SOLID ideas that warant both scrutiny and participation

 Scott Colborn  ( Host of "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" radio program on KZUM, 89.3 FM, Lincoln, NE, since 1984)

Thank you very much for your dialogue regarding contact experiences (and thank you Karla Turner, my friend).  I appreciate your points of view and would like to share mine with you.  We all may disagree on certain aspects or elements of contact, but we all seem to feel that the contacts are real, they have happened and are happening and will continue to happen.  Real in a very physical, space-time sense.  As to the "why," well we all have a unique vantage point from which to contribute.  I would like to begin sharing mine with you with an analogy that will preface my remarks.

A lion ruled the grassy plain of an area in Africa.  He was "King" of that real estate and all other animals great and small knew it, and more importantly, the lion knew it -- that he indeed was king.  One day he went for a stroll, feeling hungry, and began his hunt for food.  He came down a trail he was very familiar with and suddenly began to pick up strange smells on the path and in the air.  He stopped, sniffed and began to feel a heightened state of awareness.  Something was up, something was different. Someone or something had been on this part of the path very recently.

Suddenly the lion felt a needle-like pain in his shoulder and spun around and around, trying to catch whoever or whatever had caused the pain. In a matter of seconds, the lion felt extremely sleepily, so sleepy in fact that he laid down right there uncharacteristically for a lion, and fell sound asleep.

When the lion next opened his eyes, he felt groggy and disorientated. Hours had passed, judging by the shadows that were lengthening from the tall grass and the sun distant on the far horizon.  The lion stood, shook himself off, and walked down the trail, smelling strange smells in the air and on the path and wanting to leave this area at once.  He was now famished and the need for food was strong, so he began his hunt in earnest and trotted away.  The needle-like pain in his shoulder was now forgotten and the afternoon just a haze of unfamiliar smells, and sounds.

In the above story that I invented for the sake of this discussion, the lion as the protagonist lived in an area of Africa where a deadly virus was sweeping through the lion population, killing off a large percentage of lions.  A team of human biologists and anthropologists had come up with a vaccine to help the lion population and was trying to inoculate as many lions as possible.  So the human team had scouted the area, found the trails used by this lion, and set up an encounter, to take the lion by surprise, tranquilize the lion with a dart, airlift by helicopter the lion to their nearby lab, inoculate the lion and take nail, hair and fluid samples for testing purposes.  Once the human scientists were done, they returned the lion to the same path by helicopter and lowered him right down to the very spot he had fallen asleep on.

Did the human scientist feel justified in their actions?  Yes, of course they did.  Fearing a wholesale extinction in that part of the jungle of the lion population, they had done their best to inoculate as many lions as possible.

Did the human scientist feel they had "the right" to do this work?  Yes, for the humane need of the lion population.

Did the lion feel that he was preyed upon?  After a partial memory of the afternoon had returned to him, the lion might well feel like his rights were abridged.  We don't know, but if we could grant him the powers of reason and speech, he would probably initially protest vehemently about being "used" in this fashion, abducted and messed with by strangers.  He would feel violated and abused, and most importantly, his view of the way the world worked would forever be changed.  The lion was no longer the "king" of the real estate, because he knew someone else had the power to intervene in his affairs.  Feeling demoted, the lion would undoubtedly feel anger, frustration and a sense of being out of control.

Perhaps after some time had passed and the lion had seen that while other lions had mysteriously gotten sick or died, that he had been fine, and, again with reasoning powers bestowed upon him for this argument, the lion might then admit to himself that while the encounter he had had was unpleasant, he might then feel a sense of the encounter as having been necessary and that he was better off for it.  If the human scientists and the lion could have somehow established communication ability, the humans would have told the lion about their concern about the environment and the future for the lion if the intervention hadn't taken place.  In this analogy with a "fairy -- tale" ending, the lion would then have realized that however unpleasant the encounter had been, that it had been justified and was for his ultimate good.

Observing the wave of movies, TV programs, books and some personal encounters that speak of the "alien" as being malevolent, mean, no-good-rotten-through-and-through, evil, up-to-no-good, out-to-take-us-over, demonic, conspiratorial, and just plain bad news, I would point out that this is typical of a fear-based mentality that views any change in our ordered and structured world as being something to be feared and to resist at all costs.  If I were one of the panel members of "MJ-12 (I am not)" and had unlimited financial resources at my disposal to dis-inform and wreak havoc among the researchers of the UFO reality and the population in general, I would propose precisely what we are being barraged with now through the media.  I would promote as much fear as possible, whisper to the folks who finance TV and motion pictures of my needs (just as what was done prior to and during the second world war with regard to the evils of first the Germans and then the Japanese) and through the spreading of fear one would be able to maintain and tighten one's control of the population.  See "Hollywood And The Aliens" by Bruce Rux for an in-depth study of the relationship between the media folks and the paranormal.  I believe we are witnessing a "trial by media" regarding the "alien" and guess what?....It's not even a fair trial because the alien as the other party can't answer or rebut the presentation of opinion-as-fact being made by the "entertainment" industry right now.

