There were eight resistance workers to show up in the TRACS unit. In the future, there would be shifts working around the clock. Luckily, Catlain and I were amongst the first. Each shift consisted of fifteen in which eight were resistance workers on the first shift and nine on the second one. The advantage of being the majority was in our favor. We were each assigned an area equipped with the finest in relaxation technology. Would this soon become our private laboratory to work out clever, diabolical plans to re-program our will into the unwitting little minds of an unsuspecting public? Or, would we ourselves become so manipulated by the game that we get caught up into believing this all to be the only sane approach to an insane dilemma? Outwardly, the concept had such an appealing quality to it; most evident by the results achieved from just one small session. Usually, a client would come in on their first visit with a healthy amount of skepticism, not that there were any better offers awaiting them elsewhere. Some clients were so visually shaken and confused by exhaustion, they appeared not to care what would happen just as long as it was something different. After just a short session of therapy they seemed to be miraculously revitalized by the experience. Claims of a surprising fifty-percent of their miseries being alleviated were common, if not constant. These type of results themselves were enough to create a high return rate for further treatments. Most everyone would jump at the chance to have a little more, just one more hit so to speak. There were no such things as canceled appointments, like were so prevalent in any of the other clinics. It wasn’t long at all before word of mouth had spread the news of a cure for the masses huge battles with stress. The war on stress had now been waged and everyone wanted to check out the artillery.

    This only made things worse as far as we were concerned. Now we would have to work much faster to stop this from being over glamorized to the public. In which case, they would surely see us as the bad guys in this little drama. A resistance created to ruin such a wonderful discovery would certainly be eaten alive for such a maneuver if caught. The truth however would never be allowed to surface at any cost. Clients were always thrilled with the results from their treatments. They would be much happier, easier going, care free and best of all, non-argumentative. This was enough to make friends and family members tickled pink. There was no way that they would even entertain the thought of stopping these treatments once started. The shame of it all was that if the program were altered just the slightest this would be the greatest invention of the times. Not very profitable for those bent on control, but who was paying attention? After seeing the results myself, it made me question if we were in fact doing the right thing? Were we actually helping these people or what?

    A few weeks had passed before we were able to swipe one of the program discs from TRACS. It was rather clever how we managed to pull it all off. One of the girls claimed to have had an accident with the system when a client inadvertently knocked a drink of some sort over on top of it. When the liquid oozed through the computer it caused the machine to catch on fire. Of course she allowed it to burn rather well before sounding the alarm. What had actually transpired was a different story altogether. She had taken the original program disc from the unit and replaced it with a phony look alike. Then she gave the real disc to Millon as he was cleaning. Millon would in turn take it to someone within the resistance who would be capable of analyzing it. Extensive damage was rendered to the system but no one considered investigating for anything out of the ordinary. What a shame it was for TRACS to suffer such a terrible mishap. However, the nurse did get wrote up on report for not being more careful. NO MORE FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED IN THE TRACS UNIT, was the new sign that had been installed the next day. “ Oh my, big whip de do. What a small price to pay for such a huge breakthrough. Once again, it had proved to be so very simple to get over on the all seeing eyes of the Luciferian Command. The ego reveled in its victory unaware of the truth, as often it does.

    The plan with the taking of the disc was to find out what the contents were and how they could be altered to omit the final stages, replacing them with a more beneficial one. Did we pull it off because no one had been paying attention? We were told that if there would be any repercussions to arise from this stunt or any in the future, that we would be evacuated from the Command Central Towers as quickly as possible. No one had told us exactly how this was going to be accomplished though. There was a catch however. An evacuation would not be possible until we had found the location of the Moldovite mines. Until then, we were up the creek without a paddle, literally. This happened to be one of the directives that seemed pretty strange to me. What on Lucifer could the Moldovite mines have to do with our entire operation? What was it that made this information so important and why couldn’t we be rescued until we found their location? Better yet, what if we couldn’t? Would we be trapped inside the sterile chambers of this techno tubular structure as eternal playthings of the Luciferian Command? More curious than ever, I would seek to discover exactly what this particular rock was being used for. So highly prized and sought after by so many that there had to be more to it than anyone could possibly imagine. I assured myself that I would embark on a personal quest to find the answers to these questions. An inner knowing convinced me that I would personally be the one to obtain this information for some reason. I wish that I could have had more time to converse with my inner knowing. Was I paying enough attention?

