To Save Lucifer

'What are you electing to partake for nourishment?' I solicited Catlain in a somewhat quizzical locution. 'I'm not entirely certain at this point,' she responded with pensive eye gestures. I couldn't help but snicker at her proficiency in characterizing a thought. A master of animation, thoroughly becoming the substance of her exchanges through expressive body gyrations. 'Did you happen to observe what variety of victuals would be accessible to us on Lucifer?' I asked. Actually, no one had reflected on such matters previously. Perhaps this was a subject that warranted supplementary regard to fortify us against particularly unsavory practices. Preparation is always an indispensable constituent in the procurement of success. 'I have heard that a major component of the intake of these entities is classified in the tissue category,' Catlain went on, considerably apprised of my apprehension pertaining to the subject matter of her oration. If that were not sufficient, 'I have also heard that many segments are vital while being consumed,' she continued. Genuinely delighted by her exploit, I tenaciously attempted to camouflage my abhorrence from her, but to no avail. 'My dear Catlain, please terminate your arduous endeavors to compel me to infirmity, I refuse to yield to such exertion.' Unfortunately she wasn't jesting and we were all going to be made to endure such. Not only would we be required to participate in the activity but appear as though we relished it as well. Thus came the realization that this might not be as exhilarating, as I previously envisioned. I proceeded to mumble beneath my breath as we meandered through the lengthy corridor. Certainly there were plenty of vile particulars that none of us had begun to contemplate. Too much was in jeopardy if we were ineffectual at accomplishing our goal. There were a multitude of individuals depending on us exclusively, to execute their deliverance. Not only had the reality of the situation come crashing down on me but the enormous responsibility that appeared with it. We continued to traverse the passageway with our bearing focused toward the dining hall.

Our names, gleefully intoned in unison, were being remotely projected from an unidentified source behind us. It seemed that two of the others were steadily progressing upon us as we halted to observe the pandemonium. Not surprisingly, the commotion was perpetrated by Asbeth and Jezeri. Although I hadn't regarded it previously, as they shuffled toward us, I noticed that we were inclined to conduct our affairs in duo. Everywhere that one might glance, you could observe the buddy system in sufficient application. The idea of isolated existence on a foreign planet with alien life forms, enacting who knows what conglomeration of peculiar acts upon one another was an imminent reality. Unfortunately, this particular reality was swiftly becoming a perpetual affiliate to our immediate considerations. Jezeri probed Catlain, if she retained direct proprietorship of her dossier? She was inquisitive about the appearance of her target. Each of us was practically assured that we had been apportioned the most handsome man from amongst the assortment. After a hasty, though precise assessment, a consensus was reached. Provided the occasion, we would have elected the same officer that we were appropriated. What peculiar strategy was executed to influence such an achievement? Undoubtedly, a process additional to arbitrary coincidence had been incorporated? The considerations we were entertaining pertained to the technique of this maneuver as well as who affected it.

Once inside of the dining precinct, we each selected something to consume. Struggling to overcome my concern, I persisted to suffer significant difficulty with a vision. The vision of course, was of Catlain's initial discourse on modifying our eating characteristics to incorporate the ingestion of corpulent substances. A vigorous energy cocktail was about all I could manage right now. Catlain examined my preference in astute surveillance as she snickered wildly to herself. I beheld her satiation to be such, that, at any moment she might rupture from the immured hilarity she managed to inhibit, at my chagrin. Thoroughly perceptive to her self-indulgence, I nudged her sharply, expressing, 'That's completely sufferable to me love, just as long as I am bequeathed the opportunity to savor my contentment of your implication in equivalent circumstance. You too will be obliged to consume the same creatures you find so humorous at present.' Asbeth and Jezeri glared at me with precise ocular maneuvers, along with an unmistakable expression of incredulity upon their faces. 'What are you talking about Lyluth?' queried Asbeth, virtually choking as she vocalized her apprehension. 'Haven't you heard,' I couldn't help but glean a petty satisfaction from the consideration that substantive information was upcoming? The others would directly be sharing my nausea as well. 'The principle diet of the Luciferians is vital flesh.' 'Oh, come on now Lyluth,' darted Catlain with an appearance of absolute revelation, 'that's not precisely how I submitted that testimony to you. I merely pronounced that I heard that portions of their sustenance were vital. I did not contend that the entirety of it was such, neither that everybody consumed it in that manner. Well that was precisely the implication I discerned. Either way, dead or alive, I didn't treasure the contemplation of creature foodstuffs and this was my concluding thoughts upon such a disgusting subject matter. The other girl's expressions were fairly peculiar by this time; comparable to the way I must have appeared upon hearing of such conduct.

