To Save Lucifer

    When man's understanding appropriates the impression he is no longer competent to dramatize constructive transformation in himself or his environment, he is reminded of his fall from a loftier comprehension. He repeatedly attracts that which he is frightened of so he can confront it head on instead of burring it, merely to have it subsequently resurrect. He will inevitably be buried along with his apprehensions or he will ascend to superior zeniths. Abandoning his exhausted and unproductive shell he soars abroad, a new and enlightened being.

    I would venture to suspect this saga is becoming moderately familiar to the reader, as this is comparable to our contemporary position in mans development. A miraculous evolution of consciousness is about to
ensue. Do you remember who you are yet?  Have your dreams been disclosing particular insinuations of late? Do the events in this publication seem mysteriously familiar? What of societies present propensities, are
they parallel to the happenings on Lucifer? What about the accounts of the Lucifer entity, that are transcribed in antiquated texts? It would appear that much of what has been recorded is metaphorical in character,
primarily in relation to the fall of man. Do we remain motivated by fear, creating subsequent negativity that will require dramatization in some prospective epoch? If you think not put yourself in the position of those
who were being evacuated from Lucifer. What if you were informed today that there were definitely beings from another galaxy, dissimilar to human beings, perhaps they bear an insect appearance or possibly reptilian, waiting to whisk you away to sanctuary? Their message, your own governments, rulers and clergy have and persist in making bondservants of all of you? What if they revealed that your world was shortly to
be subjugated by the exact covetousness, enmity and appetite for domination of those soliciting your enslavement? These specific performances are influencing the rogue fugitive Lucifer, back into Earth's
proximity, to face her greatest trepidation again. It has been communicated frequently if one only cared to heed the message. Lucifer will directly reappear. How catastrophic this return will be is contingent
upon our degree of realization as well as the judgments we are holding firm to. If these extraterrestrials informed you that they had certainly been observing you interminably, recognizing this day would approach, and they were your exclusive promise of survival, would you believe it? Would you go with them or would you be consumed with fear, supposing their genuine intention might conceivably be a gourmet meal with gullible human as the main course?

    Over one hundred years ago a master visionary named H.G. Wells illustrated a thought provoking tale with a riveting commencement as follows: “No one would have believed, in the last years of the nineteenth century, that human affairs were being watched keenly and closely by intelligence's greater than man's and yet as mortal as his own; that as men busied themselves about their affairs they were scrutinized and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinize the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water...” (War of the Worlds).

Consistently our disposition has been to maintain firmly what we have established as our reality structure. We discount or discredit anything that threatens our preprogrammed paradigm. What might have been a
remote fantasy not so long ago is rapidly becoming a potentiality, shortly to be an outright probability. The “War of the Worlds” was fought with words and dramatized on the screen. However, the war in the heavens
rages on and by no means has it been resolved. A thought that would be beneficial to entertain would be the following… If there were to be a war involving those who dwell within the heavens, and those that dwell
beneath the Earth, where would that leave you? The question that needs answered is . . . where is your allegiance? This is no query into what you perceive to be virtuous or evil. The challenge is whether you remain bound by your illusions and fears, or do you become liberated from them? Undoubtedly you have heard that one cannot serve two masters. Do you desire to sojourn anchored and confined to this third dimensional drama? Have you begun to perceive the authenticity of your identity yet? Perhaps you will soon be enlightened to your ability to spiral gloriously into the kingdom of the spirit.