    Lasiter and I had become pretty chummy, if you could imagine that. What made me imagine such a thing myself? We had been spending a lot of leisure time together and it was about time for me to take advantage of our friendship. After all, wasn’t it what I had been trained and ordered to do? That wasn’t fair I know I did have a choice didn’t I? Our relationship was fast becoming a whirlwind romance. At least the other girls in the unit saw it as such. It was always the first topic of discussion amongst them. At least it gave them something to wonder about. was true that I enjoyed his company. Lasiter treated me special which made me feel special. Never had I felt more safe or secure in any other relationship that I could recall. He dwarfed my petite body when he held me in his huge, powerful arms with a face that seemed to mirror the happiness that I felt when we were together. His smile was more than I could endure, the spell being cast without suspect. Had I become no more than clay being worked and manipulated by his touch, a touch that I desired to experience repeatedly? The man thrilled me deeply and I longed constantly to be near to him. There existed, just slightly under the surface, a finely hidden side of Lasiter that few had ever been fortunate enough to experience. I was falling for him fast, feeling that he had a similar intent for me also. Where was my head, what deranged notion could have possessed me to act on my desires for this man? Out of control by my need to taste his forbidden mystery, as elusive as the high of an addict. My newly acquired addiction was sure to be a problem for me in the future though. Certain were the tears that laid wait for me. Why didn’t I pay attention to that still small voice inside which gently petitioned me not to do it? Was it because I could only understand a screaming insistent one instead? It was my own foolish ego will, which subjugated the quietly whispered promptings, which suggest belonging, to the realms of imagination. Aren’t we taught to ignore this imagination as children and to have nothing to do with it as an adult? My rational mind decided to push these messages of support out of my thoughts entirely.

    Lasiter met me immediately after work, excited that he had the free time to finally show me around. The decision had been made; we would visit the domes first. All that was left of the viable water sources, anywhere on the planet, were located in these areas. These were small areas of water mass, which at one time had become extremely contaminated from pollution. These domes were constructed and installed, sealing off the reservoirs from further contamination. A long tedious effort had been expended to clean up the water to where it was safe enough to consume. Many citizens died from diseases and suffered various types of deformities and mental dysfunction prior to the clean up. This was a result of not being told about the dangers of consuming the water. The Command Control Center had known of these problems long before anything had been done to address the situation of course. Filtration systems were long before created for the elite. Purposely allowing the inner city dwellers to consume the contaminated waters afforded them the opportunity to weed out what the “useless eaters.” The citizens who were poor or weak were often referenced as such. There was no end to the ingenious ways in which the Luciferian public had been assaulted. Much, too much had gone unchallenged by the people who were so unaware that anything had been perpetrated against them that they began to feel helpless, fighting against an unseen enemy. Who is it that creates ones enemies anyway? The governing control had gone as far as manufacturing mind alterants that were so addictive to the user that their minds would be completely dissolved by the drug before they were able to realize what was happening to them. They allowed these users to kill each other off in huge gang wars, which had been the plan from the beginning. What a set up, citizens were actually doing their dirty work for them now. At the same time, allowing them to look good to everyone whenever they stormed the inner cities taking large numbers of both users and dealers off of the streets. Rumor was, to supposedly be rehabilitated. As I said, rumor. None of these citizens were ever seen again but then, no one actually cared to question their disappearances either. Usually, the user would have already been disowned by their friends and family long before they were dragged away to become part of some mindless work force for the Command. The lucky ones were the ones that died from over use before they were carted off for parts unknown to be experimented on. Occasionally, one of these people would pop back up from out of nowhere with the most outrageous stories, of underground laboratories where beings from other planets were working in direct connection along side of the Command, heavily involved in unspeakable projects of genetic manipulation and species hybrid experimentation, alternate reality structures, dimensional shifts and time warping space travel. Most of the stories, such as these were dismissed as the deluded talk of a crazed drug user.

    Everyone knew that the user had problems dealing with the reality at hand. Hence, the reason for using drugs to begin with was a means of escaping the truth. No one had yet to figure out whose truth they might be trying to escape however. For sure, their mind had been completely consumed in order to produce such vivid hallucinations. A handful of citizens refused to buy the hallucination theory, convinced the stories were more than the mere ravings of a crazed lunatic. They decided to buy into a different truth of their own creation. Quite simply, a necessary step toward the direction of exercising their sovereign right to choose what they will to believe in.  Those who believed that the Command was responsible for unleashing biological warfare upon the citizens were formulating another reality. In fact, manufacturing incurable diseases and administering them to the public was a big game for them, a profitable game at that. Health care had been elevated to such a state that huge management corporations were created to oversee the process. Oversee; always sounded the same as control to me for some reason. There was mega money to be made in illness. Unfortunate, but that was the reality of the situation. This particular reality was known as the Conspiracy movement. The conspiracy enthusiasts preached their gospel loud and clear, always against the governing power. Claiming that endless amounts of time went into the devising of various ways in which to initiate their assaults, ways that no one would question. The goal, to rid the planet of the weakest of it’s population. They were of no use to society and were viewed as leaches, sucking life force from the stronger beings. All attempts that they had initiated to control the reproductive habits of these pests were futile. Birth control methods were widely disbursed at no cost, to discourage unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. It didn’t prove to change the attitudes or habits of these folk, one iota. Even the fear of imminent death was not enough to change the behaviors of the people. Diseases were being created to target those who were careless or promiscuous. They were deemed to be uncontrollable and irrational, both the disease and it’s target. For the sake of all intelligent life upon the planet, something drastic must be done to stop the population explosion immediately. Had anyone been paying attention?