Appropriate to the character of our light bodies, our standard nourishment incorporated a varied selection of integral energy sources. If an entity of a third dimensional perception were to observe us partaking of these extractions, they would perceive the function as, consuming light. The notion of becoming a carnivore was repulsive. Vegetation was the sole essence, sparingly incorporated into the Luciferian diet that I could be tolerant of. How will we suffice such bewildering performances? Perhaps we could procure some form of aggregate appetite modifications support, while visiting the Health & Wellness Division for our structural inoculations. I presented my idea to the others for their contemplation. A remarkable recommendation, agreed to by all. I had tolerated more than my quota of detestable commentary for the moment. My immediate focus was being influenced into other directions, embracing the more pleasant elements of the assignment. Breaching the data containment dossier before me, I speculated as to what justification compelled my apportionment to the salient ruler of the Luciferian civilization. The predominant supposition was that Catlain would be a preferable consort to him. I particularly was in complete concordance to that supposition as well and I began embracing a very strong determination to address Aton regarding this subject. Conceivably a miscalculation had transpired within the selection procedure. Certainty can never be secured in the absence of consummate consciousness, a position that we ourselves had yet to acquisition. Someone simply made an error in deduction and my being chosen was the result, at least I managed to convince myself that this was indeed the reasoning behind such an obvious mistake. Engulfed with curiosity, I petitioned Catlain to permit my examination of her target's facsimile. She graciously presented me with the containment dossier she had been clutching securely since departing the captain's briefing chambers. Immediately, I disengaged the signet, exposing the holographic image. There, before my astonished eyes, stood an exceptionally lofty and handsome figure. 'Nothing unsatisfactory here' I eagerly promulgated as the others hurried to exhibit the flawless physiques of their elect. None of them appeared defective for that matter. Commencing with an onslaught of giggling, we looked like an assemblage of second phase schoolgirls, experiencing the initial stages of fervency perception, for the first time. These men exhibited a distinctive ability to influence exotic sensations that resounded throughout my entire light body. Apparently this was a force which was visibly apprehended by the others, equitably. Those eyes, I scarcely could voyage beyond them no matter my manner of venture.

'What are your considerations regarding the coalitions preference of pairing me with the Commander, Catlain?' ' Perhaps Aton will authorize us to formulate an arrangement of exchange?' Catlain assured me that Aton's sagacity in such a domain was beyond suspect. Undoubtedly his resolution involved a particularly intimate motivation for selecting me over the others. My discomfort was subordinate to the shallow sensation that, perhaps I thrust myself upon him too forcibly. Maybe he needed me to be absent in his space for simple release. Catlain skillfully inspected my impassioned perplexity, prior to her placidly explicated response. 'You are genuinely unable to detect his measure of regard for you, aren't you?' 'I'm your most prodigious confidant Lyluth.' 'It is indisputably evident that you are in love with Aton.' 'If it were up to me, sorrow would be deficient in your experience perpetually, but it is not.' 'If you could simply be patient, he will acquire a softened demeanor and no longer remain oppositional to your approach.' 'There is a legitimately magnetic principle intrinsic to your essence.' ' Once established within your vibrational field, others become attracted to you.' Catlain was enlightened to both my understanding and sentiment, subsequent to my awareness. Preceding any verbal expression, she was proficient at harvesting my considerations. Once again, her postulate was explicit.

