The Methow Cafe is STILL for sale but is presently under new management once again and with a new menu.
 I have not ate there personally but I am told the food was really good when the new guy TIM who is running it used to cook in Carlton.
Since the Cafe has yet to express interest in obtaining a web presence you need call them for further information
as well as alert them to the need for a website to showcase their menu and entertainment offerings

This menu is for historical reference only for the webmaster... who designed... published and implimented the following menu
 during her tenure at the Store and Cafe...
years ago.  

Mushrooms Rattatat
Tempting button caps generously plumped with an irresistible pine nut ratatouille 4.95
Shrimp K- Paul
Four succulent prawns delicately sautéed to perfection amongst a sea of titililatingly spicy tomato Creole sauce 7.95
Cinco Formagio
Five... perhaps six of the finest Italian cheeses, blended smooth, then  baked golden along with mouth watering roasted garlic. Served with our wonderful crustini as well as a helping of fresh cut vegetables 7.95
Black Canyon Bean Soup
(Vegetarian) garnished with tasty yellow corn chips and a sunny wedge of lemon cup 2.00 bowl 3.00
Accompanied by fresh baked dinner bread and your choice from our soup du jour offerings 
An unbelievable variety of vegetables amidst such treasures as artichoke hearts, calamatta olives, broccoli, pasta , fresh garden greens. Teased perfectly with a pesto vinaigrette you won't soon forget. 9.50
Cool Romaine lettuce, tossed in our house Caesar... prepared with our own creative hands (the same one's we toss with) so we toss in a little extra parmesan and few croutons as well while we are at it. 8.25
Served with Chicken 10.50 Served with Prawns 15.25
Pamela de Greek
Inspired by the woman of the Haus, wonderfully crisp cucumbers, red onions, Greek olives, vine ripe tomatoes, cilantro, feta cheese, spices and the finest olive oil served with sourdough bread 9.50
Each served with a helping of tasty yellow corn chips, simply glorious salsa and a choice among our soup du jour offerings or perhaps you prefer a salad instead.
Methow Gardenburger 
Served atop a luscious fresh baked bun, laced with your choice of trimmings 5.50
Rock Creek
Perfectly sliced Italian sausage covered with wilted spinach and finely aged melted cheddar cheese, resting atop one of our fresh baked French rollls 6.50
Charred Chicken Supreme
Served atop a luscious fresh baked bun laced with bacon, onion, tomato, mayonnaise and crisp cool lettuce 7.50 
Big Methow
1/3 pound of the juiciest hamburger in the valley Served on our fresh baked bun laced with onion, tomato, mayonnaise and crisp cool lettuce 6.00
Pasta Pasta
Prepared to perfection and served with a generous helping of garlic toast and your choice from our soup du jour offerings or perhaps you prefer a salad instead
Creole Dungeness Crab Fettucini
This dish will tempt even the most discriminating palate with fresh Dungeness crab, diced fresh tomatoes, green spring onions, sautéed in Chardonay wine, swimming in a sea of creamy cheese sauce 17.50
Luscious Linguini Pesto
El dente linguini noodles smothered righteously with our lightly creamed basil pesto sauce 7.50
Methow Cafe Dumplings
Marvelous fresh spinach dumplings, slathered in your choice of red vegetarian maranara or white clam sauce 8.25
The following entrees are served with a generous portion of new red potatoes, or rice pilaf, fresh cut vegetable, dinner bread and your choice from our soup du jour offerings or perhaps you prefer a salad 
Prairie Fire Chicken
Sautéed with peppy peppers, onions and tomatoes, fired up with a delicate sear as a perfect flavor enhancer! 13.25
Chicken or Pork Marsala
A classic Italian presentation sautéed in sweet marsala wine, inundated with fresh cut mushrooms 15.75
Pork Loin Oscar
7 oz cutlet, crab, wonderfully tasty asparagus spears, demi-glazed with a sauce of white wine, lemon and fresh cream 17.50
Pan fried Oysters
Oh so perfectly breaded and browned in the finest olive oil 13.50
Succulent Shrimp Scampi
Eight glorious prawns, expertly sautéed in the finest olive oil, garlic, white wine, fresh lemon and parsley 14.25
Hoisen Stir Fry 
tossed gently with assorted fresh cut vegetables and glazed with our fabulous sweet and sour sauce 11.75
Where's the beef????
Our scrumptious steaks grilled to perfection to your personal requirements. Served with sautéed mushroom caps, red new potatoes, or rice pilaf,  fresh cut vegetable, dinner bread and your choice from our soup du jour offerings or perhaps you would prefer a salad instead
8 oz of the finest Filet Mignon 18.00
10 oz of mouth watering New York Strip 15.00
12 oz of tasty Rib Eye 15.00 Generous 20 oz Porterhouse 21.00