    One of Lasiter’s greatest public accomplishments for the betterment of the environment was to implement the dome project, saving the citizens from extinction due to unhealthy water. He spent much time, effort and money, on this project. Afterwards, it would prove to have paid off tenfold as far as the way that the public viewed him from then on. He had become somewhat of a hero to them. Appearing to the public as an act of compassion that they previously viewed the Command lacking. Now there was safe water for the public to consume as well as the elite. The old give the dog a bone routine. Every once in a great while a token bone would be thrown to the hungry public to chew on and most everyone swallowed. If they had been paying attention they would have realized that the writing on the bone was hope. We all know that there is no future where there is no hope. Had Lasiter somehow become a giver of hope?

    Whenever any of us would leave the TRACS unit, We would be greeted by an escort. I could never tell if this was for my own safety or was it so that I could be kept under surveillance? I had not forgotten that we were being watched in our own dwelling units. I had wanted so much to confront Lasiter on this issue in the beginning but knew that it would only create more problems. Of course he would deny the whole thing or make up some lame excuse, brushing my over active imagination, and me off at once. Conspiracy theories abounded in the minds of the paranoid ya know? Unwilling to accept change, they invent supportive reasoning for their opposition. Pay no mind to the stories of those who have become overwhelmed with their inability to control their behaviors, unable to adapt to the imposition of restrictions. What did I expect he would say? From his perspective, every action was not only warranted, but also necessary in maintaining a well-run machine. Who was right? Who was wrong? Was there such a thing to begin with? What choices might I make if given the task of securing the well being of the entire system versus the need to uphold individual rights and freedoms? The picture would take on an entirely different appearance if I shifted my perspective. In all fairness, I might be compelled to do the same things that were currently being done. There was no way of knowing without being given all the facts. Who was it that was in possession of all the facts anyway? The issue of control posed unlimited entanglements to begin with. Any thing that went against the natural rhythms of creation would cause opposition. Those wishing to control another’s activities need only apply restrictions. It was apparent that everything had gotten way out of hand in this area alone. A different approach to the situation might have been to take the focus away from creating restrictions and avenue it into creating healthier alternatives. When presented with positive choices, positive solutions are the result.

The tropical areas outside of the Command Control Center, between the complexes had become one of my favorite areas to frequent. An atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility permeated the entire space. When being escorted from place to place within the high security compound, I would request that my escort allow me to partake of its enchanting qualities. I fantasized that I could soak up all the loveliness from my surroundings into my body. Amazingly, I would leave with a wonderful sensation of well being. So powerful were the effects of this routine, I named the process creative visualization. Convinced that everyone could benefit from this therapy, I presented the idea to the administrative board for further review. Stress reduction could easily be combated by simple measures. There was no need to create more external technology to deal with an internal issue. Then again, I wasn’t thinking about the profitability of initiating such ideas to the public. Motivation, as far as the Command had been concerned, was riddled with ulterior design. Personally, I had benefited tremendously from my newfound therapy. However, sharing this knowledge appeared to be unwise, for the moment. Many wonderful ideas were not accepted into practice because of their lack of marketing potential or profitability rate. Kept from the awareness of the masses due to the greed of the few. Everyone given command was motivated by control and self gain.

The illusion that had been perpetrated consistently was that there were people who were more powerful than others were. If any one had cared to pay attention they would readily realize that a persons power could only be measured by the amount of followers they have. If no one is following, no one is being led. A leader is only capable of gaining strength when the follower decides to relinquish their individual powers to the leader. This causes energy transference to occur which in turn creates an imbalance somewhere. One individual now possesses double the strength; the other is left with none. This could never take place without one being convinced that they were inadequate or weaker than the other was. This is how the game of manipulation is best accomplished. Without this one premise being continually acted upon, no one would ever have power over another.

