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We are living comfortably off the grid in a symbiotic relationship with our surroundings here in The METHOW VALLEY.  Hugheston Landing consists of a 20 acre Ponderosa Pine (manicured) forested parcel with breathtaking views of the mountains and the valley. We produce our own power via PHOTO VOLTAIC modules and an AIR 403 wind generator. If you look real close at the picture above you will see the wind generator hovering above the roof to the right of the roof panels, (argggg... nope...can't see it but...) it is as small as some of the birds in these parts. The energy from these sources are inverted into usable power via a full sine wave 4000 watt 24 Volt TRACE INVERTER (now Xantrex). There is an external workshop as well, powered through the collective storage capacity of our 4 deep cycle SURRETTE S460 6 volt battery bank. Our water comes from a 235 foot deep well and is pumped into a 1500 gallon holding tank which is then gravity fed into the main house.

There used to be 12 rooms at Hugheston Landing but we have opened up the house for better functionality in heating and cooling. This way we can take advantage of the passive aspects of renewable/free energy by design. Now there are 4 (possibly 5) bedrooms, sewing room, game room, living room, great room, dining room, kitchen, and large bathroom on the first floor and one in constructoion on the second floor. It was our ever expanding goal while living here to achieve and maintain a self reliant lifestyle. We have both propane lighting and energy efficient low watt compact fluorescent bulbs. The home is made of a stackwood (CORDWOOD) construction and the walls are a full 18 inches thick...talk about insulation! Stackwood is exactly that...cord wood stacked in-between layers of concrete and there are 8 solid 18 inch concrete columns total, one in each corner of the home, for support. Castles probably weren't built this tough. (well... perhaps they were but who can afford to buy a castle these days eh?)

This home has an open floor plan with multiple skylights and a vaulted ceiling to allow natural light into the home as much as possible. The focal point of the great room is the centrally located wood burning air tight wood stove that sufficiently, and comfortably, heats the entire home. An extremely quiet backup ONAN INDUSTRIAL Marquis 7000 dual fuel generator is used in the workshop and a Briggs & Stratton 13500 watt 15 HP OHV gas generator is here if needed to power the home during extended  periods of cloudy days. We maximize our potential solar gain through a state of the art ZOMEWORKS TRACKER with an additional 1000 watts of SOLEC pv modules to supplement an earlier static mount Kyocera 8 panel 50 watt each... pv roof unit.

If you are interested in learning how an alternative self sufficient lifestyle is put into practice, feel free to visit us. Call first so we can pave the road for ya. In the past we have raised a number of free range animals here. My chickens lay the best tasting eggs! Hugheston Landing is listed as an agricultural property (tree farm). Speaking of comfort...YES...I can hear you now...WE HAVE Satellite TV, telephone land line and dial-up internet access, and you will never know that there is not a power line within at least a five mile radius. You better hurry if you are thinking of making a move because The Methow Valley has become highly prized in terms of real estate and development potential. Property value is climbing steadily, in other words. Now, more than ever, a self sufficient lifestyle is one of the best investments in family security one can make.

 In the spring I spend serious time landscaping and planting in the heirloom,  organic garden and 2 greenhouses. This land is completely chemical free and could easily be licensed organic. We have planted a variety of fruit trees, berries, and grapes. Come learn some fascinating permaculture gardening techniques while you kick back and enjoy the pristine swimming holes and clean mountain air of the area. We are located in the Mighty Methow Valley of Washington state in the tiny but impressive town of METHOW.

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This is what happened to our family... our two businesses... and Hugheston Landing.
On July 17th 2014 our home burnt to the ground. We had no homeowners insurance.
This is why we are no longer living in the Methow Valley. One month later...
a mudslide took out the road and our driveway while the valley suffered from flooding. One year later...
the valley was struck again by a massive wildfire throughout the entire county. (Okanogan County)
Stay tuned for updates on our whereabouts.

Click on the following link to read about the 2014 events

Trial By Fire — The Methow Valley's Summer of Disaster

In the summer of 2014. the Methow Valley was home to the Carlton Complex Fire... the largest wildfire ever to hit Washington state.
This publication examines what happened, looks at the path to recovery and tells the very personal stories of individuals who narrowly escaped the fires and floods.

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