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A very accurate look at history going back a few years in time........... The deeper one goes backwards........ the more you realize that it's the same old story repeating it's self...... until we reach the present moment in which we exist.......(CR)

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Subject: (SW Discuss) Re: What if aliens affected our religions?
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 17:21:33 -0600
From: Steve Neeley
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There is no "WHAT IF" about it. Thousands of clay, copper, leather, papyrus documents reside in MUSEUMS around the world.

These historical documents have been TRANSLATED into modern english.

They state undeniably and absolutely that HUMAN BEINGS with a very great degree of HIGH_TECHNOLOGY landed on earth.

They began to tame the planet and relieve it of its natural resources.

Through CLONING they created slaves to do their work for them.

We modern human beings are the natural DECENDANTS of those artificially created slaves.

The "UNKNOWN" sights seen in the skies represent our as yet unidentified creators.

They set themselves up as "LORDS","GODS" over the masses of unwashed humanity. The use of ritual "INCENSE" in worship began to be used to cover the smell of the humans when in close contact with the "LORDS".

Research shows the "LORDS" to be just as human as you or I. With all of our faults. Jealousy, greed hatred, as well as love and pity. They rule through the use of hi-tech gadgets which are "indistinguishable from magic to us".

These are the FACTS via the written word of actual eyewitnesses. These documents are much older by thousands of years than the oldest of our "RELIGIOUS" books. Our King James version of the "BIBLE" is a watered down deliberately mistranslated version of these more ancient records. For instance, all reference to "REINCARNATION" have been deleted and deliberately withheld from the public.

It occurs to me that we wouldn`t be such diligent workers if we knew we had many lives. If we knew that our spirit is trapped inside this mortal coil and we were beings forced to live through the hardship of life on earth we just might, some of us just might REBEL.

Regarding the ruling class objection to this evidence, there is ample reason to believe that it is not in the best interests financially for the present day powers that be to disseminate the truth to the workforce at large.

They have created a scenario which keeps the balance of power squarely out of reach of the people and safely in the hands of the ruling class.

Begin your research with Zecaria Sitchin`s "THE EARTH CHRONICLES" then go on to Graham Hancock and do a search on the web.

Best wishes, Steve

Steven J. Neeley
Hardin County Skywatch
Ohio Director of Skywatch International

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