, which was considerably older than I was. His body however, was in phenomenal physical condition, to say the least. His skin tonicity was an impressively exquisite bronze. What an impeccable form, so soundly outfitted with the precise proportion of muscle expanse. I had never beheld hair so raven that it possessed the propensity to appear Prussian when the light struck it in an especial manner. Of all the extraordinary lineaments that the Luciferian Command exhibited, there was nothing more compelling than those ultimate cool, cobalt blue eyes. Whatever their attraction, they imparted an overwhelming impression beyond my capabilities to asseverate. I could not determine what was so hypnotically entrancing about them. Such an efficacious instrument for any entity to possess. While scrutinizing this magnificent man, I couldn't help but contemplate what a commanding being he was. How appropriate for him to be the Commander of this elite hierarchy.

   Not such a basal acquisition in any system let alone, this one. He had to be vehement and remarkably brutal, so cruel in fact, as to be inconceivable to someone like myself. This was why he was able to maintain his rank for the duration that he had. His background intelligence data revealed that he submitted to intensive preparation and instruction prior to his physical birth on the surface. There were strong indications of him possessing a master consciousness of some sort. How interesting, his history was very intriguing to me. What drama and mystery was woven into his existence? One could merely imagine what must have absorbed his past considerations but I was soon to be the preoccupation of an immense segment of his future ones. What would be the consequence of my interference with such a vibration? Who would be the one to recount such an interaction when the drama had enacted its production? What actually influenced me into presuming that I could possibly espouse a contest with such a mighty contender? Unquestionably, I must be unbalanced, or perhaps something worse. Doubt was a rarely exercised emotion in my experience prior to the present. Apparently, it was currently being enhanced by the inoculations we were required to integrate. What happens when I am no longer aware that these responses are implants? Will I maintain any mastery over them whatsoever, or will I perceive the necessity to do so? There I go again, more doubt, very peculiar indeed! Through my present level of expanded awareness I was clearly able to observe the parallelism of doubt and fear. One not only produces, but also sustains the other. As I begin to encounter these unique sensations, I'm also inaugurating a new understanding of how thoughts are generated in the mind. The prevailing impression or emotion of the consideration generally establishes them. Control the emotions and you direct the thoughts that are being generated. Further, control the thought patterns and it is easy to see how one can generate a belief system that would support the illusion of entrapment. Wow, what an interesting idea on one hand and a scary thought indeed on the other! At this juncture it is quite easy to see how entanglements occur. When I am no longer able to view things from my current perspective or higher vibrational reference point, I too will be caught up in this illusory web.

     I observed that there is an additional emotion that works in conjunction with fear and doubt. It is also apparent that either of the two generously paves the path to confusion. How could anyone effect a clear decision if they are confused, doubtful, and afraid of their own choices? This entire process could become tremendously overwhelming before long. One would be likely to surrender to it with subsequent feelings such as vulnerability, hopelessness, and victim hood. What an exhaustive eternal contention, this would appear to illustrate. I had already begun to feel it happening within me. There must be a procedure for us to retain a remembrance of who we are/were, somehow. It would be imperative to forge some pattern of evidence or suggestion that could promote our discovery of our veritable identity, in the consequence that we become preoccupied by the drama. We would certainly require assistance, an indication to ourselves that we are directed towards the proper objective. I must prepare myself for this occurrence while I still retain some semblance of clarity and verity. Obviously this strategy could not interfere with nor jeopardize our safety by revealing us.

    As I delved deeper into the information being reinforced into my awareness, I ascertained how the species chose to divide their consciousness into separate layers to cushion their psyche from painful or traumatic experiences, or the memory of them. This was also established as a mechanism to support the three dimensional construct of polarized  duality consciousness. This procedure was the underlying cause behind the veil of separation, a veil of consciousness so to speak. The information harnessed beneath this veil could only be accessible while the individual was in an unconscious state or what you know as the sleeping state. The language of this subconscious would be universal symbols. These symbols though universal in scope would only be decipherable by the individual once they reached a specific level of expanded awareness. When this expanded awareness was perceivable to the individual they would readily discover how to decipher these signals. At their current level of evolution, the Luciferians did not yet sustain the capacity for dream recall. Although, those who were currently involved with the initial communications effort, managed to advance to such an estate. These particular individual's substantial solicitation for intervention from a higher influence facilitated their conscious expansion to the degree that they could experience an interaction between us. Willful, focused desire, combined with higher vibrational intent, is a powerful agent indeed. I instantaneously apprehended the inspiration to utilize the dream state as a vehicle in which to retain and transmit the memory of our true identity. What a strategy! I actually anticipate its efficacy. Not only would it be essential for the plan to work, it was imperative to implement such a safeguard, in the event that we were to be separated or stranded on this alien planet.

    Of course, Aton would recognize if such a procedure were performable or not. Perhaps I would advance this idea to him and he could proposition it to the appropriate individuals who were responsible for implementing such proceedings. One circumstance was certain, everyone would consider the mission more auspiciously if this could be accomplished. There were indications of tangible and emotional pressure developing within my attentiveness, from everything that was transpiring inside of me. The present suggested a wonderful opportunity to escape into the realms of my empyrean sea and I caught myself drifting off into la la land, ever so languidly. I’ll just seize a brief nap while Aton is engaged with the others. Certainly they will detain him for quite an interval, I assured myself before I drifted off.