    Apparently there had not been enough time to think about things such as these. Life was still happening unfortunately at such an accelerated pace that all that was left was to ride the current or drown. The fear of survival often hampered the larger perspective because of its immediacy. If given the opportunity to think things out before acting, one might have thought to stop in the middle of the current. With a firm grip, they would insight others to do the same. Before long, the current would no longer exist as there would be a newly created dam, holding things up. Possibly, allowing time for a more positive decision to be reached instead of continuing along in the wrong direction. Most people felt, why not? Everyone else does it, why shouldn’t I? It was much simpler to adopt the current attitude than to initiate a change. If you take a defeatist approach to a situation you will surely suffer your creation and be defeated. This had been the thought that started the whole ball rolling so to speak. Instead of creating ways in which each and every individual is equipped with the same facts available to those in control, people were judged. Someone, somewhere made the decision that they were of more importance or worth than another did. How can this be done and once it has, how can it ever be stopped? This would prove to be a dangerous belief to accept. From the very beginning, if the perspective had been that everyone was of equal importance, no one would be expendable. Instead of creating a reality that only a few would experience, they would have created a reality that life can only continue in unity. It did appear that life had managed to continue despite the unbalanced decisions that were being made.

The question was, was it the quality of life that so many had envisioned? Or, was it the quality of life that was supportive of a power thirsty elite? Fear was obviously the element that had been created to cause opposition. Fear and love are not capable of existing in the same environment. Any examples of such are total illusion based solely on ones limited perspective of love. Pay close attention because a truth of immense magnetism is about to unveil itself before you. Fear was the first sin. Initiated by the Lucifer being (thoughtball)itself, for even the angels in heaven do not possess it. Lucifer had been the first to taste of its experience, fearing that the creator did not love him. Lucifer had become host to a wildly infectious disease. As a result, at some point in time, possessing the antibody, it would be Lucifer who would have to deliver the cure. Once the disease had taken hold, there would be nothing to do but wait it out. Occasionally there would be a harvesting of those who had managed to overcome the disease. Fear could only be overcome by the consciousness of true love. If a being were capable of possessing such a level of awareness, a serum could be created from their consciousness. Love was the serum and anyone willing to exercise this awareness would be saved from the destruction that had been created by fear, the end result of fear being death. Death could be described as the awareness of separation from the source. As long as one perceived that they were not part of the source, they would experience death. Due to the nature of creation, fear was responsible for creating death in a physical manner. Everything involved in the realms of physicality would experience both the disease and the cure in very physical ways. Including the concept of love, as the cure. Somehow, this would have to be delivered via a physical being in a physical way once the illusion of separation had taken hold.

    Lucifer had introduced the concept of opposition as a means in which to initiate the free will experiment. It was his contention that it would temper the spirit, making it unbelievably strong. Making way for a new creation in which one's worth could be measured by their ability to overcome. Sound familiar? It would be his duty to oversee this project since it had been his creation. Had it not been in the mind of the creative force all along? How could it not if separation is but an illusion? Is anybody learning anything? Was this an evil act that had been perpetrated against a creator by it’s created? Only if you look at things without the context of love as motivation. In that case, none of it is actually happening as nothing is created outside of love. Your belief in separation is the fear that you have done something wrong. If you had done nothing wrong, why have you been forsaken? It was absolutely astonishing what truth one might be able to pull up from within ones self when left alone to contemplate. I think that I would also name this new therapy. I would call it meditation. A means in which to communicate with the inner truth found within each and every being.

My mind had become like an unruly child, jumping all over the place. My escort and I entered the elevator. Each trip seemed to be faster than the one previous. It felt as though the elevator raced through the ominous cylindrical towers of Command Control at maximum velocity. I couldn’t keep my thoughts off of the possibility of some kind of malfunction occurring as we sped through this tall, tubular structure at warp speeds. If something like that were to happen, there would be no chance of survival whatsoever for the occupants of the elevator. It would always be such a relief to me when we came to a stop and the doors would open. Then I knew we had reached our destination in one piece. Since when had I started dwelling on catastrophes so much? Until very recently, fear had been something that I spent little time entertaining. Stepping off of the elevator slowly, I was led to a special area where I was directed to wait for Lasiter. A bouquet of beautiful flowers along with a package lay on the table in front of me. Out of pure curiosity I inched my way over to the objects, noticing a small note card attached with my name on it. Oh, these are for me. So excited, I didn’t know whether to open the box, or to wait until Lasiter was there to watch. I knew how much I liked to watch someone’s face when they opened a gift. It was just to difficult for me to wait though. My curiosity was indeed, overwhelming. I was tempted to take a peek and put it back, as if I hadn’t touched it. Good thing that there wasn’t enough time for me to have the chance as Lasiter walked into the room right in the middle of my dilemma.