If big business (read here the defense/armaments industry) needs another foe to gear up for, then the "alien" is going to be perfect.  Without the Soviets to bolster our armaments industry and their huge profits, they need another "evil one" to profit off of.  The "alien' is perfect, because he/she can't speak for themselves in our media and tell their story.  The secret keepers don't have to prove the reality of the phenomenon, they just have to spread enough fear that the key players in the political arena, the military and the armaments industry are convinced of the phenomenon, and the key players arrive at the decisions that the armaments folks (and the secret keepers) want them to.  Thus new weapons delivery systems continue to come out from R & D without a physical, visible enemy in sight, star wars satellite systems are put into place, the armaments profits remain huge, and the secret keepers benefit by the spreading of the fear.

One can also argue that the view of the "alien" as being something to be feared is ultimately racist in the highest degree.  It's the same propaganda that the elitist white political and fundamentalist religious leaders spouted about the black man/woman not to many years ago.  It's the same outrageous crap that was said about the Jew.  It's the same fear-based comments that were directed against the Native American and any other minority.  See the work-in-progress manuscript of John Hunter Gray for an intelligent view here, spoken very rationally and sanely, I might add.  The view of the "other" as being someone to be feared is one of the oldest tricks in the books.

You might say, wait a minute, this is all well and good, but no "highly
evolved, spiritually responsible being" would involve themselves in
something as sordid as an abduction of a human against their will, invasive procedures used, fear and trauma induced, little or no empathy visible, etc.? Right?  Well, consider that we "highly evolved, spiritual humans" do this and more every day to the animal population.  Like your new perfume or cologne?  Want to guess whether it was "tested" on animals before you got to buy it?  Many humans consider animals to be something at our disposal, that we can use.  Are we inhumane with animals as a population?  Some are, some aren't, but the fact is the animal is going to lose if it comes down to a question of who benefits.  So we humans endorse by our purchasing of our products and our consumption the testing and treatment of animals that makes our abduction accounts, even the most fear-filled ones, pale by comparison.

There is also the argument that no "GOD" that the Judeo-Christian world would recognize would allow an activity like "alien abductions" or worse yet, alien "rapes."  These "beings" can't be of GOD because of their heinous treatment of us, God's children.  What about the story in the Christian Bible of the man who was ordered by GOD to take his son to the top of the mountain and kill him, in God's name?  Just as he was about to do the terrible act, GOD told him he was being tested for his faith and to not kill his son.  So you will lose me real fast if you try to swing the weight of a just GOD on your side of the argument by saying that the abduction accounts that terrify or hurt people couldn't be "good" from a spiritual perspective; that no GOD that we recognize would allow himself/herself to be linked to this activity.  Sorry, but the myths and stories from Eastern and Western spiritual tomes tell otherwise.

I write the above having been actively researching the UFO phenomenon since 1974, and a CO-facilitator of the Lincoln UFO/Paranormal Support Group since 1988.  I don't deny that some people have experienced trauma but I wonder about the (I believe) many other reports of positive contact that go unnoticed.  It's an age-old human response to "shout the negative" and passively accept or ignore the positive, so much so that a quick perusal to the 'nth' degree.  Additionally, I wonder about many of the so-called "abduction" researchers and some media personalities that consciously or unconsciously "screen" their information they receive, so that whatever "bias" the researcher or person has is born out by the accounts they write about, or broadcast (yes, broadcast....)  I feel that if a person who had a positive experience contacted several of the "luminaries" in the abduction field of researchers, the person with the positive contact would be wished well and sent on their way.  If that person had espoused a negative or trauma-induced experience, they would be welcomed as part of the "choir."  So I believe that much of what we read (or hear.....)  may be as a result not of "science" but of personal bias in the field of abaction research.

This long, rambling series of thoughts on my part is off-the-cuff, and meant that way.  Not material for a book or lecture circuit, just my opinion formulated on a Christmas afternoon before dinner with family and friends, and I hope you can find some points to agree with.  I thank you for your expression of ideas and comments and thank you for allowing me the same opportunity.  May we continue to agree to "agree and disagree" as we strive for the truth as it reveals itself to each of us, with God's grace?