I was subjected to merely anticipate what compelled Aton to effect such an outrageous determination. Perhaps I would consequently discover the particulars of his decision. I had executed a significant investigation into Luciferian relationships upon initial notification of our commission. Superficially, they practiced monogamous relationships with long time partners. An inordinate measure of effort was exhausted trying to suppress their salacious proclivity toward anyone other than their espoused companion. This particular behavior appeared to beget discord, frustration, negation, and a sentiment identified as jealousy. From my understanding of the materials I had previously reviewed on jealousy, the known consequences are generative to hostility and covetousness. These lower vibrational configurations or base emotions have habitually inaugurated manifest confrontations and carnage. This being the circumstance, an essential requirement to our success would be for each of us to exert a tremendous effort at impelling these men to succumb to our impassioned attempts at captivation. We must directly enhance the nucleus of their concentration and desires, facilitating them to abdicate all subsequent objectives and reflect exclusively upon us. Thus, creating an abundance of influence on either participant, would you not concur? I was confused by the reasoning behind the pretense of their resolve, to suppress their passions or repudiate the actuality of them. They were at a position in their evolutionary process, where every experience was filtered through extreme density levels. Their entire conceptual processes were developed and formulated from a fear base. Every action, idea, or ambition they illustrated resulted directly from this fear and is later manifested, or processed outward in congruence. Eventually, when they develop the capabilities to reach elevated levels of awareness, they will view these responses for what they genuinely represent. These responses are the keys, which will empower them to unlock the doors of their self-imposed prisons, at some prospective point in their development. This transition into higher consciousness can only occur when individuals realize the actual consequence of repression. Once revealed, they can affect the process of truly knowing the divinity of their permanence. Their significance of focus should be inclined toward learning how to employ these keys to unlock the floodgates to their individual realization. Of principal interest in the observation of this process, is when a precise number of individuals attain this estate. It commences their exploration into elevated planes of perception and vibration, at which time, a partial density layer dissolves, increasing the frequency of the entire structure. This would appear to be an infinitely perpetual quest, to say the least. I was pleased that we were favorably beyond these influences. Autonomy from such illusory entanglements permitted us the opportunity to experience a much more rewarding existence.

I discerned a concise uneasiness in my breast, resultant of my keenly sensitive character, certainly a derivative of being receptive to the feelings of others. I exhibited the potential to sustain the emotions of others, adorning myself with them like apparel. Through a highly tuned ability to empathize I am correctly able to perceive the experience of another individual. An encounter, which could accurately be labeled as sharing, wouldn't you agree? My present experience was comprehensive empathy as well as resolute leniency toward these feeble Luciferians. If I could only communicate to them that everything would change for them. Suffering was totally pointless to me; nevertheless I regarded it to be a necessary in developing symmetry in a polarized system, such as theirs. Through the mechanism of evolution would appear the opportunities to disintegrate their illusion of hopelessness and alienation. It was my impassioned aspiration to witness the eminent transformation that would result in their future. Much of the preceding information was assimilated into my consciousness through the Species Environment Archives, via the educational amplification simulator. Catlain quickly offered; 'We should secure our structure inoculations and question what can be accomplished concerning desire modifications in a timely manner.' 'As the Luciferians contend, despondency relishes companionship. Perhaps we should all go together.' Slowly, we trickled out of the dining hall and into the corridor, wandering mirthfully toward our new modified emotional bodies. Once inside the Health & Wellness Division we were received by the intake clarifier and asked if we were part of the deliverance force To Save Lucifer. The expression saturated my thoughts and I experienced an overwhelming compassion for those on the surface, once again. I perceived the formidable struggle they were enduring at this phase of their development. It usurps a tremendous measure of energy attempting to establish equilibrium between spirit and will at their level of vibration and density. If, they only were capable of understanding the necessity of achieving this goal, originally. So many seemingly significant concerns were consistently at the forefront of their considerations. It would be fairly effortless for them to encounter an overload.