    “What do you think Lyluth?” I touched his face and turned him toward me. Then, I gently kissed him on his sweet, supple lips. How could such a generous man be so evil? Oh how I enjoyed spending time with him more than anything else I could think of. Obviously, he was experiencing a slightly apprehensive moment, made more apparent by my delay in opening his gift. Come on, come on, I could almost hear him prodding me to hurry up and open the thing. Do you reckon that he possibly valued my opinions? The fact was that I wouldn’t be able to get his attention on anything else until I opened the package. Carefully, I opened the box so as not to damage its wrappings. Inside was a stunningly beautiful necklace. “Oh, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Lasiter, I love it. Put it on me, will you please?” He took it carefully from the box and placed it around my neck. Twirling me around quickly, he bent me backwards, planting a passionate kiss across my entire face. Was I to be the dinner, or perhaps desert? Which ever was the case, they both seemed an interesting option for either of us. My chest became tight as I felt myself being over-stimulated by the way his heated breath felt in my mouth. I had tasted of the forbidden fruit and I liked it allot. Did that mean there was evil in my heart, or perhaps it was lust? There was no denying that it was definitely lust. Did this mean that our relationship was about to take on a new dimension? What was I allowing myself to get caught up into? There was much more to this picture than was readily noticeable from the surface. Danger alarms were exploding within me but I paid them no mind. It was too late for me to stop as I was totally consumed by the passion of the moment.

How easy it would be for me to be labeled promiscuous, unable to control my sexual behavior. Had anyone been paying attention to my wanton cravings for Lasiter to merge deep into the flesh of my body? I wanted to feel every part of his masculinity, and I would. I let him take me for the first time, right there in the middle of the open room. Had there been any one passing by as we copulated madly, writhing and grinding against each other in wild rhythmic strokes? The intensity of the show would have surely sent them in search of release. No one could have withstood such intense eroticism. He felt so good as he penetrated my inner most pleasure zones. Forceful, yet giving in his deliverance, he made himself known to me. And I did willingly devour the forbidden fruit so that there would be no evidence left behind to incriminate me. What was the punishment for a crime of passion such as this? I took everything that he offered me, until he was spent and I had become abundantly full of his pleasures. His seed left to explore my hidden places and conquer my affections. Had I just humped with a mad man, been infected by his insatiable appetite for destruction? The pleasure was all mine and I would strongly recommend this new, stress reduction therapy personally. I would have to call this one “an out of body experience.” From one perspective only, from another one, this elated notion of bliss could quickly turn out to be the ultimate, fatal attraction.

    I am sure that being witness to such activity as aforementioned leaves you in a state of questionable uneasiness. I have deliberately chosen to be graphic in my portrayal of this event. This is the reality that I experienced in this act and I share it with you so you will question your true feelings and emotions concerning lustful contact between individuals. Then contemplate the opposite approach to the act of love making, where two individuals experience a blissful notion of unity. From one perspective the act portrayed above is very animalistic in nature. Think about that for a while and you might discover something about yourself that you had not paid attention to prior. I could not have stopped our interlude if I would have given it my best effort. Powerless to overcome my desires, how could I be held accountable? If a spell had been cast, I most assuredly was captured by its effects.

Lasiter and I lay in each other’s arms until reality invaded our space. We found ourselves naked and decided to continue any future romps outside of the watchful eyes of his men. When I reached for his hand, I noticed the ring he had on his finger. Something about it made me get a peculiar feeling that I had seen this before? It wasn’t possible but what was this feeling? The ring consisted of a large green stone, set in the middle of an almond shaped eye. The stone appeared to have a strange quality about it. Instantly, I felt a power within it as I physically touched my finger to it. “I never noticed your ring before Lasiter, what type of stone is this,” I questioned? “It is called Moldovite, why, do you like it?” “Oh, I sure do, it’s so different. I feel a strange pull as if it were emitting an energy.” “That’s pretty amazing, your powers of perception are extremely keen Lyluth. This particular stone has many unique and powerful properties. It is both sought after and highly prized by many individuals in many places. I am not at all surprised that such a gem might attract a beautiful woman such as yourself. Would you like for me to have a piece styled for you?” This couldn’t be happening. How was it that I had maintained such a high success rate in all of the endeavors that I set my heart to? How far could I push before I burst my own bubble? What could be the harm in asking? “I’m speechless Lasiter. At the risk of appearing pushy, I was wondering if you could tell me more about this wonderful stone. I am smitten by its alure as well I am your lovemaking prowess. And, I have an overwhelming urge to know all that you care to share with me regarding the both of these. Should I not be so selfish, wishing to indulge in all that you would give me? Where is it that you would imprison such beauty, in the same manner you would incarcerate and hold prisoner my heart?”

    Did he read my subliminal requests, between the lines or, was it my turn? I had better be paying attention. Lasiter had done well with his part and played receptive to my needs. Unfortunately, there were facts that he was aware of that I was not. I felt a strong resistance in his response but he cleverly disguised it as concern for my well being. Lasiter knew full well what I wanted. The question that he was processing now was, should he dare to indulge me? He proceeded to explain to me that the Moldovite could only be found within a small area on the planet. Unfortunately, their location was just outside of the inhabitable zones. These were widely known as the fringes of the Outzone. Hostile weather, unforgiving terrain and the most notoriously hardened criminals were what awaited any that would dare to venture to the mines. It wouldn’t be long before, deterred by the obstacles, they would return without reward. Two reasons which elevated the demand and the price for these rocks, were that they were limited in supply and they demanded extreme effort, exacting hardship on the miners.  Lasiter continued that there was just no way that he could take me inside of the mines. To him it was out of the question.