    There are innumerable locations for someone to acquire validation. Truth is consistently and generously accessible to all those who seek it with an unveiled perspective, an understanding essence and an
unobstructed vision. It has always been plentiful in its’ availability. Never has it been submitted exclusive to a preferred establishment to meet out, as they deem appropriate. It is imparted or revealed to each
individual in the measure that they are capable of digesting or assimilating. Established in every culture and every race as an intrinsic resource. Truth is widely available to every being, terrestrial or otherwise. Such a tragedy for humanity that we persist in being intolerant and closed minded in our personal interpretations of truth. Our own conduct sequesters us from witnessing expansive realities. Believe it or not some people presume that if spiritual awakening were not supervised or restricted, our society would not continue as we recognize it today. They reject that a variation would inspire an environment supported by unification, an environment that would be attainable only through Universal cooperation. When we fathom our coalition to all existence, the proverbial veil will be lifted. Independence to experience transcendent relationships with otherworldly beings can eventuate when we relinquish our petty prejudices and fears of each other. In reality these are mere symptoms of the fear we possess of ourselves.... our own capabilities or lack thereof. We do not recognize who we are, what we are, who we have been, or what our potential status is. Fairly frightening is the significance when you contemplate the implications. Most individuals are mindful of what they are capable of on the downside. How many are aware of the tremendous heights they could attain if they ceased squandering opportunities? Are we infinitely sentenced to recapitulate our mistakes? How long must we remain entangled in the blame game? I don't know about you but I am fatigued by this particular production. It has been duplicated to the point of exhaustion by too numerously redundant sequels. Apparently I confused myself for a performer in the many previous dramatizations I have experienced. Upon supplementary examination I have established an obvious resolution. I am the author of this performance, as well as those to come.

    Has my story freed a repressed memory within your being? Do you wonder if it is true? Perhaps it is merely the work of a vivid imagination. If you believe so, can you reveal the source from which imagination comes from? Why are you so swift to disparage the contents of your imagination or your dreams? Perhaps you will be among the enumerate of souls who is able to glimpse the verity of my tale. If so, I applaud you as you set out to claim your birthright. May you journey in joy. THIS IS YOUR TRIGGER!

    Good luck in the exploration, all of you who would courageously leap into the unknown. Always, it has been the fearless few whose efforts free those entangled in the illusion of uncertainty. Pay attention! Mankind
is soon to make a leap from third dimensional awareness to fourth. Forms change according to their consciousness. They yield to the enlightenment of the individual. Modifications are often subtle but appreciable to those who desire to experience this majestic evolution. Are you grateful for the uniqueness of individual expression or are you fearful of change? Perhaps you would be interested in becoming part of a much larger family? A family where differences are as distinguished as the mind is capable of imagining?

Examine the self thoroughly before you can understand another. Rehabilitate yourself and you will heal others. Seek to know who you are then you will readily recognize others. Learn how to truly love and you
will find love everywhere, within others. Establish the reality that no life exists without unity and you will experience the most magical moment you have ever known. You do not need to affirm everything that has
been transliterated in these pages. This is my personal truth. I share it with you as confirmation that you can remember these events yourself.

    Man only recreates what he supposes himself capable of achieving. He seldom, if ever, endeavors to accomplish what he considers to be impossible. Once he realizes something is within his reach, he reaches
for it. It is preferable to heed the small voice within yourself to discern if something is harmonious to your particular digestive tract. If you determine anything unpalatable with this narration, don't swallow it merely because I directed you to do so. My petition is . . . before you spit any of it out without further examination; confirm its detriment to your paradigm. If you can verify that my recall is illegitimate, please feel free to inform me thusly. I have done my best not to eclipse the substance of this account with the perspective of my present personality. This task has certainly demonstrated itself to be a monumental encounter, to say the least. Unquestionably, it is apparent that my awareness exceeds my intellect considerably. I would venture to suspect this is because I have chosen to embrace a modest existence in this present lifetime. Technology has its advantages. It has provided me with a subtle means to communicate my truth, by way of transcribed expression. Enlightenment is a physical experience that cannot be allocated. It is payment for those who diligently aspire to receive their inheritance. Remember who you are, it is your birthright, affirm it.

Anticipating your arrival, I find myself remarkably homesick. Although exceptionally delayed, I have amassed some phenomenal suggestions for a monumental homecoming celebration. Can you possibly imagine that?
Not to mention, I am notably curious regarding what transpired between us. Do you remember, in your quarters that final evening we spent engrossed in each other’s presence on the ship?

By no means is this merely an epilogue. It is, however, a subsequent genesis.

Final Note: taken from the Talmud of Immanuel

There is no eye equal to wisdom
No darkness equal to ignorance
No power equal to the power of spirit and No terror equal to the poverty of consciousness.
There is no higher happiness than wisdom No better friend than knowledge and No other savior than the power of spirit.