'OK girls,' the intake worker spouted, 'I will elucidate some of the processes you will undergo while we are fabricating the essential cellular, emotional and corporeal alterations required for all of you to function successfully on the surface of Lucifer.' 'This assuredly will be a most discomforting experience for you.' 'However it must be performed, as you are all aware.' Initially, you will pass through a phase of resolution amplification, which will daunt your stability. I assure you, once on the surface in your new body, this will feel natural and acceptable to you. You're voyaging to an immoderately narcissist based society that has yet to assimilate the right use of will. They are stationary, in a condition of denial and repression at this stage. If you were to attempt teleportation at your present level of awareness and symmetry, you would appear before the Luciferians as an apparition or phantom. Certainly much too enigmatic for them to comprehend or communicate with. This would also be a complication for you due to frequency differentiation. You need to be grounded and this is one of the avenues in which we are capable of achieving this. The manner in which we are capable of establishing behavior modifications is to subject each of you to chemical imbalances. Ultimately, this would be executed slowly over a prolonged period. However, as you are aware, there isn't sufficient opportunity for appropriate procedures to be adhered to in this particular circumstance. Each of you girls will undergo an accelerated reprogramming so to speak. This acceleration will make it difficult for you to experience the harmonious conversion we would have preferred. We have recently formulated a strategy in which to make these inconveniences moderately negligible to you. For a brief interval prior to your departure, you will be retained in a condition of suspended animation. Upon awakening, the overwhelming experience of metamorphosis will have been decreased. You are certainly going to be remarkably distinctive from your present self, but you will not remember the alteration.'

The implications seemed notably fantastic. I was unaware we had introduced such an initiative previously. Furthermore, I had not perceived us to possess such capabilities. What a naively sheltered juvenile I must be. My knowledge of my own species was so insufficient and now, I was about to become something I understood even less. Regardless, I could not dismiss the sensation of unparalleled adventure and exhilaration that permeated my essence. What a phenomenal opportunity to accrue the integral experience I established myself lacking. I observed the procedure as Asbeth and Jezeri received their first structural inoculations and amendments. A negligible expression of apprehension was detectable upon our faces as Catlain and I anticipated our turn. Despite the superfluous anxiety, at the conclusion of the encounter I had experienced nothing more than an insignificant tingle. Unlike what I had envisioned it to be, there actually was no similarity what so ever. Deserting the Health & Wellness Division, we digressed toward the Species Environment Archives Unit to further investigate the Luciferian race, via the educational amplification simulator. The simulator was a petite audio-ocular unit that was positioned across the forehead. Tiny pods would be pressed snugly against the posterior of the users ears. To engage the simulator, one would secure a comfortable and relaxed posture. Once employed, the simulator would replicate holographic reproductions of specifically requested circumstances. It was additionally proficient at assembling data on select topics by remarkably rapid sequencing. All of which would be processed through the brain by what you know as the pineal gland. This was an immensely accelerated learning technique that could also be used for recreational purposes. As I positioned myself onto a supple lounger in a reclining position, I began to experience peculiar considerations and emotions that I never encountered previously. Switching on the power, I developed an unexplainable, increasing nervousness.