    Now, would be a good time to try my hand at ego psychology. “But, why? I don’t believe that you can not do it. It had always been my impression that you were capable of accomplishing anything. You are the Commander of the most powerful force upon the planet. Who is there to keep you from doing what you will to do? Who would dare to stand in your way? Certainly, I know of no one.” I did my best to massage his male ego until it softened the man. “Slow down Lyluth, don’t get so caught up in the thing. I’m not saying that I can’t take you there because it’s forbidden for me to do so. You have it all wrong. I am telling you that I won’t take you there because it would be extremely dangerous for you. You are totally unaware of what would be involved in such an excursion. Were you paying attention when I told you that prisoners mined Moldovite? They are definitely not the types of people that you would want to be anywhere near. A woman of your looks would surely cause a riot at the least. These men have long been secluded under extremely hostile and adverse conditions, having no contact with the inside world, because they have been exiled to the outer fringes of the habitable perimeters. The weather conditions as well as the terrain are terrible. You just have no idea whatsoever how difficult it would be to take you there. It would be virtually impossible for me to tell you that your safety would not be in jeopardy, possibly more so, if you were seen with me. These crazed criminals would have a field day with you Lyluth.”  

I played wounded by his inability to grant me my desire. Pushing out my lower lip, expressing disappointment within my voice, I pouted. “I’m sorry that I asked. I never meant to sound like I was challenging you.” Obviously that was exactly what I was doing. “I never knew they existed until a moment ago. I’m extremely curious about them. I can’t tell you why, I just know that I am interested, that’s all. Can’t you show me anything more?” “I can’t believe you! You are a crazy woman Lyluth. You are interested in some of the strangest things. I’ll tell you what I will do, I will take you to where the Moldovite is refined and you can choose the pieces that you would like to have fashioned yourself. It is located directly on the perimeter. From there, I can show you with sophisticated high-powered equipment, where the closest mines are to the refinery. You will have to be satisfied with that because there is absolutely no way that I can actually take you any farther. I wouldn’t normally go there unless there was an emergency of some kind.” I smiled and told him that I trusted his judgement explicitly.

I would settle for whatever he felt was safe and in my best interest. We would have to make plans to go as soon as I wasn’t scheduled in the TRACS unit. I would then pass along the information that I learned from the trip to Millon. After which, my part of the agreement would be pretty well covered. Then what? No one had told us what would happen when we got the information. We were told where to hide if we were in trouble. We were told where to go in the event that fighting would break out because of being caught. How strange that we were never told what to do if everything went well for us.

    I returned to the unit thinking about the wild and wonderful lovemaking session with Lasiter earlier. I was drained both physically and emotionally from the day’s events. There had not been much time lately to spend with Catlain and I was missing her company tremendously. Much had been happening that I wanted to share with her so badly. She and Llewellyn had been spending a lot of time together also. Persistant advances in discovering information about the various operations that were in practice within the Corps, made our mission appear to be nearing completion. Each girl had been able to acquire some interesting piece of useful information to offer the resistance. Luckily, it had been relatively easy to download this information to Millon. He was constantly overlooked and seemed to be barely able to function let alone be a bother to anyone. I entered my unit and lay across the bed exhausted. It wasn’t long before I fell fast asleep. Off I went, right into the dream. The same dream I had been experiencing, again and again. Similar to a puzzle, each time there would be more and more pieces revealed in the curious drama.

I found myself standing in a conference room aboard a huge space ship. Some of the girls working in the TRACS Unit were assembled around a large table. Catlain was speaking to the strange man that I had seen in my dreams before; something was oddly different about her and the others. They seemed to be glowing, slightly transparent or something. The man spoke to me as if we had known each other for a very long time. His voice had a soothing, reassuring quality that made me feel that everything would be all right. An essence of peace and tranquility surrounded me as he told me not to worry. “I promise you Lyluth, you will never be left alone, we will always be watching over you.” A promise which held much power from the mouth of a stranger. Or was he? Abruptly awaked by a sharp noise, it was Catlain knocking something from the table. The impact had brought me back from the dream world. It had seemed so very real to me this time. “I don’t believe it, Catlain sputtered, You are actually here. You are home for once.” Being a bit sarcastic as usual, I questioned her in a sexy voice, “What’s the matter baby, did you miss me?” “Well, maybe just a tiny little bit,” she replied jokingly. “You know, Catlain, I have been having this weird dream for some time now, about being on a space ship with you and some of the other girls. There is this man, he seems so familiar to me but I can’t place him. It’s all so real, I can’t explain it but it gives me the creeps.” “Wow, you’ve got to be kidding me Lyluth? I have been having the same dream myself. That’s not all either, I was telling Asbeth and Ramaras about it and they have also been having dreams very similar to the both of ours. I don’t know about you but this is a bit bizarre to me. I wonder what it means? Whatever it is, I’m sure that it’s important.” “I don’t know about you Catlain, but I am becoming so deeply involved with Lasiter that it’s definitely interfering with my judgement.”

    Catlain was experiencing the same emotions with Llewellyn and knew exactly what I was going through. She became as entranced by her target as I had become by Lasiter. We agreed that we were foolish to have fallen in love with these men. Men who had the notorious reputation of breaking hearts everywhere they went. What possessed us to think we were any different from the others? Did we have such huge egos ourselves, to think that we possessed some special charm that they never had the pleasure of indulging in before? How could we be required to detach ourselves from our emotions all together, which isn’t so easy to do? It’s much easier for many individuals to digest this as a concept than to implement it into reality. Why were people so driven to exercise force upon others to achieve power for themselves? I knew the answer was that without such drastic contrast in behavior, you would have no model or basis on which to make a conscious choice of your own. You only chose not to desire a particular behavior for yourself because you see the destructiveness and suffering caused from such acts, as well as feel the pain and turmoil throughout your being. This is what allows you to exercise compassion and love, by your own choices. You are also subjected to the choices of others. This is what is constantly building ones reality structure. You can choose to respond in compassion or hatred, with love or fear. This alone is an example of how interconnected all of creation should be.

    We had made the mistake of not paying attention, letting down our guard. We were not thinking about being monitored. Our discussion had been over heard in its entirety. This time it was the ever-eavesdropping ears of the Command Control that was involved. The interest had not been in the topic of conversation but in the concept and content of the dreams. We had unknowingly brought up a questionable issue to those in control because we were unaware that the normal Luciferian was not able to initiate dream recall. Previously reserved as a sign of higher intelligence, not found in these parts of the Cosmos. None of the resistance workers were aware of this particular verity. If there had been enough time, maybe we would have questioned a lot of things that didn’t make sense about us. Had we unknowingly been the result of some genetic or mind manipulating experimentation? Or, was a phony resistance, whose creation was solely for our benefit, to lure us into entrapment, setting us up all along? More than half of the girls in the TRACS Unit had been experiencing the same dreams. Lasiter’s suspicions were warranted. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but he would find out what was going on no matter what it took. There were no secrets on Lucifer. The all Seeing Eye of the Command knew everything. Nothing remained hidden to them, bragging and priding themselves on such achievements. I had a sick feeling in my stomach, my fears running away with me. Lasiter didn’t know me; I didn’t even know me. I didn’t know what, if anything was real anymore.

    That very day, Twilla disappeared. Her roommate Ramaras was called in to work at TRACS due to another girl being ill. Twilla had been alone in her unit. When Ramaras returned, Twilla was not there and she left no indication of going somewhere. We were all very careful to leave word, with at least our roommate when we were going to be away. It was plain good sense to do so. The entire incident had the earmarking of foul play to many of us. Somehow many of us were able to intuit that something was very wrong with the occurrence. What was there that anyone could do but wait and watch? Cringing at the thought of what she might be enduring, if she were being questioned. Hopefully she would not suffer greatly. My heart went out to her and I became terrified of my own mortality. Lasiter scheduled our trip to the refinery for the next day. Playing his role well, he decided to take care of his promises. Perhaps he was clearing his conscious of any wrong doing before passing sentence on me. Both of us were now aware of the others dishonesty but neither would break out with the truth in order to save our relationship. I didn’t know what the truth was so how could I? The winds of change were suffocating me with their swiftness and I could hardly breathe. I cared so little about the resistance or who might be doing what to whom at this point. Lasiter, not as clever as he might have thought himself, was deeply involved in scheming up a new plan of action. Deciding to spend the entire day alone with me doing everything he could think of to make me happy. He would ask me to be an overnight guest, ulterior motives attached. The request was issued via the telecom screen in our entertainment room. The lady on the other end always had a friendly smile, as she would relay the information, or in this case, request.