The Luciferians had become so trapped by their technology that it created a monumental tension within their entire civilization. The technologies developed to ease and augment their vitality were the precise technologies that were destroying it. Had they concentrated their attention on the potential of their intrinsic creative essence, instead of generating devices of ephemeral character, they would not have required the complex paraphernalia to begin with. The chronology of how the planet was initially colonized was extraordinarily fascinating. The planet was the fundamental thought emission of an angel, who determined to illustrate the oppositional characteristics of the creative force. For example, the antithetic of love and harmonious expression, of course, would be fear and anarchy. It was the volition of the Supreme Being, the architect of life, to impart individual countenance to its reflective projections. This was how the angels, or what you perceive to be angels, were animated or born into existence. Following a span of obscure duration, these reflective projections, or angels were granted sovereign formation to become architects themselves. Consequently during this act of passion from the Supreme Being to it's created, the impression of separation was manifest. The specific angel to consummate the impression of separation also embraced a contradictory perspective, sufficient to its realization of being repudiated by the source. Provided the facility of autonomous function, it surmised that it had erred to affect such an estrangement. How could imperfection conceivably be deserving of esteem from the Almighty? As an original act of sovereign resolution, it decided to challenge creation. As a co-creator each thought projection was endowed with an individual spirit, fashioned to manifest in infinite design. Before long there were coalitions of angelic projections apportioning the pattern of resistance and requiring a location to exhibit them. Celestial bodies, stars, planets, universes, galaxies etc. are tangible expressions or presentations of preeminent angelic formations. These in turn are projected considerations of the creator. The planets themselves are an extension of angelic projections. They are the supplemental effect of the denizen that reside upon them. As above, so below in all circumstances. The planet Lucifer was the first celestial body to be birthed by the angel known to you as Lucifer. Detached, obscure, inhospitable, chaotic, every impression, which is diametric to the creative force, was exhibited upon this location with the exclusion of its interior nucleus, which was metaphorical of the inner core of the Lucifer essence. The nucleus presented itself as an incredible resource of transcendent capacity and enchantment. Lucifer remained conversant with his legitimate inner radiance and this was how he perceived its appearance. There are countless issues that mortal understanding is powerless to explicate concerning the establishment of the creation experience. The preceding illustration is an exceptionally shallow representative of veritable occurrences. As depicted in a pattern that can be assimilated into your current paradigm, supported by polarity consciousness. After a time, there were myriad manifestations of form emerging and populating the heavens. Lucifer developed into a predominant mining terminus, as entities within the cosmos promptly cultivated appreciation for the incredible capacity of the Moldavite that existed deep within its nucleus. Small numbers of creatures were able to exist in the pernicious atmosphere of Lucifer, long enough to actually prevail. Most assuredly, those that accomplished such exhibited a remarkably base vibrational field. Assemblies of avaricious entities were habitually drawn to the planet, viewing the inhabitants to be relatively obtuse and effortlessly exploitable. To these warriors, the inhabitants were the exemplary proletarians, essential for a planet so abundant in minerals.

We will refer to these so-called warriors as possessing veritable Luciferian consciousness. Others can effortlessly acknowledge this through the observation of motivation or actions. A Luciferian or oppositional consciousness is driven by power, self gain, the acquisition of material abundance etc. In that particular epoch the planet was addressed as the 'Dark Star' throughout the cosmos. Diminutive ambition was affected toward elevating Lucifer's copious density, enough to permit adequate light to penetrate its atmosphere. This was a complementary medium in which the rapacious founders could augment command, improve their fortitude, and increase their quantity. Formerly ostracized from an exalted station, appropriate to their insatiable proclivity to exercise force, they were at it again. Through the realization of android technology they were able to terra form a vast section of the surface, simplifying the sustenance of an expansive multiplicity of life. This obscure luminary would be the ultimate locale to consummate their lechery. None too perverse was the practice of vanquishing the denizen of Lucifer. The initial inhabitants considered the warriors as icons, endowed with an inordinate intellect, technical expertise, absorbing vigilance, and flawless construct. These uniquely fashioned icons were completely deified, which fueled their voracious craving for domination. Incapable of obtaining fulfillment through their acute sexual compulsion, via the inhabitants of the planet, they periodically voyaged to diverse civilizations, abducting females to transport for their hedonism. When tired of these females, they would distribute them to laborers as remuneration for particularly laborious performances.