    “Supreme High Commander Lasiter has requested that you join him tomorrow for a trip that had been previously promised. He has also stated that you should be prepared to make arrangements to be gone the entire evening. You will return some time early morning the next day.” Wow, I thought, how cool, he wants me to spend the night with him. This is getting serious. “What is your response?” she questioned. “Sure, that would be fine. Could you find out from him if I need to bring anything along with me? Tell him that I look forward to this trip with him and I send my love.” The woman said she would forward the information and a response would be forthcoming. “Oh, great! Great! “ I began jumping  around the room. “ He wants me to spend the night Catlain! Doesn’t it sound like he’s getting serious to you? ” Is that what you want?” she asked. “ Why not,” I replied, “ Lasiter had done nothing I was aware of that would make me not love him. I wanted our relationship to continue as it was. We were pretty much finished with our duties anyway. We might as well be happy.  Maybe nothing is being done to warrant the fear and panic of the people. It remained to be seen because there had been no demonstration of evil, produced anywhere since arriving at Command Control. Who was to know if maybe we hadn’t been brainwashed by the resistance, being led to believe in a bunch of lies to see if we could be manipulated into retaliation against an enemy that didn’t exist? There were way too many twists in this drama. It would be virtually impossible to keep up with them. One thing that I didn’t feel at all good about was Twilla’s disappearance, making me more than a little uncomfortable. We would have to wait, but was there time?

    The knock at the door caught us off guard. Almost as if we had been caught with our hand in the cookie jar. Our looks were laced with guilt as we both stared at each other, unable to produce a sound. We never knew what might be on the other side. Of course I was chosen to do the honors of answering the mysterious knock. Quickly straightening my hair and clothes, I flung open the door. There in front of me stood a handsome young gentleman with a large box. “This is for Lyluth, Is that you?” he questioned. “Yep, that’s little ole me,” I responded excitedly.” “There is a note here along with the box ma’am from the Commander too.” “Thank you so much,” I started to speak but the young man was running down the hall, yelling back at me as he ran, “I’m sorry ma’am, I’ve got to go now, I’m really in a hurry. I have to get back as soon as possible.” I shut the door and opened the note.

   Here is all you will need for our trip tomorrow. All that’s left for you to bring is your usual beautiful smile. Everything else that you might require will be provided,
                                       Love Lasiter.

    I couldn’t wait to open the box. I sat in the middle of the floor and tore into it. Inside were a jumpsuit, boots and a jacket. Peering at the pile of clothes Catlain said,  “Looks like you’re really going to be roughing it Lyluth. Lasiter must want you to play down your femininity or something by the looks of these clothes.” How did she do that? Catlain was good at reading peoples intent, much better than I was. My problem was allowing my emotions to cloud my judgement.  “Actually, I don’t care what I’ll look like. I’m just so excited. He’s going to let me pick out some Moldovite so he can have a piece of jewelry fashioned for me. Not to mention, well, you know,” I winked at her and she nodded to let me know she knew what I was trying to say without saying it out loud. This was the final piece of information that contractually bound us to the resistance, as far as either Catlain or I was concerned. Our focus would be on trying to solve the puzzle of our dreams as well as everyone else’s, from now on.

    Catlain and I spent some quality time with each other playing in the entertainment room. We laughed and talked like we used to. Afterwards, we waited on each other while taking a long relaxing bath. Each of us would scrub the others back. It felt good to spend this time with her, my friend. It had been such a long time, or at least it had seemed as though it had since we were able to enjoy each other like this. Time passed by quickly. Before long, it was time for us to retire. Once again, I found myself dreaming an all too familiar dream. What was the meaning of it and why was it happening to us? It was Catlain who awoke first, as usual. She came in and sat along side of me, stroking my hair.“Did you have the dream again,” she questioned? “Yes I did, and you?” was my response.  She shook her head in the affirmative, looking at me slightly puzzled. “I hope Twilla is in her bed right now, talking to Ramaras like I am talking to you. This incident is the only thing standing in our way of happiness. After today Lyluth, if I find out that nothing sinister has befell her, things are going to change. There hasn’t been time for me to tell you. I didn’t know until waking up myself but,” she whispered in my ear, “I have decided to accept Llewellyn’s proposal. He wants to get married.”

    You could have blown me over with a feather! Had I heard her right? She and Llewellyn were getting married? I had no idea that she was that deeply involved with him. I knew that she cared about him but this was unexpected. What would become of us now? Those who knew us and what we were supposed to be representing would surely criticize us. Would we ever be able to be honest to these men? How, when our entire motives were questionable to ourselves. Could we hope to know these men whom we loved when we had no idea of who we were? There were too many unanswered questions at the moment. After I found the location to the mine and forwarded the information to Millon, I would demand answers.
The question was, whom would I ask, and who was actually on our side? What was our side for that matter? As if we didn’t fit in anywhere, there would be no one to turn to. “Congratulations Catlain, I had no idea you were so involved. Hope that we are doing the right thing.” “Well Lyluth dear, some of us do have to work around here you know?” “Do I detect a hint of jealousy,” I questioned as she walked into another room.  “I don’t think so,” she replied.