A peculiar combination of species developed over a period of duration, as a consequence of this practice. Initially only females were abducted; any males that attempted to interfere with their abduction operations were summarily slaughtered. This technique had to be amended when they realized the denizen of Lucifer had such a short life span, incapable of dealing with the strife they were forced to endure. After a time they began taking male prisoners to establish a sturdy labor force, a resolution that was an avenue for an insurgency to develop. Modest assemblies exhibiting subversive temperaments began to crop up all over the planet. The Luciferians, a title adopted, to pay homage to their supreme predecessor Lucifer, endured the forfeiture of their station as deities once again. Conceivably, their actual ambition merited, by their increasing boredom with this power of theirs. Appearing to welcome the opposition, they used it to become stronger themselves.

Occasionally, the entities being pirated, were more than reluctant sacrifices. Possessing an elevated degree of perception, they acknowledged that the Luciferians should be prevented from propagating their negativity further. Immediately establishing their own strategy, they consented to subjugation in order to generate a new source of conviction to the planet. These particular beings were the correspondents responsible for placing the call for assistance, to the Intergalactic Federation of Planets. We had been navigating the heavens and were proficiently competent to appropriate such facilitation. This is where we step in with our stratagem to infiltrate the Command by distraction among other things, expectantly enabling us to evacuate the individuals who perceived the monumental havoc, impending. There were many clandestine gatherings developing across the sphere, silently meeting and exchanging information and ideas on how to prepare themselves for either insurgency or evacuation. Since these individuals initiated the appeal for assistance it authorized an external source to begin such action. The ecumenical population of Lucifer was unskilled in conscious recall pertaining to the content of their dreams. They were able to dream but not able to remember upon awakening what exactly they had been dreaming of. Certainly, this was a disadvantage to our initial approach in communication techniques with those who petitioned our support. They perceived us as alien intelligences and were inappropriately alarmed at the beginning of the communications. Not comprehending that they in actuality inaugurated the procedure, on a subconscious level. A level, we ourselves were soon to have the personal experience of. We were unable to interact with them on a conscious level appropriate to their low frequency, polar, vibratory patterns. A predicament that generated as much difficulty for us in the interaction as did their acute fear resonance.

This is a critical component that each human being must consciously be enlightened to today. Fear has its own vibration which is so exceedingly offensive to higher intelligences that it is essentially overpowering for them to encounter. Underlying fear must be subdued, antecedent to any prospect of an ascension procedure being mobilized. Please, I am showing a legitimate reality that it has been your fear that prevents you from enjoying your proper station amongst those that esteem and miss you intimately. It has also been your recalcitrant persistence in identifying yourself as the body that has claimed your essence by shackling you to it. Your association is such that you are relatively powerless to liberate yourself to experience your actual constitution. History not only repeats itself, friends, it literally converges on itself. Your present scientific investigators are involved in pursuing the idea of time collapsing on itself.

It was certainly an unusual sensation for me to preview what I was shortly to become. If the assignment was effective, it would be uncomplicated, to be absorbed by the semblance, forgetting our genuine identity. Perhaps it was transpiring at this precise moment, a possible consequence beginning at the genesis of self realization. If we could recognize accurately who we were, we wouldn't be able to personify our determined character so favorably. Most would merely abdicate their role when the performance became difficult and retreat to their former persona. Abandoning the drama half actualized would unquestionably constitute an abundance of fragmentary resolutions. What an incredible technique in constructing the production. The inclusive consideration is, are we the author of this presentation or are we the performers? 'Perhaps we are merely impersonators, until realizing our capacity for creative perspicacity.' My head was spinning, never had I encountered such contemplations previously. My constitution was rapidly becoming devitalized. Detecting an irresistible desire to retreat to some considerably remote safe haven, to slumber. This above all else was my most favored method of escape.